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After a lengthy outage period, Turlock residents are finally seeing their Charter services return. At 5:37 a.m., Charter verified an outage in cable, telephone, and internet services throughout the Central Valley, mostly in Stanislaus County. Charter’s Director of Northwest Communications Bret Picciolo verified outages in the Turlock, Escalon, and Riverbank areas.
Turlock residents and businesses are currently experiencing an outage in their Charter services, including phone, internet, and TV. Charter has been notified of the outage affecting the area and currently have workers seeking to resolve the issue. 
Turlock police officers and firefighters have responded to a call that a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle on West Christoffersen Parkway, between Walnut Road and Panorama Avenue. Witnesses told TurlockCityNews.com on scene that a kid, possibly a student, was hit by a vehicle.
Turlock firefighters have formally endorsed Incumbent Councilwoman Amy Bublak for District 4 and Gil Esquer for District 2 Turlock City Council elections. With two distinct candidates each representing a different district of the community, the Turlock Firefighters Political Action Committee made endorsements that they believe were the best choices for Turlock.
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Turlock Police and Fire personnel have responded to the area of Golden State Boulevard, between Hawkeye Avenue and Del’s Lane, due to reports of a pedestrian being hit. At about 7:20 p.m., police have blocked off Golden State between Hawkeye and Del’s.
A national craze of “creepy clowns” being spotted in public began a few months ago throughout the East Coast, and now just 3 weeks before Halloween, they have made their way to the Central Valley. “Creepy clowns” is a phenomenon that started in South Carolina sometime around August, according to a news report by Fox11 in Los Angeles.
On June 28, City Council approved by 3 to 5 vote the Voluntary Campaign Contribution Pledge which holds candidates to receive $1,000 contributions per person and disclose the every contribution from $1 and up on their Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) 460 forms. Councilman Steven Nascimento, despite signing the pledge, has not held himself to that standard. Recent filings for the FPPC campaign finance 460 form from Councilman Nascimento reveals that $619 was received by the Councilman during the second filing period from July 1 to Sept. 24 was not disclosed as the pledge necessitates.
Woods Furniture Veterans Day header 11 12 17