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Turlock City News

Turlock’s New Public Safety Center Site Plan Approved

The future Broadway Avenue Public Safety Center’s cost has now grown to an estimated $38 million.
The effort to move forward with plans to build a new police station was previously approved by the Turlock City Council in 2007. The cost was estimated at around $35 million.
Along with a site plan, Turlock City Council also approved an additional $2.8 million to repair streets, gutters and sidewalks around the future two-story public safety center.
These are improvements that would be required by any other project being constructed in the city of Turlock. Chief Hampton said that they were holding themselves to the same standards as the city would hold a private developer to.
The current police station on Palm Street was built in the 1960’s. One of the buildings was remodeled as an addition when City Hall moved to Broadway Avenue almost 10 years ago.
It has been stated that police stations usually last about 30 years, maybe 40 years, and Turlock’s will be going on close to 50 years by the time the new public safety center will be done.
There has always been the idea that Broadway Avenue may be rejuvenated after City Hall moved to the current downtown location.
There have been many nice renovations and additions since then. On Broadway with Two Guys catering moved in across the street from City Hall and brought a classy venue to have events at. Broadway Park has been updated with a new safe playground, updated restrooms, and added a splash park used by people from all over the city.
The Carnegie Arts Center was being renovated but set on fire in 2005 before it could be completed. The Turlock City Council approved a $9.3 million renovation and addition plan that will preserve the old brick walls while incorporating the old structure into an 18,360 square foot arts center.

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