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Turlock City News

Turlock Police Awards

The annual awards breakfast held by the Turlock Police Department recognized top officers, employee, and volunteer.
While hard times are here and cuts across the city’s organization may be unavoidable, the Turlock Police Department seems to be pushing high moral and supporting their current staff’s excellence.
Detective Michael Parmley rose to the top as the department voted him Officer of the Year. This is the second time Parmley has won this award.
He worked for the CSU Police Department before beginning his Turlock career in 2002. Besides general patrol duties and current Detective duties, Parmley has worked with the SWAT team and as a firearms instructor.
An Excellence Award was given to the General Investigations unit mostly because their peers believed they have shown professionalism and provided a work ethic that has gone above and beyond.
Lori House, who works in the Records Division, received the Employee of the Year award.
Thea Harris was given the Volunteer of the Year award as she has been very involved and coordinated the VIPS (Volunteer in Patrol Service) program.
19 officers received Distinguished Service Medals for serving as Field Training Officers.

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