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Turlock City News

Turlock Yesteryears by Scott Atherton

Turlock Historian Scott Atherton reminds us of what was going on in 1919 and 1928 around this date.

Turlock Journal, Jan. 1, 1919:


            The Christmas edition of the Fresno Republican goes exhaustively into the military activities that have marked the San Joaquin valley since the United States entered the war, and contains very interesting and complete write-ups in regard to Stanislaus and other counties, with a large number of excellent illustrations.  Stanislaus county war workers occupy considerable space in the columns of the issue, which is a most excellent one, and a great credit to the Republican staff and management.  Turlock people prominent in war work of all kinds are mentioned, in many cases with cuts accompanying.

            Stanislaus county officers who participated in the war are given as follows:


                  Robert W. Patterson, med., Modesto.


                  Robert F. Child, eng., Turlock.

                  George L. Dilliman, eng., Oakdale.

                  J. C. Robertson, med., Modesto.


                  E. H. Annear, eng., Modesto.

                  N. C. Bissell, med., Modesto.

                  Warren Day, eng., Oakdale.

                  Jesse A. Griffin, Oakdale.

                  W. D. Hohenthal, ar., Turlock.

                  Guy M. Rush, motor corps, Riverbank.

                  F. C. Smith, med., Oakdale.

                  J. A. Young, med., Oakdale.

            First Lieutenants.

                  Ira. J. Clark, med., Modesto.

                  Jack Denair, ar., Turlock.     

                  Dyberg, med., Turlock.

                  E. V. Falk, med., Modesto.

                  F. M. Folendorf, dent. corps, Turlock.

                  Walter C. Hixson, med., Patterson.

                  W. E. Koebig, med., Riverbank.

                  Steward Kinnear, av., Newman.

                  Arthur Kline, av., Riverbank.

                  J. W. Morgan, med., Modesto.

                  Albert Myer, med., Oakdale.

                  Leslie A. Nickerson, sig. corps, Oakdale.

                  Joseph R. Pearson, inf., Modesto.

                  Riordan, dent. Corps, Turlock.

                  W. W. Sahlberg, inf., Turlock.

                  F. C. Smith, med., Oakdale.

                  Wm. I. Weaver, med., Turlock.

            Second Lieutenants.

                  John Armistead, inf., Newman

                  Raymond H. Corona, inf., Modesto

                  Milton Doberzinsky, inf. Newman.

                  Wm. T. Hatton, cav., Modesto.

                  Otis H. Hiatt, inf., Ceres.

                  Ora Minnear, inf., Modesto.

                  Lou K. Newfield, ar., Turlock.

                  Edward Russ, inf., Newman.

                  Warren S. Tillson, inf., Modesto.

                  Anthony Watson, inf., Oakdale.

                  Jasper Watson, inf., Oakdale.


                  David C. Williams, Modesto.

            Lieutenant Commander.

                  Wm. Henderson, navy, Riverbank.


                  Forest Case, navy, Riverbank.

            Lieutenant.  (BRITISH ARMY.)

                  Pat O’Brien, av., Riverbank.

            Following is the casualty list for Stanislaus county to the date of issue:

            Killed in Action.

                  Herbert H. Adams, inf., Oakdale.

                  Jacob J. Adams, (Canadian), Turlock.

                  H. Barker, (British), Ceres.

                  U. M. Epperson, inf., Modesto.

                  Elmer Fox, inf., Hughson.

                  Paul E. Guyler, inf., Modesto.

                  Rex A. Havenstrite, inf., Oakdale.

                  Ervin C. Hurd, inf., Oakdale.

                  Rex W. Ish, inf., Turlock.

                  Edmund T. Kasper, inf., Montpelier.

                  James A. Kessler, inf., Turlock.

                  W. H. Koenig, inf., Modesto.

                  E. H. Lorensen, inf., Newman.

                  Aaron K. Parkhurst, inf., Oakdale.

                  Forest K. Parkhurst, inf., Oakdale.

                  Louis Pedsioli, inf., Modesto.

                  Peter N. Petersen, inf., Newman.

                  George A. Rodman, inf., Turlock.

                  Fred Stover, inf., Oakdale.

                  Ward C. Tittle, inf., Modesto.

                  Charles Watkins, inf., Crows Landing.

            Died of Wounds.

                  Herman E. Ecklund, Turlock.

                  Robert C. McLaughlin, Modesto.

            Died of Accident.

                  Lieut. Stewart Kinnear, av., Newman (airplane fall).

                  Stanley L. Collins, av., Knights Ferry (lost in Tuscania).

                  John W. Dielks, navy, Modesto.

                  Irwin McCormick, marines, Modesto (drowned off Guam).

                  Robert S. Plimpton, inf., Modesto.

                  Frank Smith, navy, Oakdale.

                  Bert O. Weeks, av., Modesto (lost in Tuscania).

            Died of Disease.

                  Capt. E. H. Annear, eng., Modesto.

                  Lieut. William I. Weaver, med., Turlock.

                  Lemme E. Bean, Oakdale.

                  William W. Burney, Rivberbank

                  Arthur W. Carlsen, Modesto.

                  Arthur E. Cox, Newman.

                  Frank R. Duncan, Modesto.

                  Kenneth Glidden, Modesto.

                  Harry Hayes, Oakdale.

                  Harold Johnson, Ceres.

                  Leslie J. Johnson, Modesto.

                  Leonard Larsen, Patterson.

                  Carl McClintock, Modesto.

                  Thomas H. McQuiston, Turlock.

                  Sterling Pack, Ceres.

                  Freda Russ, nurse, Newman.

                  Daniel D. Savage, Modesto. 

                  Romain Schell, Oakdale.

                  Donald Spenker, Modesto.

                  Harry S. Thompson, Modesto.

                  Ralph Warugh, Riverbank.

                  Ora E. Winn, Modesto.


                  Lieut. Joseph R. Pearson, Modesto.

A. A. Hallstrom, Hilmar

                  Dan A. Honeycutt, Modesto.

                  Roy S. Merriam, navy, Hickman (aboard collier Cyclops).

                  George Schattenburg, Turlock (prisoner in Germany).


                  Lieut. Pat O’Brien, British, Riverbank.

                  Charles E. Lincoln, Crows Landing.

                  Antone Anderson, inf., Turlock.

                  Treve Berlin, inf., Turlock.

                  Orland Bizzini, inf., Ceres.

                  Guy W. Boardman, inf., Hughson.

                  Charles Bone, inf., Patterson.

                  Vincenty Bratton, inf., Riverbank.

                  Howard Brotherton, inf., Oakdale.

                  Chester L. Byington, inf., Oakdale.

                  Edgar H. Bauman, Ceres.

                  Edwin Broline, Turlock.

                  Albert Curtis, inf., Modesto.

                  Louis D. Cutler, inf., Oakdale.

                  Samuel Coe, Riverbank.

                  Joe Coe, Riverbank.

                  Joe Dalmasson, inf., Modesto.

                  Kachacoor Dervishian, inf., Turlock.

                  Walter J. Eastin, inf., Newman.

                  John Feeny, inf., Riverbank.

                  Manuel J. Francisco, inf. Crows Landing.

                  Harry Frantz, British, Ribverbank.

                  Ernest E. Gibbons, inf., Waterford.

                  J. A. Gilman, eng., Riverbank.

                  Orville F. Henderson, inf., Turlock.

                  William M. Heron, inf., Modesto.

                  Merle W. Hobron, Modesto.

                  Charles J. Holland, Ceres.

                  Ollie Jameson, inf., Newman.

                  Arvid Kruth, inf., Turlock.

                  Lloyd Kogan, Oakdale.

                  Charles E. Lincoln, Crows Landing.

                  Dewitt T. Marshall, marines, Modesto.

                  George Merman, Turlock.

                  Charles C. Meters, Knights Ferry.

                  Carl Muheim, Oakdale.

                  Warren W. McKnight, Modesto.

                  Ralph Mathew, Hughson.

                  John M. Northrup, Newman.

                  Joe Nunes, Modesto.

                  Roy D. Parker, Modesto.

                  Martin L. Petersen, Escalon.

                  Arthur L. Rice, marines, Modesto.

A.    P. Rohde, Ceres.

                  Walter O. Salisbury, Newman.

                  Otto H. Sheldon, Hughson.

                  David F. Sorenson, Patterson.

                  Harold Scott, Modesto.

                  Aram Shahbazian, Turlock.

                  Paul E. Swanson, Turlock.

                  Eugene H. Stockwell, Modesto.

                  Carl V. Strom, Modesto.

                  Lloyd W. Terrell, Denair.

                  Peter E. Tosh, Crows Landing.

                  John K. Tener, Modesto.

                  W. G. Watson, Oakdale.

                  Charles Webster, Oakdale.

                  Ray Wunderlich, marines, Riverbank.



Turlock Daily Journal, Dec. 28, 1928:


            Baccalaureate services of the graduating class of the Emanuel Hospital School of Nursing will be held on Sunday evening at the Swedish Free Church, beginning at 7:45.  The members of the graduating class include Misses Myrtle Linnea Sederquist; Dorothy Sophia Sandstrom; Olga Elnora Noreen; Ellen Louis Seagren; Hilda Linnea Sward; Signe Linnea Tornell; Dorothy Leola Larson.

            A short program will be rendered, after which Rev. Axel Thorwall, pastor of the church, will deliver the Baccalaureate address.  The public is welcome. 


Turlock Daily Journal, Dec. 29, 1928


            Work on the new $3,500 clubhouse on the local golf course south west of Turlock will be completed within a few days, according to statements of Mrs. A. A. Austerland, chairman of the building committee.

            The house includes a reception room 22 by 32 feet; a nine-foot fireplace; modern kitchen conveniences, and restrooms with showers and lockers.  A 30-foot porch has been constructed which commands a view of the first tee and the ninth green, also the fourth and fifth fairways.  Elaborate shrubbery has been planned for the house.

            The building is of the Norman French type.

            The committee working with Mrs. Austerland includes Mesdames A. A. Caldwell, George Keith, Lew Boies and E. J. Kovats.



Today’s articles and pictures are provided by Scott Atherton, general manager of Turlock Memorial Park & Funeral Home.  If you have memories or pictures you’d like to share, he can be reached at 632-9111 or by e-mail at satherton@turlockmemorialpark.com.

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