Former Pitman Teacher Kubicek Caught with Sex Crime Victim

Former Pitman High School teacher Carl Kubicek was caught violating his sex crime probation before he even served his sentencing for having unlawful sex with a minor.
Carl Kubicek was sentenced to seven months in jail for having unlawful sex with a minor. The victim was a Pitman High School student. The charges stated that they had sex in a Pitman classroom and in the victim’s home.
Kubicek was found with the now 18 year old girl in a car that was reported suspicious in Modesto on Monday.
Judge John G. Whiteside stated that Kubicek was to stay away from the victim all the way through his seven month jail sentence and three year probation. Kubicek was given a light sentence because the victim asked for leniency. The maximum sentence for two felony charges of unlawful sex could have been three years and eight months in prison.
The probation violation took place before Kubicek even reported to the Stanislaus County Jail on December 16, 2008 for his original sentence.
The probation violation may cause reason to implement the maximum sentence of prison time instead of jail time.
Carl Kubicek was booked and given a $20,000 bail. Kubicek is due back in court on Wednesday.

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