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Tuesday, 13 December 2016 18:10

See’s Candies Opens Permanent Shop in Turlock, Just in Time for Holidays

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See’s Candies will be in open for business in Turlock, permanently and not just seasonally, on Dec. 14. See’s Candies will be in open for business in Turlock, permanently and not just seasonally, on Dec. 14. Eric Escalante/TurlockCityNews.com
Turlock now has its own See’s Candies, a permanent shop and not just a temporary seasonal location.

While See’s Candies has opened up shop in Turlock previously, the locations have been seasonal for the holidays.

Near the end of the Christmas shopping season in 2014, rumors were spreading about See's Candies being more than just a temporary business in Turlock. However, See’s Candies spokesperson Hannah Gray said that there were no plans for a permanent location in Turlock.

The See’s Candies opening up this year is the first shop that will be making its home in Turlock permanent. Doors are opening just in time for the Christmas season, too.

Preparing the day before the Dec. 14 opening day, See’s Candies crew members were working on setting up the store for the big day, stocking the shelves with classic See’s Candies treats and gifts.

For Christmas, See’s Candies is featuring delightful and festive items such as their Christmas tin, Christmas ornaments with Scotchmallow Trees, and fudge and chocolate assortments.

While opening close to Christmas season wasn’t originally their intent, according to Regional Sales Manager Holly Pellicano, they pushed through to finish their set up in order to be ready for eager Turlock customers.

“This is very last minute to be doing, but we really wanted to be here to service the customers and that’s why we’re opening at this point in time,” said Pellicano.

Originally, See’s Candies was expecting to open in October to provide a turnaround period that could prepare them for the holiday season, but some preparations for the building prevented it. However, in order to service customers during the holiday season, See’s Candies is getting the store operational. Additional branding elements to See’s Candies’ Turlock location are expected to be implemented in 2017.

“I think there’s a lot of people very happy for us to be here, and we’re happy to service them. It’s been a long time coming.”

See’s Candies is establishing their permanent location in Turlock after having temporary locations around town previously. Due to the popularity of the Blossom Valley Plaza location, See’s Candies has decided to make their Turlock home next to GameStop in the shopping center, located at 2962 Geer Road.

See’s Candies will be open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. beginning Dec. 14.

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