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Tuesday, 11 February 2014 05:00

Police Bust DVD, CD Pirates at Turlock Flea Market

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| | Photo by Michael White|
Turlock police officers, working in partnership with the Recording Industry Association of America and Motion Picture Association of America, seized pirated music and movies from Turlock’s flea market Tuesday morning.

As of 12:05 p.m. Turlock police still had detectives at the flea market, located at the Turlock Sales Yard on the corner of East Avenue and Johnson Road. The investigation is ongoing, said Turlock Police Department spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis.

TurlockCityNews.com will provide updates as more information becomes available.
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  • Guest - Chris

    Dear cops,
    Find something useful to do.

  • Guest - cops

    Dear Chris,
    Sorry, no more pirated dvd's for you and your family.

  • Guest - Pirated DVDs

    Dear Cops, We aren't worth $20 when the going salary in our area is $7 an hour.

  • Guest - Guest

    $7 an hour....says someone obviously making more than that and just looking stupid, or someone who doesn't even work, since everyone knows minimum wage is $8.25 an hour.

  • Guest - Prioritizer

    While the cops were at the flea market doing the RIAA/MPAAs dirty work, your home and car was being broken into, your mothers purse snatched, your kid was molested, the bank was robbed and the local convenience store was held up.

  • Guest - Hey Prioritizer

    Hey Prioritizer, sounds like you had a busy day!

  • Guest - billy

    The guys selling the bootleg DVDs are gang members, Nortenos to be exact. Their criminal activities go beyond selling bootleg items

  • Guest - Really

    The gang members have to make a living somehow they sure as heck can't get a real job with tattoos all over their faces!!

  • Guest - local Music industry

    Dear society, how do you expect the economy to improve when you guys are allowing and support pirate items. Do you think these people are paying taxes on these items? no they are not. You think they are bettering the community and/or industry by doing so? All because you get a cheaper price on a movie or a CD do you believe your supporting your favorite musician or movie cast. They are the ones that work hard for your entertainment shouldn't they be the ones rewarded not the people that are making money by bootlegging there material? Yes i agree that RIAA should be doing more about this issue but since they are not i appreciate everything that the officers and detectives are doing. For those who believe that they are wasting there time making these types of bust i want you guys to know believe it or not they are actually improving the economy that we all live in.