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The Turlock Chamber of Commerce is allowing members of Turlock to discuss the economy over breakfast in their Eggs, Issues & Economics event. During this event, Turlockers are invited to hear two featured speakers, Joe Raso and Bree Langemo, to share “critical steps to becoming informed, inspired, and innovative.”
A train going through Turlock is currently stopped and blocking the railroad crossings at Main Street and other crossings in the city. As of about 10:35 a.m., traffic is backed-up from multiple crossings to Golden State Boulevard to the east of the train tracks and past First Street to the west.
The railroad tracks at Monte Vista were scheduled to be closed from Aug. 8 to Aug. 10 but Union Pacific Railroad has pushed the days back. The road is now scheduled to take place Monday, Aug. 22 to Wednesday, Aug. 24 and will be in effect at all hours.
After a push for campaign finance reform by Councilman Steven Nascimento since 2014, the Incumbent Council Candidate has come out of the gate in the first ever City of Turlock district election with a report of big money. For the Turlock City Council district races, the candidate’s campaign has already separated itself from the other potential candidates by receiving over $23,000 in monetary contributions. With loans and nonmonetary contributions, the Nascimento campaign has amassed over $27,000. The campaign is for a district comprised of approximately a quarter of the city.
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As the Turlock City Council and Turlock Police Department address crime trends and a better plan to provide public safety, a priority concern of Turlock citizens, another law is on the Nov. 8 election ballot that will affect crime throughout the State of California. Assembly Bill 109 and Proposition 47 have been attributed by both police and citizens to have noticeably impacted crime in Turlock. With notable impacts experienced in Turlock as a result of previously passed laws, Turlock voters will be deciding whether Proposition 57, another law geared toward prison population reduction, will be the right path for the State to take. AB 109, which was opposed by local District-12 State Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen (R), was signed by Governor Jerry Brown in 2011. 
Despite receiving a generalized report from Turlock Police Chief Robert Jackson, the increase in crime was an unignorable reality for the Turlock City Council. By the request of Councilwoman Amy Bublak, Chief Jackson will be returning to the podium and presenting to the City Council the specific crime trends in the City of Turlock and a course of action to reduce the crime affecting Turlock residents. Even though Chief’s Jackson’s report did show an increase in crime for Turlock, Councilwoman Bublak was vocal about her frustration with the content the Chief’s lackluster presentation. 
At approximately 8:40 a.m., Turlock Police Department responded to a reported shooting on H Street. Police officers arrived at the scene of a possible shooting on the 200 block of H Street, between Jessica and Emily streets.
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