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Wednesday, 05 November 2014 03:36

Soiseth Wins Turlock Mayor Race

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Gary Soiseth, in a landslide election, won the race for Mayor of the City of Turlock ultimately taking 5,637 votes for a total of 59.90 percent, beating opponent Mike Brem over 20 points. Soiseth, 30, is a third generation local farmer and Water Regulatory Analyst for the Modesto Irrigation District. He has also served as an instructor at California State University, Stanislaus and spent four years in Afghanistan for both the Department of Agriculture and Defense.
Measure B, the controversial seven-year half-cent sales tax increase devoted to fixing Turlock roads narrowly failed with 61.02 percent, just shy of the 66.7 percent, or two-thirds majority, needed to pass. On the other hand, Measure A, the proposed initiative to change to the manner in which City Council elections are held, from at-large to district elections, will now divide the City into four districts with one councilmember representing each, after the Measure passed widely with 73.96 percent of voter approval.
(Update 10:17 p.m.) With 70.27 percent of Turlock precincts reporting, local candidates are beginning to pull away in their respective races for Mayor of Turlock and City Council. Mayoral candidate Gary Soiseth took an early lead over opponent Mike Brem and continues to extend that lead, now sitting at 58.52 percent.
This election cycle, Turlock residents have had the opportunity to elect a new mayor, two city council council members, a U.S. Representative, an array of state elected officials, decide the fate of two local measures and 6 ballot propositions, While these initial results only include some of the vote-by-mail ballots received prior to today, final results posted tonight will be more accurate, though, will still not include between 5,000 and 10,000 vote-by-mail ballots dropped off at polling places; those will be counted before final results are certified within 28 days.
As the polls remain open for just minutes, TurlockCityNews.com has concluded our exit polls and tallied the results. In total, 105 Turlock voters took the exit poll to say who they voted for in the Turlock Mayoral and City Council races, as well as if they approved Measure B, the half-cent sales tax with revenues dedicated to Turlock roads.
With polls closing in just about three hours, exit polls conducted by TurlockCityNews.com are showing some tight-knit races, with others putting distance between themselves and their opponents. As of 4 p.m., 77 Turlock voters have taken TurlockCityNews.com’s exit poll at several locations around Turlock, including the Salvation Army, Our Lady of Peace, Oak Park Apartments, Turlock Unified School District building, Cornerstone Covenant Church, among other.
With polls having been open for a little more than four hours, local Turlock races are beginning to take shape in an election that has the potential to greatly change Turlock’s local government. As of 11:15 a.m., 42 Turlock voters have been polled at three polling locations, including Cornerstone Covenant Church, Monte Vista Chapel, and the Turlock Unified School District building, to show the results thus far.