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North Turlock Area Golf Driving Range Approved by Stanislaus County Planning Commission

The Stanislaus County Planning Commission approved a Turlock area golf driving range on March 19th.

A golf driving range was proposed for a north east Taylor Road + Golden State Blvd location. The property is located on the north side of Taylor Road and east of Golden State Blvd. The 39 acre property currently has almond trees on the property with agricultural land directly surrounding it and is located in the Stanislaus County jurisdiction. The Turlock City Limit stops at the south side of Taylor Road.


The Stanislaus Planning staff reported that the property’s soil was classified prime agricultural land. The classification of soil comes from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Staff also stated that the driving range used by the public would restrict the neighboring farms from spraying of pesticides and fertilizers. There was also concern that the rezoning would set precedent for more development in the county jurisdiction just north of the City of Turlock’s city limits.


Horizon Consulting’s Dennis Wilson stated that there is a need for a driving range because high school students and senior citizens currently have to travel to practice.


Wilson also argued that the soil is not prime for crops and that there would be little conflicting issues for the neighboring farms.


The Stanislaus County Planning Commission approved the development with a 5-1 vote. Commissioner Michael Navarro and Annabel Gammon were not present.


Commissioner Marie Assali cast the lone dissenting vote.


Commissioner Assali’s concern lay mostly with the neighboring farmers. Assali stated that the farmers right next to the proposed golf driving range would require permits for spraying, creating noise, and dust because of the public use.


“I can’t support that. It’s hard enough to farm as it is,” said Assali.


Commissioner Jim Poore pointed out that farm spraying concerns already exist as there is residential development on the south side of Taylor Road in Turlock.


Poore thought it was a good transition between keyes area commercial development to the northwest and thought it was a good project that would benefit the community.

All actions of the Stanislaus County Planning Commission can be appealed to the Board of Supervisors by 5 P.M., March 30, 2009. The fee for the appeal is $580.00.

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