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Turlock City Councilwoman Amy Bublak will square off with appointed incumbent Don Gaekle for the seat of Stanislaus County Assessor this June. The race is just one of many on the Statewide Direct Primary Election ballot, to be decided by voters June 3. The Assessor is responsible for determining the taxable value of real property in Stanislaus County. In 2013, 178,000 different properties totaled $35 billion in assessed value, leading to approximately $350 million in property tax collected in the county.
After months of research, the Turlock City Council backed away from a campaign finance reform measure Tuesday night. But members of council did so for different reasons: some found the measure so weak as to be toothless, while others still considered its provisions “onerous,” and said they felt as though their integrity was being questioned. In a compromise, the council endorsed a bare bones transparency measure: all campaign finance reporting forms will now be posted on the City of Turlock website. That, at least, allows the public to verify for themselves who is taking money from whom, Turlock City Councilmember Steven Nascimento said.
U.S. Rep. Jeff Denham (R-Turlock) voted in favor of a Paul Ryan-drafted House budget bill Thursday, which promises $5.1 trillion in savings and a balanced budget in 10 years. The GOP plan would drastically cut entrenched benefits like Medicare and Medicaid. It would also cut Obamacare subsidies, food stamp funding and Pell Grants for students. Denham’s 10th District opponent in the upcoming June Primary, Michael Eggman, a democrat, says Denham’s vote is “effectively selling out the middle class.”
The ballot has been set for the June 3 Statewide Direct Primary Election, when Turlockers will be asked to elect candidates to several Stanislaus County seats and vote in primaries to select congressmen and state legislators. In local races, Turlock City Councilwoman Amy Bublak has entered the campaign for Stanislaus County Assessor. She will face Don Gaekle, who currently serves as Stanislaus County Assessor after a mid-term appointment. Incumbent Stanislaus County District Attorney Birgit Fladager will face off against Frank Carson, a Modesto-based attorney and businessman. And incumbent Stanislaus County Sheriff-Coroner Adam Christianson will square off with Tom Letras, a deputy sheriff from Ceres.
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