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We hear Hollywood is in Turlock, tonight! 
California State University, Stanislaus Warriors and Alum have reason to celebrate as they have found themselves on yet another high ranking list. U.S. News & World Report first placed Stanislaus State on its list of top public universities in the West region 21 years ago, and it’s now a streak that shows no sign of ending.
Turlock and the rest of the nation will always remember when America came together on September 11, 2001, as a terrorist attack struck the nation. Within hours, more than 2,600 people died at the World Trade Center, 125 died at the Pentagon, and 256 died on the four planes. The death toll surpassed that at Pearl Harbor in December 1941, according to the 911 Commission Report.
Manjinder Singh, a 26 year old Turlock man who suffers from a kidney failure autoimmune disease, is looking for someone willing to donate a kidney. Diagnosed over 2 years ago, Singh was a top tennis player and studying to become a doctor. He is currently studying and preparing to take the mcat but he needs a kidney soon. 
Looking for a new way to work out can be challenging, but Turlockers can now sign up for barre classes at the new Barre Defined fitness studio owned by Amy Radcliffe and Stacy Aguilar. The studio is bringing this new kind of workout to the Turlock area.
With the severity of the drought still so prominent, the City of Turlock is looking to reward residents for saving their water.
With the “cookie” designs in place, the Brandon Koch Memorial Skatepark is continuing to inch closer toward completion. In case the term “cookie” design doesn’t ring a bell, it is referring to the unique design created by skatepark designer Wormhoundt Inc., to honor Turlock’s Brandon “Cookie” Koch, an avid skateboard enthusiast who passed away in 2012 after a year-long battle with adrenocortical cancer.