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The Turlock City Council will hold their regularly scheduled City Council Meeting at Turlock City Hall on Tuesday at 7pm. The meeting agenda includes a City Staff request to accept the Municipal Services Department Annual Report for 2011-12 and direct staff to obtain proposals for professional consulting services to assist in the preparation of a water rate study.

Earlier this week, Denise Helms, a 22 year old woman from Turlock, wrote a Facebook post using a racial slur to describe President Barack Obama and mentioned the possibility of the President getting assassinated. Not only were the comments reported to the United States Secret Service, but they also went viral on the internet.

A young woman from Turlock is currently under investigation by the United States Secret Service regarding a post she made on her Facebook page regarding US President Barack Obama, according to Brian Leary, USSS Spokesperson.

Although the primary spotlight of the results of the 2012 Election focusing on the results of the Presidential Election, many have anxiously awaited the final results on several of the eleven State Propositions that were on the California State Ballot as well.

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According to the Secretary of State’s Office, as of 6:19am on November 7th, with 100 percent precincts partially reporting, Incumbent Congressman Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) has been reelected to serve the U.S. House of Representatives District 10. With 100 percent of the precincts counted, Denham gained 80,885 votes (53.8% of the vote), while competitor Jose Hernandez (D) gained 69,336 votes (46.2% of the vote).

Two Turlock City Council candidates have risen to the top through the election process. After a long election season that consisted of campaigning, public forums, and anticipation, the unofficial results of the 2012 General Election have been released to the public.

The Turlock Planning Commission granted the Turlock Poker Room permission to begin serving alcohol, as part of their expansion project that will include a nearly 1,400 square foot remodel, an approximately 300 square foot outdoor patio area, a “high-roller” room for high-stakes games or “poker parties,” additional restrooms, and full-service bar.

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Monte Vista Vet Late Hours 2017 header 04 25 17