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TID General Manger Larry Weis May Leave For Austin Energy GM Position

TID General Manager Larry WeisTID General Manager Larry Weis is being looked at as the finalist to head Austin Energy as the General Manager. Austin City Manager Marc Ott is flying out from Texas to California for some final interviews regarding his final choice of Larry Weis.

Austin City Manager Marc Ott
said in a Friday e-mail:

"I have concluded that Larry Weis, from the Turlock Irrigation District, is the best fit for Austin.  The next step I'll take to confirm this conclusion is to take a delegation of community members with me to Turlock to meet with Larry and members of his community.  This last action will verify the "fit" that I spoke of earlier and will complete my evaluation process.  I don't expect that we'll find any surprises in Turlock, but this level of due diligence is certainly necessary for this critical position.   We're currently scheduling this trip for next week."

TID Board President Rob Santos just flew in to San Francisco from a Vietnam vacation late Monday night only to get messages from recruiting firms requesting meetings with TID officials.

"I figured something was happening after hearing the messages from recruiting firms tonight," said TID President Santos.

Public Information Division Manager Michelle Reimers reported getting a call from a reporter and said that more information would be available Tuesday (TID's Board of Directors Meeting).

The City of Austin announced 3 candidates to advance to the final stage in the selection process for Austin Energy's General Manager position back in the middle of June. Turlock Irrigation District's General Manager, Larry Weis is one of those candidates.

TID GM Larry Weis, along with fellow finalist Riverside Public Utilities Department GM David Wright, was questioned by multiple panels and then met the public at an open meeting on June 30, 2010 as part of the final stages of the selection process. Burbank Water and Power General Manager Ronald Davis withdrew from the hiring process after being offered a raise to stay with Burbank.

The position oversees one of the largest public electric utilities in the nation and would allow him and his wife to live closer to family. 
Larry has over 28 years of successful and progressive experience in the electric power and water utility industries with 19 years serving as General Manager and CEO. Ten of those years have been with TID.

Austin Energy Profile:

Austin Energy is the nation’s 9th largest community-owned electric utility. We serve 388,000 customers and a population of more than 900,000. We provide service within the City of Austin, Travis County, and a small portion of Williamson County.

As a publicly owned power company and a city department, Austin Energy returns profits to the community annually. That money helps fund City services such as fire, police, EMS, parks, and libraries. The utility has provided $1.5 billion in profits to the community since 1976.

Austin Energy powers the capital city of Texas through a diverse generation mix. Our portfolio includes nuclear, coal, natural gas, and renewable energy sources. That’s just over 2,600 megawatts (MW) of total generation.

We created the top performing renewable energy program in the nation. We own the nation’s first and largest green building program. And we’re home to one of the nation’s most comprehensive residential and commercial energy efficiency programs.