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Campaign Signs Disappearing

You may have noticed that the campaign signs are beginning to disappear. Not only is this “nice,” it is the law!
This election season was very exciting in Turlock with signs all over expressing that excitement. That season has past and all political signs must be taken down within 5 days after the election pursuant to Turlock Municipal Code Section 9-2-505.
Mary Jackson seemed to have taken down all of her big signs the night of the election.
Everett Fransen, 80 years old of Turlock, was seen trying to help out his grandson David Fransen as he was working to pull fence stakes out of hardened ground and cram folded big signs into his car.
Luckily for Everett, Councilman Ted Howze and election leading Turlock City Council candidate Amy Bublak came along and relieved him.
Howze and Bublak were taking down all the signs for all the candidates they had received permission from to do so.
After Councilman Howze gave Everett Fransen a hard time about how David Fransen was making his 80 year old grandpa take down his signs, Howze offered to take down all the signs they came across if he would give them permission. An appreciative Fransen gave Howze and Bublak permission.
David Fransen had plans to take down all his signs after work and did not know anything about these “disappearing” signs. Fransen thought the signs were being stolen all day.
Candidates have been taking whatever signs they see out. If you’re missing your yard sign, it was probably picked up by a candidate or their campaign volunteers. If you see or have any sign that needs to be removed, email submissions@turlockcitynews.com and we’ll make sure it gets taken down.
Thanks Councilman Howze and newly elected Councilwoman Bublak!

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