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Pitman Wins Football Season Open

The Pitman High Pride football team toughed out an overtime win as they beat Paradise 21-20 at Joe Debely Stadium in front of about 2,000 people. Tyler Harris’ extra-point kick won the game.


The Pride did not have any points on the scoreboard until the third quarter with 3:30 left when quarterback Tyler Snodgrass threw a touchdown pass to Robert Beale.
Pride’s Markus Sanders ran in a 5 yard touchdown with about 10 minutes left in regulation play.
Once the Pitman Pride tied the game, neither team was able to get up over the top within regulation play.
Paradise scored a touchdown in their first possession but the extra-point kick missed. Pitman looked as if they would lose when they failed to move the ball during its first three downs. Snodgrass ended up connecting with Beale on a 10 yard pass up the middle for his second touchdown and the overtime touchdown that led to Tyler Harris' game winning extra-point kick.
Pitman Frosh-Soph lost 41-19
Pitman Frosh won 20-15


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