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Turlock City News

Covenant Village of Turlock Recognizes National Nurses Week & National Nursing Home Week with Parade

We will be having our very first parade right here at Covenant Village of Turlock, on Wednesday May 13, 2009, at 2:30pm, located at 2125 N. Olive Ave, Turlock. 
Our very own Care Center staff, residents and volunteers will be decorating floats, for the parade. Save Mart, in Turlock, on Geer Rd has generously donated 12 shopping carts for us to use in our parade. These carts will be decorated into a variety of floats. 
With every parade, there has to be a band. Our band is made up of the Village’s administration, and lead by our Chaplin’s. This would be the “Not for Hire” band. 
With that we also have our Grand Marshall’s, whom we prefer to call our “Regal Marshall’s”, just due to the fact that they are residents that reside in our Care Center, and both of which turned 100 years young this year, honoring Esther Wilson and Lawlis Pace. 
Our other departments have taken on the challenge of decorating a cart, the HR department, our Assisted Living Residents, Sodexho the dietary department, and of course different nursing staff. 
The reason for this parade is to recognize National Nurses Week, and National Nursing Home Week. We have worked the two weeks together to make a wonderful celebration. 
We invite everyone to come and watch the parade, and then visit with staff and residents afterwards.

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