City of Turlock Activity Update for the Week of January 10 – 16, 2009

This document is the City of Turlock Activity Update for the week of January 10 - 16, 2009. The activity update is meant to keep the Turlock City Council and all areas of the government organization on the same page. The community may also view the complete document here at as it was sent out by the City of Turlock.

TO:                Mayor and Council
FROM:            Executive Team
DATE:             January 18, 2009
RE:                  ACTIVITY UPDATE – WEEK OF January 10-16, 2009

·         All managers and supervisors attended two hours of mandatory ethics training.
·         The Assistant City Manager and Development Services Director met with the owner of the building where Housing Services is located to discuss lease renewal terms and options.
Economic Development/Redevelopment:
·         Economic Development/Redevelopment Manager attended the Convention and Visitors Bureau Committee meeting.
·         Economic Development/Redevelopment Manager spoke at the Annual Chamber of Commerce membership luncheon.
·         Economic Development/Redevelopment Manager attended mandated Ethics Training.
·         Economic Development/Redevelopment Manager participated in interviews for four firms responding to the RFP for the Landscape and Signage Beautification project.
Housing Program Services:
·         Staff met with Habitat for Humanity to discuss the possibility of a proposal for construction of a project in Turlock.
·         Staff met with Ramson Construction to review a proposal that was submitted to assist with costs to reduce down payment for qualifying families.
Planning Division:
Capital Improvement Projects:
Capital Projects under construction
$ 27,909,112.96
Completed Capital Projects
Number of Capital Projects currently under construction
Number of Completed Capital Projects
Total of Capital Projects budgeted for FY 08/09
Projects in Construction
·         Golden State and Tuolumne Road Signal, Contract Amount $1,786,903.95: Tennyson Electric is on site constructing the signal foundations.
·         Water Reservoirs and Pump Stations, Contract Amount $6,144,300.00:   Both tanks have been completed. The coating still needs to be applied to the tanks.
·         CNG Slow Fill Station, Contract Amount $216,542.00: We have submitted plans to the Building Department for their review.
·         Fire Station #1 Parking Lot, Contract Amount $436,327.85: Contractor is installing emergency radio antenna conduit.
·         Traffic Signal at Orange & South Avenue, Contract Amount $178,213.00: Contractor is on site and construction has started.
·         Interim Police Evidence Facility, Contract Amount $1,004,810.00: The facility is now weather tight and the contractor is working on the plumbing and electrical.
·         Commercial Water Meters, Contract Amount $1,031,945.00: Council approved this project on January 13th and is now in the contract stage.
·         Trench Repair 08/09, Contract Amount $142,489.00: In the contract stage.
·         Antenna at Fire Station No. 1, Contract Amount $77,876.64:   In the contract stage.
·         RFP’s – Landscape/Signage Beautification Project: Staff is reviewing the RFP’s.
·         Tennis Court Resurfacing at Columbia Park, Contract Amount $17,505.00: The apparent low bidder is First Serve Productions from Danville and will go to council for approval on January 27th.
·         Renovations at Columbia Park: Out to bid opening on February 5th.
·         Broadway Sidewalk, Contract Amount $158,593.00: The contractor has a minor punch list to complete and waiting for TID to power up the street lights.
·         Fire Station #4 Roof Repair: In the contract stage.
Projects in Design
·         West Main Street and Fransil Signal: Working on acquiring right of way.
·         Colorado and Monte Vista Signal Interconnect: Working on right of way on the northeast corner.
·         Westside Industrial Specific Plan
·         City Hall Projects: Staff is creating a Request for Proposal.
·         Water Line Replacement: Working on the topo.
·         Sewer Line Replacement: Working on the topo.
·         Well #40
·         Prop 1B Overlays: Staff is reviewing which streets will be overlayed.
·         Kilroy and N Walnut Road Pump Stations
Land Development:
·         The City Land Surveyor and the Senior Civil Engineer attended the AB 1234 Ethics class.   This course is an overview course on all public service ethics issues necessary to satisfy the requirements of Article 2.4 of Chapter 2 of Part 1 of Division 2 of Title 5 of the Government Code and other subjects.
·         A member of the Development team attended a seminar on Records Management, Retention and Destruction. This course gave information regarding what is considered a record; how to classify a records importance and sensitivity; records retention guidelines; records storage and preservation and the dos and don’ts of disposal of records.
Active Submittals in process
·            14 – Improvement Plans
·            7 – Parcel Maps
·            15 – Subdivision Maps
·            2 – Lot Line Adjustment
·            7- Road Dedications / Public Utility Easements
·            1- Abandonment
·            16- Approved Plans waiting for permits to be issued
Land Surveying
·         The survey crew has been working on the following projects.
ü Plotting for City Project #0869, Canal Drive Reconstruction and Resurface. 
ü Completed additional topography on City Project #6974, Water Reservoirs and Pump Stations, and are currently working on inverting manholes and drop inlets.  
ü Topography and plotting for City Project #0900, Play Area at Columbia Park. 
ü Construction staking for City Project #0764, Traffic Signal at South Avenue and Orange intersection.
Public Works Inspectors
·         We recently issued the Grading Permit for the Lander Crossings Commercial Center on Lander at Highway 99.
Building & Safety Division:
Among the 16 building permits applied for this week:
·         3100 Geer Rd – New retail building “CVS Pharmacy” & retail space
Among the 19 building permits issued this week:
·         1102 Geer Rd – Tenant improvement for “Ristorante Villa Napoli” restaurant
·         301 E Main St – Facade remodel
Utility Maintenance Division:
Water System Projects
·         Replaced the 2” water service at 3150 & 3100 James Lane and installed a new AMR meter
·         Adjusted the water meter in the meter box at 2502 N. Walnut.
·         Collected bacti samples at 537 Fransil and 1100 Glenwood Industrial Park.
·         Set the meter box at 2280 El Camino.
·         Installed a 2” AMR meter at the Cottage Park community building.
·         Assisted the meter contractor with the repair of meter end points.
·         Repaired the water service leak at 1000 W. Monte Vista. This was a leak caused by a private plumber while attempting to repair a leak on site.
Sewer and Storm System Projects
·         Installed a sewer clean out at 2575 Geer Rd., 128 Vermont and 2261 Drew.
·         Cleaned 15,246 feet of existing sewer main line Grid F-9, G-9 & H-5 this includes Monthly Runs.
·         Cleaned one catch basin.
·         Televised 1913 feet of existing sewer main line Grid F-8,F-9,F-10 G-9 & H-7
·         Three-month Power Rodder Maintenance runs, 3142 feet.
·         Cleaned three sewer lift stations
Electrical/Mechanical Projects
·         Reinstalled generator at Well 35.
·         Installed hot start at Well 35.
·         Installed new chart recorder at Well 10.
·         Installed new flow meter at Mission Linen.
·         Installed new ph meter at the inlet of the Densadeg.
·         Installed new Ethernet cable at the Itron collector at the CSUS.
·         Replaced pressure switch for south irrigation pump at the N.E. Backbone.
·         Completed weekly sewer lift checks. Pulled pumps at Sewer 54, and 9.
·         Completed USA’s and street light work orders.
·         Completed weekly cleaning and calibrations at WQC.
Fleet Maintenance
Diagnosed and repaired vehicles/equipment for the following divisions and departments:
·         Police -10 work requests
·         Transit bus -19 work requests
·         Public Facilities – 20 work requests
·         Utility Maintenance -13 work requests (included Electrical, Collections and Water)
·         PM’s Preventive Maintenance work requests – 17 which include, A’s, B’s, CHP’s, Mini’s, etc.
Recreation Division:
·         520 participant registrations were processed. 44 facility rental permits were issued. Management staff met with Stanislaus County Department of Education, Stanislaus Children’s Council, and CVB Advisory Committee. Management staff facilitated meeting with Park, Recreation & Community Commission, participated in the Mayor’s Gang Task Force presentation to Council. Management staff met with Planning in regards to collaborating on a “Special Event Permit’ for various types of community functions held on city parks, and right of ways. Staff attended Ethics Training.
·         On Wednesday, January 14, the Teens in Action participants participated in Media & Marketing Day. The teens were given a behind the scenes tour of Citadel Broadcasting, home of 95.1, 103.3, 104.1 and an ESPN radio station. Participants had an opportunity to meet a variety of DJ’s as well as learn about the careers that exist in the radio industry. In the afternoon, the teens met with staff from KCRA Channel 3.   
·         Parks, Recreation & Community Services Commission held their regular meeting. Agenda items included: Presentation on Disc Golf, Brown Act Training, discussion of BMX Park Rules, Teen programs and facility development.
·         The new exhibition “Botanical Fusion” opened in the City Gallery on January 12. The show features works by 38 artists from the local area who responded to a call for art that celebrates or is inspired by flowers. The theme of the exhibition was selected in order to have a show that would bring in many diverse interpretations and styles.  During the first week of the exhibition, horticulture students from Turlock High School and seven Turlock floral designers will also be exhibiting unique creations. These florists and designers have each donated a gift certificate which will be raffled off by the Carnegie Arts Center Foundation during a free public reception on Tuesday January 13.  All proceeds from the raffle will go to the Carnegie Arts Center Endowment Fund.
Public Facilities Maintenance Division:
·         Management staff attended the Parks and Recreation Commission Meeting on Wednesday, January 14, 2009 sharing the BMX Bike Park draft rules and Comprehensive Plan that have been approved by the City Attorney and the Police Chief, as well as the installation of the new half court basketball court at the West Wingette Park, design of new playground area at Columbia Park, and the sodding of goalie mounts at the TRSC.      
·         Broadway Park – Removed large tree and stump grind due to splitting due to heavy limbs.
·         Crane Park – Removed large tree and stump grind due to decay.  
·         Donnelly Park – The restrooms at the park were hit hard with graffiti and the trash receptacles were vandalized. Staff pruned trees and painted tables at the park.
·         Turlock Regional Sports Complex – Staff cut out arcs for baseball fields and goals in 5 soccer areas. Staff roto-tilled sod area for 1600 sq. ft. of sod replacement and painted four fields for upcoming soccer games this weekend: Saturday/Sunday: TYSA – 2 fields and CYSA – 2 fields.
·         West Wingette Park at TRSC – Staff installed a half court basketball court, benches, trash receptacles and relocated the sprinkler system around the new basketball court.
·         Crews continued to do general maintenance, mowing, blowing, edging, weeding, irrigation repairs, cleaning, rake soft fall and playground safety inspections daily at all City Parks and ponds. 
·         Potholes were repaired at the following locations: Wayside Dr., S. Golden State, Washington and Clayton, Fulkerth near Tully, and Minnesota using 1.25 tons of cold mix.
·         Crews picked up 13.25 loads of leaves in Zones 8, 9, 1, and 2 for a total of 153.75 tons.
·         Streets crew replaced 7 miscellaneous street signs throughout Turlock as well as responded to reports of debris/glass in roadway at Canal and Olive, nails in roadway at Laurel and W. Olive, and tumbleweeds in roadway on Wright St.
·         Crews pruned 319 Crape Myrtles trees on the Bike Path and 80 Crape Myrtle trees at Summerton and Rosewalk.
·         Replaced cracked pipe under the sink at the Senior Center, repaired bird block above front entry at the War Memorial, painted over graffiti on the door at the Columbia Center, and re-grouted bathroom in upstairs men’s restroom.
Regulatory Affairs Division:
·         Go Green Week: A tentative date has been set for Go Green week and is scheduled for April 27th-May 1st, 2009. This year’s program has been expanded to include all of the K-6 elementary schools in the Turlock Unified School District.
·         Diesel Regulations: Pursuant to State Law, the City is required to adopt an “anti-idling” policy for large diesel vehicles.   To reduce air pollution, vehicles may not idle for more than five minutes. As emergency vehicles are exempt, this regulation applies to Municipal Services. To comply with the statute, the policy will be brought to the council before the end of March.
Water Quality Control Division:
·         The Regional Water Quality Control Facility is operating well. Preventative maintenance activities during this period were conducted by staff. 
·         Staff collected Acute Chronic, Priority pollutant, compost and the required weekly R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 samples.
·         Contractors continued working on the Fuel Cell Project. 
·         Staff completed the monthly facility safety inspection and a safety meeting on Wednesday, January 7, 2009.
·         The WQC Facility has encountered 369 days without a lost time accident. 
·         Staff encountered problems with a Hycor screening device at the Influent headworks. The unit was plugged with rags and debris due to a broken shearing device on the auger. The Hycor device is used to remove any unwanted debris such as rags, plastics, wood, etc. This first process is referred to as pre treatment and is utilized to prevent damage to the equipment downstream and remove any unwanted debris that would affect the capacity of the different processes.
Operations Division:
·         Fire Services responded to a total of 81 emergency calls for service between 1/9/09 and 1/15/09. The break-down of calls were as follows:
ü 53 EMS
ü 7 Canceled Enroute
ü 3 MVA’S
ü 3 Assist Invalids
ü 3 Checkouts
ü 2 Public Service Calls
ü 2 Dumpster Fires
ü 2 Outside Rubbish Fires
ü 2 Police Assists
ü 1 Alarm System
ü 1 No Pt. Contact
Training Division:
·         The eight new Firefighters continue their didactic and manipulative training in their fifth week of a six week Turlock City Fire Academy. The Firefighters have been instructed on vehicle firefighting, RIC Skills (Rapid Intervention Crew), rope rescue and night time firefighting drills and exercises.
·         Ongoing skills maintenance for probationary and newly promoted Firefighters, Engineers, Captains and Relief Battalion Chiefs includes task book and course book assignments, as well as, manipulative skills and exercises.
Service Demands:               
Calls for Service                     2157
Criminal Investigations             258
Arrests                                      116
Land Calls                                259
Wireless Calls                          114
Incoming Admin Calls             2249
Outgoing Calls                         982
Staffing Levels:
Sworn Personnel-                   86       
Deployed                                 75 (11 Officers: Field Training)
            Vacancies                    6
Non-Sworn Personnel-           47
Deployed                    45
Vacancies                    2
Special Operations Division:
·         Investigators received a drug tip that led to them obtaining a search warrant for a residence in the 900 Block of E. Minnesota. The resident answered the door and allowed entry into the home. Investigators found over $10,000 in cash and 120 marijuana plants growing in the home. An adult male was arrested for cultivation of marijuana and later booked into the county jail. Asset Forfeiture proceedings have been initiated for the seizure of the money found and a late model full-size pickup. 
Neighborhood Services
·         Neighborhood Services Staff continues to work with issues in the alleyway behind the City Hall Parking Lot. One truck load of trash was already removed and taken to the dump. Problems seem to increase during the day as it appears most of the subjects go to the local shelters in our area at night. Staff will continue to try and mitigate any complaints that they receive in the area.
Field Operations Division:
Significant Events and Trends
Traffic Unit
·         Traffic continued target enforcement at Osborn School and started at Medeiros School.   Efforts were concentrated on parking at Medeiros and traffic flow at Osborn. Several citations were issued with vehicles being impounded for license violations.
Patrol Unit
·         Skate ParkThe station desk officer viewed, via surveillance camera, two juveniles rolling, what appeared to be, a Marijuana cigarette at the skate park. An officer responded and found two juveniles in possession. They were cited and returned to their school.
·         ArsonTwo juvenile runaways from the Excell Center Ranch on Youngstown were arrested for unlawful burning. They were seen starting a fire, near a dumpster, at a building under construction on Golden State Blvd at Atherstone. The juveniles fled through a field when confronted by concerned citizens. After making the report to police, the citizens were driving home and saw the same two juveniles near Paseo Entrada. The juveniles fled and tried to hide in the dark fields of Pittman High. Officers caught the two in the quad area of the high school.
Street Crimes Unit “C” Team
·         Suspicious ActivityTwo subjects were seen acting suspicious in a parking lot serving retail establishments in the 2400 block of Geer Road. The subjects were possibly casing cars. One subject initially provided false information about his name. After the subject was identified, it was learned he was wanted by parole. He also had narcotics paraphernalia and marijuana on his person.
·         Felon With FirearmBased on information obtained by a patrol officer, the Street Crimes Team set out to do a parole search on a subject and his father, who were both on active parole. The 27 year-old son tried to hide in a neighboring/attached home but was located in a closet. A search of his home turned up a loaded firearm, quantity of methamphetamine, burglary tools, and probable stolen jewelry and coins. The subject was booked into custody.

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