Pools and Swim Programs Continue, Donations “Assist” in Providing Services

The Turlock Recreation previously sent out an email suggesting that pools and swim programs may not continue this year unless $30,000 was raised.

However, the Turlock City Council approved and directed that the pools will be open for sure while they considered them a spending priority. The Turlock Recreation Division was just trying to raise money to “help” the budget situation.

This is the revised email Municipal Director Dan Madden said would be sent out, clarifying that donations would “assist” in providing aquatic programs.

April 3, 2009

                                    “People and Partnerships Create Healthy Programs for Youth”  
Dear Community Partner, 
With these changing economic times and the focus on our local community, the City of Turlock has received a number of requests from individuals and corporations on how they can contribute to the City of Turlock’s Recreation programs.  All contributions will assist to offset the cost of the City’s operation of Recreation programs.
The City of Turlock is proud to provide a variety of excellent, safe, and supervised recreational, social and educational programs to the Turlock community. The overall goal of the programs and activities is to engage youth in a manner which will support them in becoming healthy productive individuals and community members. 
Program Highlights for 2008 included:   
  • Providing swim lessons and safe swimming opportunities to over 11,000 youth and Teens
  • Providing part-time employment for 200 young adults
  • Engaging over 300 teen volunteers.
  • Mentoring over 954 youth per day in positive Afterschool activities.
  • Serving 313 qualified at-risk youth and families by providing Financial Assistance to offset program fees.  
  • Implementing Sports programs to over 6,197 youth and Teens.
  • Engaging 3,200 youth and Teens in positive social activities.
The health, social and wellness benefits provided by positive recreation programs are endless. Constructive programs and activities prevent juvenile crime; increases test scores, supports community stewardship. Provides youth employment and encourages youth to swim in safe places. In addition youth participating in positive programs have increased self-esteem, better cultural understanding, and healthier bodies.    
Your contribution and support by being a partner in providing these positive essential programs and activities will strengthen Turlock’s youth and Families.  If you would like to financially assist with our programs please contact the City of Turlock Recreation Division, 301 Starr Ave., Turlock, Ca. 95380. For more information please call the Recreation Division at 668-5594.

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