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Thursday, 05 September 2013 11:57

Turlock Police Warn of Purse Snatchers

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For one Walmart shopper it is a lesson learned. For others, it is a cautionary tale.

A female shopper at Turlock's Walmart placed her purse in her shopping cart and briefly turned away to grab a bag of dog food. While her attention was diverted, an unknown person(s) stole her purse. The victim's credit cards were later fraudulently used.

On Wednesday, following the incident, the Turlock Police Department issued a statement warning against purse snatching, advising the public to keep tabs on their belongings when in public places.

In the statement the police warn, “although these types of thefts are not occurring at an alarming rate, they are happening in our city. Please safeguard your purse by keeping it with you at all times. These types of thefts are considered 'crimes of opportunity.' If we eliminate the opportunity, we decrease the chances of (becoming) victims.”

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact Ofc. Mike Simbalenko at 668-5550 ext. 6723.
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  • Guest - lisa

    I always buckle my purse into the top of seat if i feel like i will have my hands full and not watch it every second or cannot hold it def. buckle it in like its your kid!

  • Guest - Michelle Thompson

    I always strap my purse in the cart with the child safety belt

  • Guest - Michelle Thompson

    I always strap my purse in with the safety belt

  • Guest - rsanden

    WALMART!! HELLO??!! This is just another reason I wont shop there...that store brings in the worst people around!! Now we've got 2 Walmart locations for thieves to frequent.
    I never leave my purse or personal belongings out of my grip...it should always be this way no matter where you shop. The economy is creating more jobs...for thieves only! :(

  • Guest - Really?

    Its just silly to suggest that Wal-Mart is to blame for women not taking care of their purses. That can happen anywhere. You sound like an elitist snob.

  • Guest - norcal

    @really oh no walmart, the ghetto and drug use attracts upright citizens. you are a fool at best, elitist has nothing to do with it, its a matter of truth and numbers. i guess this site as an elitist group and so are the cops who reported it right? you are a troll at best

  • Guest - OH NO not another tweaker

    This is why I won't shop where the tweekers & other local riff raff will be: Walmart, 99 cent store & the other new Walmart. There is nothing elitist about having common sense & avoiding areas that attract criminals. You never hear about this kind of thing going down at Raleys.

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