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Partial Recount Proves a Final Road Tax Failure

Measure S, the half-cent sales tax increase for streets, fell short of passing by only about 390 votes as of the official election results final on November 25, 2008.
The Yes on S Committee opted to pay for a recount but stopped after one day’s worth. The committee paid $1,875 for the recount time and $4,000 for two Sacramento election experts to monitor the recount.
After one day, there was not much of a change from the reported nearly perfect Stanislaus County election process this year.
Supporters and leaders of the movement for a transportation tax have stated that there probably won’t be any further attempts in the near future because of hard economic times. This was the second attempt to become a self-help county and to fund road repair, maintenance and improvements.
Measure S did get the majority of votes as 103,306 people voted “yes” for the sales tax increase. The 66.42 percent did not meet the two-thirds or 66.67 percent needed to pass the measure. 7,390 under votes were recorded on this measure.

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