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Tuesday, 25 October 2016 17:56

Amy Bublak Sole Endorsement for Turlock Associated Police Officers

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Amy Bublak Sole Endorsement for Turlock Associated Police Officers Eric Escalante/TurlockCityNews.com
Incumbent Councilwoman Amy Bublak secured the endorsement of Turlock Associated Police Officers in the first ever by-district election.

With endorsements from Turlock Firefighters PAC and TAPO, Councilwoman Bublak has the endorsement of two major public safety organizations.

TAPO posted on Facebook showing their support for Councilwoman Bublak’s reelection in District 4.

Bublak, a retired City of Modesto police officer and former City of Richmond police officer, has spent a total of 23 years in law enforcement.

“I am very proud to have been a police officer for over two decades and believe this experience allows me the ability to work with our police department and city staff to keep our citizens safe,” noted Bublak.

While on patrol as an officer with the City of Richmond in 2004, then Officer Bublak responded to a burglary when she heard 15 shots fired on the 300 block of Sanford Avenue. Officer Bublak drove in the direction of the gunfire and ultimately brought a Volkswagen vehicle to a stop in front of the bumper of her patrol car.

The passenger then leaned out of the vehicle and pointed a rifle at Officer Bublak and then drove off. Officer Bublak gave chase to the vehicle, until the driver and passenger attempted flee on foot. As they did this, the passenger once again directed the rifle toward Officer Bublak before continuing to flee. Other police officers were called in to assist with the situation.

While on City Council, Councilwoman Bublak voted in support of the addition of the “K9” and “street crimes” units, and recently pushed police leadership to address an increase in the quality of life crimes that were affecting her constituents.

Unlike Turlock Firefighters PAC, TAPO has not announced an endorsement for District 2.

This district generally includes the southwest area of Turlock where the Police Station and Public Safety Facility is located.

District 2 grassroots City Council candidates Jaime Franco and Gil Esquer have both addressed public safety and crime as some of their main concerns for the southwest side.

However, TAPO has not responded to messages that would assist the public in identifying why a candidate has not been selected or has yet to be selected for District 2.

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