Public Safety Activity Reports, 11/01 – 11/07/08

Yes, all in Turlock! A structure fire, “Band-Aid Bandit” investigation, special traffic enforcement, burglary, assault with a gun, vehicle pursuit, homicide, and attempted suicide on railroad tracks were dealt with by public safety departments.


Operations Division:
·         Fire Services responded to 89 calls for service for the week of 10/31 through 11/6.
ü 52 EMS Calls
ü 11 MVA’S
ü 4 False Alarms
ü 3 No Patient Contact
ü 3 Canceled Enroute
ü 2 Police Assists
ü 2 Car Fires
ü 2 Electrical Shorts
ü 1 Gas Leak
ü 1 Unauthorized Burn
ü 1 Brush Fire
ü 1 Fire Other
ü 1 Assist Invalid
ü 1 Dumpster Fire
ü 1 Chimney Fire
ü 1 Wrong Location
ü 1 Structure Fire *
* The structure fire was located in a single family dwelling at 2151 Branding Iron.  There were no injures involved with this fire. There was an estimated $8150.00 dollars in structure damage, and $5000.00 dollars in contents damage.  The fire is under investigation.
Training Division:
·         In training we completed our new Rescue Strut training for all personnel.  We also completed 4 month Engineer testing for 4 of our probationary Engineers.
Administration Division:
·         Staff worked on a grant proposal for the ‘Office of Traffic Safety” which includes equipment or training for roadway/highway emergencies. 
·         Staff hosted several station tours during this past week, including a Rotary Meeting at our new Fire Station 1. 
Service Demands:               
Calls for Service                     2202
Criminal Investigations             251
Arrests                                        86
Staffing Levels:
Sworn Personnel-                   87       
Deployed                     77 (11 Officers: Field Training)
            Vacancies                    3
Non-Sworn Personnel-           47
Deployed                    42
Vacancies                    3
Special Operations Division:
·         Investigators spent the majority of the week conducting follow-up of the arrest of the “Band-Aid Bandit”, armed robbery suspect. They attended a joint-agency meeting hosted by the Tracy Police Department, and shared information that had been obtained during the search warrant and subsequent arrest of the suspect. Many agencies have been able to solve their cases thanks to the efforts of our investigators and additional charges have been added against the suspect by those jurisdictions.
·         Investigators were called out this week to assist patrol with a homicide that occurred in the 1100 Block of W. Canal. The victim had been stabbed in the chest and expired at Emanuel Medical Center. The incident does not appear to be gang related, however it may be drug related. Investigators are conducting on-going interviews with potential witnesses in order to identify a suspect.
Field Operations Division:
Significant Events and Trends
Traffic Unit
·         Special enforcement was conducted for red light violations at Countryside and Monte Vista and at Monte Vista at Geer this week. Thirty-seven citations were issued for red light, cell phone, and right-of-way violations. 
·         The Traffic Unit Sergeant spent nearly every afternoon this week at a school crossing (TJHS/Walnut Elementary) watching for crossing guard violations. Several citations were issued, but only a few for failure to obey a crossing guard. The reduction in violations was noticeable. An unknown woman apparently felt it was inappropriate for the officer to be parked on the sidewalk. She stopped and snapped pictures of the officer, but refused to speak with him, only saying that she would be complaining to City Council.
Patrol Unit
·         Residential Burglary – Victims are in the process of fixing up a home and rebuilding a fence in the 500 block of Vermont. They had placed the fence boards in a locked shed and left to go to the store. Upon their return to the home, they located two subjects who were loading the fence boards into a truck. The subjects had pried open the shed to gain access. Officers arrived just in time to catch the subjects driving away. The suspects were taken into custody.
·         Assault – A call was received of a subject holding a gun to a woman’s head at a bar in the 400 block of East Main Street. The bouncer informed officers who the victim was. While the officers started to talk to the victim, the bouncer came out of the bar and said the guy with the gun was inside. Officers went into the bar and engaged the suspect, who failed to comply, so he was taken down. Once on the ground, an officer noticed the gun sticking out of the suspect’s waist and seized it. The suspect still refused to comply and was engaged with a taser, before being taken into custody. The gun was loaded and chambered. It is learned that the suspect put the gun to the woman’s forehead for no reason. When the male subject accompanying the woman spoke up, the suspect pistol whipped the man. The incident actually occurred about a block away from the bar.
·         Pursuit – An officer was in a pursuit of a Toyota Camry. He looses the car for just a second and finds it again in the 2100 block of Angelus Court running and abandoned. It does not appear to be stolen. Two names came up as being associated with the car and both had felony warrants. Officers started an apartment to apartment search with consent of the occupants who were very cooperative. At the second location, officers   found a mother and her children who said that there was someone hiding in the locked bedroom. Officers forced entry into the bedroom and located one of the suspects hiding in the bedroom. He had a felony warrant. 
·         Attempted Suicide – A subject was lying in between the rails of the RR Tracks approx. 280ft. North of W. Monte Vista, waiting to die. As the N/B train approached, it appears that he changed his mind. He sat up and a spun off the tracks to the east (his right). Unfortunately, he wasn’t fast enough and the cow catcher caught him and caused some serious bodily harm. He was taken via Medi-Flight to Memorial Hospital. He will likely survive, but not without some serious physical issues. This subject is one of Turlock P.D.’s Top 5 Habitual Offenders who has consistently refused all efforts at rehabilitation, choosing custody instead.

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