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David Fransen - dj@turlockcitynews.com

David Fransen - dj@turlockcitynews.com

After being closed since Jul. 31, then delayed past mid-September to Nov. 1, and slated to reopen on Nov. 21, the Fulkerth Road and Golden State Boulevard Intersection will be opening just before Thanksgiving and Black Friday holiday shopping. 
Taking away appointments, while hooking up someone else with more travel budget, and discussing it all behind the scenes with an agreed voting bloc usually is something Turlockers only hear about happening in Sacramento politics as some form of retribution or trading for votes. However, this is happening right here under the direction of Turlock Mayor Gary Soiseth. Most everyone was surprised or shocked when Mayor Soiseth stripped Councilwoman Amy Bublak of three appointments and dispersed one to each of the three Councilmen. Mayor Soiseth, Councilmen Bill DeHart, Matthew Jacob, and Gil Esquer knew before the meeting while Councilwoman Amy Bublak was not even given a courtesy notice that she would not be serving as a representative of Turlock on some regional committees.
Turlock’s very own ice skating rink, Fields of Ice, kicked off its 4th year with a sponsors’ preview event on Thursday night, and then will be opening to the public on Friday, Nov. 17, and will stay on ice until Jan. 15, 2018. Fields of Ice has an 80 by 120 foot rink that has a cover over two-thirds of the ice.
Turlock City Attorney Phaedra Norton has been missing from City Council meetings for about two months and not much has been said about it other than Mayor Gary Soiseth revealing that the employee in the position was out on leave and coming back, along with speculation that Norton was Mayor Soiseth’s choice as the top candidate to replace former Turlock City Manager Gary Hampton before a new hiring process by Soiseth failed to hire any candidate. At the Sept. 26 City Council meeting, Councilwoman Bublak asked if it could be agendized to discuss several City management level positions, including the position of City Attorney, as she was concerned about possibly leaving the City government vulnerable.
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Monday, 30 October 2017 17:23

Turlock Police Investigating Train Fatality

The Turlock Police Department is investigating a train vs. pedestrian accident at the Fulkerth Road and Golden State Avenue railroad crossing that ended in a fatality. The call came into Turlock Police at 7:27 p.m. on Sunday night. The Turlock Fire Department posted to its Facebook page that there was a train vs. pedestrian accident and then that there was a fatality.
A screenshot of an alleged Turlock High School student’s Instagram post is being accused of racism, and spreading online throughout the Turlock community. The Turlock Unified School District is looking into it. On Saturday, TurlockCityNews.com was made aware on Twitter of apparent screenshots of an Instagram post that shows two females in their THS letterman jackets and what appears to be on the Turlock High School campus. The Instagram post had the caption, “Well, why can’t black people get a PHD?? Because they can’t get passed their masters. #maga #bluelivesmatter.”
The Turlock Fire Department has reported that it is on the scene of a train vs. pedestrian accident. The Tuolumne railroad crossing is closed and the Fulkerth railroad crossing is still under construction. 
Turlock Mayor Gary Soiseth took three appointments from Councilwoman Amy Bublak, argued with her over her concern that the City of Turlock had multiple vacant management positions while not allowing legal counsel to answer Bublak’s question, and followed that all up with a publicly witnessed door slamming, yelling fit berating Councilwoman Bublak.
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The Turlock City Council has been planning on hiring a new city manager since April, about six months ago, but the national recruitment was ended by Council and with no candidate being chosen. Mayor Gary Soiseth had presented a new hiring process in May that he stated would be done quickly and allow significant overlap with now former City Manager Gary Hampton who was set to retire in August.
Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Deputies are currently investigating the scene of a homicide in South Turlock. Firefighters and Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to the 1500 block of Golf Road at about 1:44 a.m. for a report of a man that had been shot.
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