City of Turlock Activity Update – Week of September 27-October 10, 2008

TO:                 Mayor and Council
FROM:            Executive Team
DATE:             October 6, 2008
RE:                 ACTIVITY UPDATE – WEEK OF September 27-October 10, 2008

·         Earlier this week the City was informed that Varco-Pruden, a long established Turlock-based business would be realigning its Turlock operation by transferring its manufacturing operation to another facility thus eliminating 175 jobs at the Turlock site. In response, City staff immediately engaged the Alliance, the economic development organization that assists the City in business recruitment and retention. As they did with the closure of the Hershey Chocolate plant in Oakdale, the Alliance will provide assistance in placement of Varco-Pruden employees who may loose their jobs. 
·         The City Council sub-committee of Vice-Mayor Vander Weide and Council member Spycher, created to review a possible hotel voucher program to assist the homeless, met again this week. This week the sub-committee met with a local social service provider who currently is utilizing a voucher system.
·         The City Manager attended the monthly meeting of the Stanislaus County City Managers and County Chief Executive Officer. This standing meeting provides the area’s administrators with an opportunity to discuss issues of common concern. One of the key topics of this month’s meeting was the impact the State’s budget will have upon local government. City staff will provide the Turlock City Council with a briefing on this issue at the October 14 meeting of the City Council. 
·         The City Manager, Director of Municipal Services, Director of Administrative Services and Senior Accountant Marie Lorenzi met with staff from the Cities of Modesto, Ceres and Hughson to further discuss the cities’ participation in TID’s proposed surface water treatment facility. 
Economic Development/Redevelopment:
·         No new items to report.
Housing Program Services:
·         A Landlord & Tenant’s Rights and Responsibilities seminar has been scheduled for November 21, 2008 in the Yosemite room from 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Each session is 2 hours and will provide basic information to landlords and tenants regarding their rights and responsibilities. The morning session (landlord training) will be from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and the afternoon session (tenant) will run from 1:00.– 3:00 p.m.   This seminar will be offered to Turlock residents. Advertisements will appear in the Modesto Bee, Turlock Journal, and Vida en el Valle newspapers.
·         Staff will be monitoring the non-profits that were awarded CDBG funds for FY 07/08 from October 20th-30th. Non profits that will be monitored include: The Arc of Stanislaus County- DBA Howard Training Center, Turlock Family Resource Center of Moss Beach, Second Harvest Food Bank, Parent Resource Center, United Samaritans Foundation, We Care Program, DMC Foundation- Miller’s Place Alzheimer Day Care and Resource Center, City of Turlock Municipal Services- Recreation Division and Project Sentinel.
Capital Improvement Projects:
Projects in Construction
·         Golden State and Tuolumne Road Signal: Waiting for Union Pacific Railroad to return.
·         Water Reservoirs and Pump Stations:  The contractor has started erecting the steel.
·         CNG Maintenance Facility: Contractor is still working on the punch list.
·         Canal Drive Bike Path: The street lights have been installed but we’re waiting for the punch list to be completed before we energize the lights.
·         CNG Slow Fill Station:   In the contract stage.
·         Fire Station #1 Parking Lot: The contractor will start work on October 7th.
·         Fire Station #3 Gate: Waiting on punch list and submittals.
·         Fairgrounds Sidewalk: A preconstruction meeting will be held on October 14th.
·         Traffic Signal at Orange & South Avenue: In the contract stage.
·         Demolition of Existing Structures: The apparent low bidder was WC Maloney Inc of Stockton, CA and will go to council for approval on October 14th.
·         Interim Police Evidence Facility: In the contract stage.
·         Commercial Water Meters: Utility staff is reviewing the plans.
·         Trench Repair 08/09: Out to bid with an opening date of October 16th.
Projects in Design
·         West Main Street and Fransil Signal: Working on acquiring right of way.
·         Colorado and Monte Vista Signal Interconnect: Waiting on FTIP amendment.
·         Columbia Park Renovations: The architect should be getting plan check comments back from building department.
·         Westside Industrial Specific Plan
·         City Hall Projects: These projects include Fire Administration, repair of the sewer line in Engineering, repair of the balcony and City Hall HVAC.
·         Antenna at Fire Station No. 1: Out to bid next week.
·         Water Line Replacement: Surveying has been completed.
·         Sewer Line Replacement: Surveying is ongoing.
Building & Safety
·         Among the 28 building permits applied for this week:
ü 2050 Divanian Dr – New banquet hall
·         Among the 26 building permits issued this week:
ü 900 N Palm St – New modular building for Police Dept Investigations
·         Staff is reviewing the fifteen highest intersection accidents to see if any improvements can be made.
·         For Transit’s 10th anniversary here in the city, staff will go to council on October 28th to get approval for the “Blast Turns 10 Free Ride Day” scheduled for November 24th.
Public Facilities Maintenance Division:
·         On Wednesday, Oct. 1st, Staff met with a representative from the State of California, Dept. of Parks and Recreation regarding the completion of three Proposition 40 projects: Columbia Park Fence Project, Crane Park Tennis Courts Resurfacing, and the Crane Park Restroom Project. All three projects passed the final inspection and are eligible for reimbursement by the State.   Staff will file the necessary papers to receive the reimbursements from the State for approximately $230,000.00.
·         Sunnyview Park – Crews worked diligently to install 3 park benches, 1 receptacle, completed the kiosk, and last minute maintenance for the grand opening of the Dog Park on September 27th. Lots of dogs and their owners attended the opening day event on Saturday. A great time was had by all and the event brought in enough donations to purchase a pet drinking fountain. 
·         Crews are working on the concrete pad for the new Sunnyview Park identification sign to be placed in front of the parking lot. Crews removed a large limb from a Sycamore tree that was reported hanging over one of the neighboring properties creating a hazard.  
·         Markley Park – Installed a temporary irrigation clock to replace the one that went bad until a new one can be ordered and replaced two sprinkler heads. 
·         Donnelly Park – The restroom on the west side of the park was tagged with graffiti. A Police report was filed.
·         Summerfaire Park and Rotary International Park – Planted a Bradford Pear tree at each park.
·         Central Park – Installed new irrigation lines and filled in low grass areas with dirt.
·         Graffiti continues to be a problem at Broadway Park, Columbia Park, Crane Park, and Sunnyview Park. Crews spent 6 hours cleaning the graffiti at these parks.  
·         Pedretti Sports Complex – Paint and prepare fields for games. Cleaned graffiti off table and play structure and off of fence on field 2. Fixed and changed fuses on scoreboards on Field 1 and Field 5. Stump grinded stump on Field 5 and fixed park sign in Field 5 parking lot. Changed blades and worked on all equipment. 
·         Crews continue to do general maintenance, mowing, blowing, edging, weeding, irrigation repairs, cleaning, rake soft fall and playground safety inspections daily at all City Parks and ponds.
·         Crews painted red curb in Zone 3 and used 50 gallons of paint.
·         The patch truck ran for 4 days and used 5 tons of hot mix.
·         Crews replaced 13 stop signs throughout Turlock. These signs were replaced and upsized from non-compliant 24” ‘Stop’ signs to meet the State requirements for a minimum size of 30” signs. Replaced 1 speed limit sign and 1 bike lane sign, relocated street name signs at Fosberg and Christoffersen, added 2 new ‘Stop’ signs, 2 stop Legends and stop bars to intersection of South Ave. & S. Soderquist, cleared glass in roadway at Monte Vista & Walnut, and responded to traffic site hazard on Dels Lane near Monte Vista.
·         Trimmed branches from ‘Stop’ sign at Hartwick & N. Olive, trimmed branches from ‘Stop’ sign at Minnesota & N. Olive, trimmed branches over sidewalk at Walnut & Yorktown, and cleaned graffiti off ‘Stop’ sign at Dels & Pedras.
Utility Maintenance Division:
Electrical/Mechanical Projects
·         Installed new Velodyne polymer mixer at the GBT.
·         Installed new Velodyne polymer mixer in the aerobic digester vault.
·         Installed safety mirror in Chlorine building.
·         Repaired broken conduit at Volk Storm Pond. Installed bumper poles to protect conduit.
·         Installed 5hp test pump at sewer 61 to determine if it operates better with all the incoming wipes.
·         Replaced 14 filters on filter 5. Replaced the drive chain and drive sprocket.
·         Installed an SC-100 controller and ph probe at Supherb Farms.
·         Repaired damaged piping at Paul Santos Dairy Towel Service.
·         Fabricate rebar cage for antennae tower at Well 38.
·         Locate and order 4 1500 watt metal halide ballast for Pedretti Park.
·         Complete weekly sewer lift checks.
·         Complete weekly instrumentation cleaning and calibrations.
·         Complete USA’s and street light work orders.
Water System Projects
·         Abandoned an unused 1” water service and upgraded the 1 ½” service at 1979 Mira Flores.
·         Abandoned an unused water service at 625 Corrello.
·         Installed new end point, spliced and reprogrammed at 322 N. Palm and also spliced the end point at 296 Angelus.
·         We turned off 160 water services on the delinquent list and turned back on 104 after payment, of those 42 paid extra for immediate turn on.
·         Raised the meter box at 244 Villa.
·         Repaired a water service leak at 743 E. Olive.
·         Located the water service at 701 Spruce and 520 Vermont.
·         Located the water main line blow off on Countryside behind Food Max.
·         Replaced a leaking fire hydrant at the SE corner of Geer and Christoffersen.
·         Repaired the blow off that was hit on Fransil at the City Storm Basin.
Sewer and Storm System Projects
·         Cleaned and televise sewer service at 421 and 423 Flower.
·         Replaced 20 ft of the sewer service at 2509 Yale.
·         Repaired a sink hole at 441/461 Pedras.
·         Cleared a sewer main line stoppage at 2400 N. Golden State.  
·         Cleaned 3526 ft of existing sewer line Grid g-7, f-8, f-7, d-6.
·         Cutting roots and grease with Rodder, 312.
·         Cutting roots and grease with Rodder, 1577 ft 3 month list.
·         Televised 1368 ft of existing sewer main Grid D-6.
·         Televised the sewer main on Porsche Strasse behind 2400 N. Golden State, 358 ft.
·         Cleaned 6 sewer lift stations and 7 Catch basins.
Fleet Maintenance:
·         Diagnosed and repaired vehicles/equipment for the following divisions and departments:
ü Police -12 work requests
ü Transit bus -20 work requests
ü Public Facilities -22 work requests
ü Utility Maintenance -11 work requests (Electrical, Collections and Water)
ü Engineering -2 work requests
ü Operations -1 work request
ü PM’s Preventive Maintenance work requests -25 which include, A’s, B’s, CHP’s, Mini’s, etc.
Recreation Division:
·         The National Softball Association rented Pedretti Park for a one-day adult softball tournament.  Eleven teams came to town to play at our facility for the day.  This is the fifth adult tournament of the year that NSA has hosted in Turlock. The Pepsi Company rented Pedretti Park on Sunday for their annual tournament and Picnic.  More than 200 people attended the picnic and played softball for three hours.
·         The Turlock Youth Soccer Association continues to use the Sports Complex on Saturdays for their 9-week league.  This is a busy time for the complex as more than 2,500 youth are actively busy every Saturday at our facility.
·         The first annual Family Tennis Tournament was played at Crane Park on Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.  Four different divisions of play entered the competition.  Tennis is becoming a very popular sport and the demand for tennis type activities has been increasing.
·         Summer 2008 Aquatic Program Summary: The City of Turlock Recreation Division planned coordinated and implemented aquatic programs at three facilities during the 2008 summer season. Facilities included: Marty Yerby Pool, Turlock High School and Pitman High School Pool.  Each site offered swimming lessons and recreation swim. The High School Pools also offered specialty swim activities and classes such as Swim Camp, Jr. Lifeguard Programs and Water Polo Classes. Programs were provided for children age’s 6 months through Senior Citizens. Each program had an established fee to assist in covering program cost: 
ü Pitman High School Youth Engagement: 2,624 participated this summer -Total Revenue: $22,855. 
ü Turlock High School Pool Youth Engagement: 3,180 participated this summer – Total Revenue $ 22,446.
ü Yerby Pool Youth Engagement Record and Cost Summary Total Youth Engagement: 5,207
and total Revenue: $38,739.95. 
·         Staff met to discuss and review programs for 2009. Staff attended and participated in Mayors Gang task Force Meetings. 
·         Staff, teens and volunteers from both Arts and Recreation will be participating in the Turlock Shines Community event held on October 4, 2008.
·         The Carnegie Arts Center Foundation and Turlock City Arts Commission presented the annual Garden Party fund-raising event at The Greenery on September 20th.  More than 450 people attended, with Rings of the Arts members making up slightly more than half of the attendance.  38 artists entered works in the exhibition at the event, and 16 pieces were sold. 75 silent auction items and one raffle prize, combined with admission tickets sold at the door, generated a net profit of more than $13,000 for the Carnegie Arts Center Foundation Endowment Fund.  The Arts Commission saw an increase in new memberships sold and will be continuing to capitalize on the positive feedback from this event to generate more new members.
·         Two art classes finished for September, serving 12 in the pre-school class and 7 elementary-school-aged kids in a sculpture class.  In October, the pre-school class has reached maximum enrollment at 12 again, and the beginning painting class for 2nd-5th grades starts with 7 enrolled.
·         The Arts Commission will be working with high school student volunteers and a student from CSUS Art Department on a temporary mural project in conjunction with the Turlock Shines event on October 4th at Donnelly Park. The project is a community participation mural painted on canvas panels that can be taken down and exhibited at the schools following the event.
Water Quality Control Division:
·         The Regional Water Quality Control Facility achieved Biochemical Oxygen Demand and Total Suspended Solids removal efficiencies of 99%. The Secondary Biological system is recovering from the toxic influent slug load that occurred on Sunday September 14, 2008. The High Rate Clarifier/Thickener operated three days during the week to reduce the Secondary effluent turbidity prior to Tertiary filtration. The Facility was able to meet all daily State discharge permit limits.
·         The Operations staff continued with the Facility Building Clean-up Project and completion of weekly MP2 (preventive maintenance) work assignments. Staff continued working on paint projects throughout the facility. 
·         Staff continued working on the yearly Nutrilock production. The biosolids yearly removal process started on Tuesday, September 30, 2008.
·         The Contractor continued working on the Fuel Cell Project.
·         The WQC Facility has encountered 285 days without a lost time accident.
Regulatory Affairs Division:
·         2008 Water Year Ends in Critically Dry Territory: The 2008 water year officially ended on Tuesday. State water officials warn that a potential third drought year in 2009 could pose major challenges for the state’s economy and the environment.   The 2008 water year was designated “critically dry,” with statewide runoff totaling just 57% of normal for the year. The state’s major reservoirs are at about one-third of capacity at a time when they would typically be at about two-thirds. 
·         As noted before, Turlock’s groundwater levels are at historic lows. While TID is conducting less groundwater pumping, individual farmers will probably result to pumping more groundwater as their surface water allotments are reduced. Even if Turlock residents significantly reduce their demand for water, such conservation may be offset by increased agricultural pumping. Nevertheless, we will step up our conservation efforts next year and water meters are an important part of this strategy.
·         Further, since the last drought the City has made a number of strategic investments in its water supply infrastructure, including adding wells, deepening existing wells, and adding water storage tanks (currently under construction).
·         New NPDES Permit for the Turlock Regional Water Quality Control Facility: It is our understanding that the Regional Board is close to issuing a draft of our new Permit for the water quality control facility. Obviously, this is eagerly anticipated as the new permit will determine the type and cost of improvements that may be needed at the facility to improve effluent quality.
·         Brewery: Staff met with the principals of the proposed micro-brewery in Turlock. Based on the volumes and quality of the wastewater, the facility will be regulated as a light industry which is the least restrictive level of industry regulation.
Operations Division:
·         Fire Services responded to 94 calls for service for the week of 9/26 through 10/2.
ü 67- EMS calls
ü 5 - MVA’S
ü 5 – canceled enroute
ü 3 – structure fires *
ü 2 – grass fires
ü 2 – public service calls
ü 1 – assist invalid
ü 1 – steam instead of a fire
ü 1 – cooking fire **
ü 1 – car fire
ü 1 – no patient contact
ü 1 – false alarm
ü 1 – arching wires
ü 1 – wrong location
ü 1 – good intent call
* The first structure fire was at 42 S. Center with an estimated loss on contents including structure at $500,000 dollars in damage.  This fire is under investigation. 
 The second fire was at 4667 Treasure Ct., a candle was left on the fireplace mantle and caught a flag on fire.  There was an estimated $1500 dollars in damage to the structure and contents.  This investigation is closed. 
 The 3rd fire was located at 771 High Street.  There was an estimated $600.00 dollars in damage, and this fire is under investigation. 
There were no injuries to civilians or Firefighters at any of these 3 fires. 
** In addition there was a cooking fire inside a residence 1617 Ramson.  There was about $500.00 dollars in damage and the occupant received 2nd degree burns to his hands while trying to remove a pan that was the source of the fire.
Training Division:
·         In training, we started our 4 month probationary training for our Firefighters.  They are progressing well thus far. 
Administration Division:
·         Fire Services with the help of I.T., has implemented an online facilities maintenance request system. This will help manage fire station maintenance needs and projects. Personnel will be able to report the problem or request, in a similar fashion to the I.T. request system. Project status and updates will be posted for all department members to view. The goals are improved communication, efficiency, and project management.
Service Demands:               
Calls for Service                     2009
Criminal Investigations             227
Arrests                                        83
Staffing Levels:
Sworn Personnel-                   87       
Deployed                                 77 (11 Officers: Field Training)
            Vacancies                    1
Non-Sworn Personnel-           47
Deployed                    42
Vacancies                    3
Special Operations Division:
·         Investigators who were out at schools last week worked to catch up on their caseloads. Investigators were called out to assist patrol with a home invasion robbery that occurred on in the 3700 Block of Fosberg. They conducted interviews and follow-up and were successful in securing leads and recovering property (including a handgun used during the robbery). 
Animal Services
·         Staff from animal services had another successful week, returning several cats and dogs to their owners, as well as adopting several others. Animal services staff was on-hand for the Dog Park grand opening; over 100 dogs attended throughout the day.   
Field Operations Division:
Traffic Safety:
·         This week the Traffic Unit participated in a Car Seat Safety Check-up at Walgreen’s as part of the “Buckle-Up Stanislaus” grant. Many vehicles were inspected and nearly all of them had car seats installed improperly. Dozens of children left safer that day.
Significant Events and Trends:
·         Auto Theft Arrests: Officers took a report of a stolen vehicle. A second vehicle stolen earlier in the day was located at the same location. An officer began to look around for the new stolen vehicle and located it on Walnut Street near Motel 6. The officer spoke with a security guard who gave a description of a male and female who got out of the car and went to a room at the motel. The officer ended up making contact with two subjects inside the motel. Both were identified by the security guard. A probation search of the room was done and items were located from both of the stolen vehicles. The male subject had recently sent a text to “Guss” telling about the property he had for sale. These two subjects were arrested by TPD for the same thing a few weeks ago.
·         Officers were investigating a suspicious person in the 1200 block of Geer Rd in a 4-Runner with paper plates. The officers recalled that there was a 4-Runner on the hot sheet.   The subject fled on foot down Wayside. He was eventually caught. The 4-runner was confirmed as a stolen vehicle. The subject was also a parolee at large.     
·         Arson Arrest: Subject sets some of his and his wife/girlfriends clothes on fire in his residence. The reason given is that he was mad because she left him. He tried putting it out but was not successful. TFD responded and put it out.  The kitchen was damaged. The subject fled the area. Approximately two hours later a witness reports that he has returned. Upon arrival, officers attempted to take the subject into custody, who was reluctant to comply. He was contained and arrested for arson and resisting arrest.
·         Burglary Arrest: Officers responded to a call of subjects trespassing in the vacant Lactalis building. They arrive and find entry had been made. A portable two way radio was found and a female responded to officers calling her. She showed up with her 18 month old baby and located in her car is stolen copper pipe which, is later determined to be from the Lactalis building. A search of the interior finds her boyfriend hiding in a rafter. They are both arrested for burglary and their child is turned over to CPS. This is due to the cooperative effort of the officers, detectives, and traffic officers who responded to assist.

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