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Turlock City News

Turlock 2008-09 Input

What was Turlock’s 2008 about to you?
The review of Turlock’s 2008 will be sure to include Turlock’s Centennial celebrations, major crime incidents, political controversies, community efforts, accomplishments, and such.
Turlock had news that brought national and international attention to our little city in 2008. TurlockCityNews.com received comments from all over the world when we had all the updates concerning the bizarre news of a father beating and stomping his baby to death on a country road. For the first time, people at the Stanislaus County Fair were being seen and sending messages across the nation via the TurlockCityNews.com live webcam. Turlock also received national attention when a Turlock Police Officer and Pitman High School teacher were both separately involved in sex crimes with the same Pitman female student. Turlock’s CSU Stanislaus received many awards and was acknowledged for being a great university throughout 2008.
TurlockCityNews.com would like to know what you considered to have been “news” worthy for Turlock in 2008.
While looking back to sum up this last year, we would also like to look forward into 2009. Turlock is not unique in the fact that there will be many challenges our city, government, community, and citizens will be facing this next year. Please leave comments with you thoughts as to what you consider to be of importance or interest for this upcoming year.

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