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Saturday, 23 August 2014 07:50

CSU Stanislaus Kicks Off Fall Semester

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CSU Stanislaus Kicks Off Fall Semester Kailey Fisicaro/TurlockCityNews.com
California State University, Stanislaus kicked off the 2014 Fall semester Thursday with a total headcount of 8,998 students, compared to 8,720 students for Fall of 2013.

CSU Stanislaus remains one of the most affordable colleges in the state, with tuition and fees for a full-time undergraduate student totaling $3,341 per semester plus $180 parking permit fee.

According to CSU Stanislaus spokesperson James Leonard, the total cost to attend CSU Stanislaus went up $10 per semester for this year due to cost of living adjustments built into student fees.

While the parking permit fee remained flat at $180, parking in general will likely continue to be a point of controversy both at the University, as well as for residents and businesses around the school who are directly affected by the vast amount of parked cars.

During the first week of school the onslaught of parking woes is not as substantial, however contrary to popular student belief the first week of school students cannot necessarily park for free.

“The goal of the University — especially at the beginning of each semester — is compliance, not punishment,” Leonard wrote in an email to TurlockCityCews.com. “Parking assistants spend additional time during the first week of classes working to educate and bring awareness to parking issues through the University Police Department’s annual Parking Blitz, passing out literature in parking areas to explain the rules and regulations regarding parking on campus.”

Also during the first week of school “Parking Is Enforced” bow flags are placed at certain entrances to remind students to get their permits, and email and social media are also used for sending out reminders.

CSU Stanislaus Police Department posted on Facebook on Aug. 14, “Believe it or not, we DON’T actually enjoy giving out tickets! We are simply enforcers of rules that have been established by Education Code. We like to look at it this way: parking is one of the very few services you can CHOOSE while you’re here at Stanislaus. While some (very useful) services are included in your tuition costs, you may or may not make full use of them. With a parking pass, however, you are guaranteed the service of the lots. The difference is an obligation, versus a choice. As such, our parking enforcers protect the rights and privileges of those who have paid for parking.”

While CSU Stanislaus Police may not enjoy handing out parking citations, they certainly find time to distribute plenty of them.

During the Fall 2013 semester there were 1,719 parking citations issued and during the Spring 2014 semester 1,899. The citations cover all parking violations, not only those involving parking permits specifically.

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