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Former Pitman Teacher Sentenced for Sex Crime with Student

Former Pitman High School Teacher Carl Kubicek, 36, was sentenced to seven months in jail for having sex with a 17 year old Pitman High student.
Kubicek was facing a maximum sentence of three years and eight months in prison. The now 18 year old asked for leniency and said that the relationship was consensual.
Kubicek’s two felony charges of unlawful sex included having sex with the 17 year old at her house and in Kubicek’s Pitman High School classroom during lunch.
The victim pleaded for leniency but her parents said that she is still being manipulated by the former Pitman teacher.
The victim confided in Kubicek when she was involved in another illegal sexual relationship involving a Turlock Police Officer while she was an explorer scout program participant.
Former Turlock Police Officer Jorge Cruz was sentenced to sixteen months in prison for the three felony counts he was charged with including sodomy with a minor, oral copulation with a minor, and sexual intercourse with a minor.
Both of the sex offenders were not linked to each other except for the fact of having the same 17 year old female victim.
Both sex offenders will not have to register as sex offenders because the girl was older than 14 and forcible sex was not included in the charges.

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