CSUS Honors Lists

California State University, Stanislaus has released the fall semester Honors and Honorable Mention Deans Lists. Cities and communities are all listed alphabetically.
Students on the Honors List are taking a full-time class schedule and earned a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
Students on the Honorable Mention List are those taking part-time class schedules who have earned a grade point average of 3.0 or higher.
Honors List:
California State University, Stanislaus
Fall 2008 Honors Students
Natalie Dowell                                                                 
Luangchee Xiong                                                                
Dana Yoshimizu                                                                 
Elise Airola                                                                    
Angels Camp                                                                    
Teri Olivas                                                                    
Jeevanjit Singh                                                                
Russell Peck                                                                   
Scott Kaiser                                                                   
Owen Andrus                                                                    
Kc Arceo                                                                       
Christine Botwright                                                             
Christina Cabrito                                                              
Jarred Carter                                                                  
Stephannie Chavez                                                               
Cassandra Cuadros                                                              
Martha Duran                                                                   
Jessica Fallago                                                                 
Kristen Fortin                                                                 
Brandi Griffin                                                                 
Maria Guevara                                                                   
Sandeep Kandola                                                                
Yvonne Kasamani                                                                
Rebecca Koehn                                                                   
Alexander Kyhn                                                                 
Rose Latham                                                                    
Xiong Lor                                                                      
Silvia Mendoza                                                                 
Guadalupe Millan                                                               
Emily Miller                                                                   
Erin Mills                                                                     
Alondra Molina-Ruiz                                                            
Maria Morales                                                                  
Ann Moua                                                                        
Susana Perez                                                                   
Michelle Peterson                                                              
John Pursley                                                                    
Cynthia Romero                                                                 
Rosa Sanchez                                                                   
Theodore Schrier                                                                
Nancy Sicairos                                                                 
Simonie Silva                                                                  
Cory Sobotta                                                                    
Heather Strong                                                                 
Jai Thao                                                                       
Stephanie Wagner                                                                
Katherine Zamarripa                                                            
Molly Sasek                                                                     
Susana Ramirez                                                                 
Star Bird                                                                      
Patricia Gonzalez                                                              
Ashley Wallen                                                                  
Stacey Dugan                                                                   
Christine Stonecypher                                                          
Kimberly Stonecypher                                                           
Michael Wylie                                                                   
Domarina Benyamin                                                              
Jennifer Mcniff                                                                 
Jennifer Aherne                                                                
Ashley Amador                                                                   
Sumeet Atwal                                                                   
Scott Carrico                                                                  
Luis Castro                                                                     
Vanessa Castro                                                                 
Borey Chanchea                                                                 
Dawn Cooper                                                                     
Ana Cornejo                                                                    
Sandra Decasso                                                                 
Shane Gibson                                                                   
Crystal Goblirsch                                                              
Derrick Goblirsch                                                              
Carolina Gonzalez                                                              
Elena Gonzalez                                                                 
Leah Hess                                                                      
Vanessa Hunter                                                                 
Heather Jones                                                                  
Kayce Kamps                                                                    
Kaitlyn Kelley                                                                 
Meghan Lusk                                                                     
Veronica Macias                                                                
Jennifer Mande                                                                 
Cheree Marez                                                                    
Shondell Mcneal                                                                
Richard Mickelson                                                              
Shawna Morse                                                                    
Raquel Mustaca                                                                 
Jeremiah Parrott                                                               
Nerissa Paulos                                                                  
Lan Peng                                                                       
Desiree Petit                                                                  
Nathan Popp                                                                     
Alejandra Ramos                                                                
Aida Ramos Guzman                                                              
Isabell Rexford                                                                
Edgar Rosales                                                                  
Navjoth Sandhu                                                                 
Meta Simaly                                                                    
Daniel Smith                                                                    
Daena Trujillo                                                                 
Stephanie Wagner                                                               
Nick Weder                                                                      
Christopher Busse                                                              
Citrus Heights                                                                 
Robert Kenny                                                                   
James Bonzo                                                                     
Maribel Hernandez                                                              
Alfonso Hernandez Enriquez                                                     
Melissa Phillips                                                               
Grant Langlois                                                                 
Bo Grunde                                                                       
Hillary Watts                                                                  
Jessica Coreas                                                                 
Kyle Reeves                                                                    
Kenneth Sipe                                                                   
Andres Larios                                                                  
Crows Landing                                                                  
Garrett Craven                                                                 
Juan Pasillas                                                                   
Susana Arellano                                                                
Julia Geller                                                                   
Greisy Caro                                                                     
Rodolfo Garibay                                                                
Maiye Her                                                                      
Gina Hernandez                                                                  
Kevin Isenhower                                                                
Maysee Lee                                                                     
Susan Lee                                                                       
Michael Maden                                                                  
Denisse Monroy                                                                 
Cynthia Nunez                                                                  
Renee Parraz                                                                   
Tamara Pulido                                                                  
Yolanda Reynoso Jimenez                                                        
Amy Rodrigues                                                                  
Melissa Rodrigues                                                              
Molly Thompson                                                                 
Cesar Valencia                                                                 
Chevelle Viveiros                                                              
Daisy Zagazeta                                                                 
Anthony Armas                                                                  
Alyssa Badiou                                                                  
Ariana Behlen                                                                   
Joella Brewer                                                                  
Valorie Brown                                                                  
Heather Cotter                                                                  
Paul Delgado                                                                   
Ashlynne Donahue                                                               
Nathan Dwight                                                                   
Pamela Fisher                                                                  
Belle Martino                                                                  
Wendy Matthew                                                                   
Robert Moore                                                                   
Barbara Olave                                                                  
Brittany Prather                                                               
Shasta Steiner                                                                 
Merri Strand                                                                   
Jeffrey Vigil                                                                  
Dos Palos                                                                      
Samantha Cardoza                                                               
Cristina Velasco                                                               
Douglas Flat                                                                   
Haley Olson                                                                    
El Dorado Hills                                                                
Howard Gregory                                                                  
Katherine Levernier                                                            
Elk Grove                                                                      
Emily Celey-Butlin                                                              
Ashley Garrett                                                                 
Maria Paulo                                                                    
Patty Carman                                                                   
Beatriz Cisneros                                                               
Joel Hansen                                                                     
Deidre Siegman                                                                 
Claudia Aceves                                                                  
Amanda Ainsworth                                                               
Andrea Barnett                                                                 
Jason Blodgett                                                                 
Lauren Bylsma                                                                  
Breanne Cardoza                                                                
Myra Enriquez                                                                  
Staci Gentry                                                                   
Michael Loogman                                                                
Lucia Martinez                                                                 
Ravyn McKee                                                                    
Morgan Miller                                                                  
Amanda Nunes                                                                   
Katherine O’Neill                                                               
Jena Reid                                                                      
Matthew Robinson                                                               
Anderson Schmidt                                                                
Shannan Van Houten                                                             
Christine Van Gorkum                                                           
Kimberly Van Vliet                                                              
Michelle Williams                                                              
Alisa Barlow                                                                    
Amanda Lagorio                                                                 
Yarely Contreras                                                               
Mayra Villegas                                                                 
Cristina Campos                                                                
Erica Clark                                                                    
Michael Vargas                                                                 
Peggy Tse                                                                      
Tracy Stinson                                                                  
Fabiola Berber                                                                 
Rochelle Cotta                                                                  
Aaron Dabney                                                                   
Lindsay Filippini                                                              
Kathleen Flores                                                                 
Mackenzie Ford                                                                 
Joel Gardner                                                                   
Ermelinda Gois                                                                  

Sandra Ponce                                                                   

Michelle Moreno                                                                 
Kaelani Kubina                                                                 
Brittany Graham                                                                
Liliana Acosta                                                                 
Marisela Arroyo                                                                
Shauna Barringer                                                               
Brent Barth                                                                    
Elizabeth Bettencourt Machado                                                  
Wesley Caetano                                                                 
Chris Culver                                                                    
Jason De Silva                                                                 
Ross Gonsalves                                                                 
Patricia Holaday                                                                
Stephanie Jenks                                                                
Arminda Machado                                                                
Joshua Madruga                                                                  
Andrew Marson                                                                  
Trevor Mccans                                                                  
Tara Medeiros                                                                   
Julie Oliveira                                                                 
Sara Raposo                                                                    
Lourdes Santos                                                                  
Joshua Seward                                                                  
Diana Snider                                                                   
Jocelyn Stockwell                                                              
Virginia Valadez                                                               
Lisa Victoria                                                                  
Andrew Vieira                                                                  
Seth Hudson                                                                    
Rosalie Melgarejo                                                              
David Notar-Carlstrom                                                          
Kristen Bayley                                                                 
Brittany Bellmer                                                               
Gina Brown                                                                     
Nicole Brown                                                                   
Logan Coats                                                                     
James Comfort                                                                  
Julie Damas                                                                    
Randee Harcrow                                                                  
Diandra Hilton                                                                 
Michelle Johnson                                                               
Allison Kuehl                                                                   
Jessica Lopez                                                                  
Guillermo Madrigal                                                             
Marcus Riggs                                                                    
Jose Rodriguez                                                                 
Craig Schaurer                                                                 
Krishawn Stone                                                                  
Cori Stubbs                                                                    
Charmaine Tanis                                                                
Esmeralda Vargas                                                               
Sandra Vasquez                                                                 
Martha Velasco                                                                 
Miriam White                                                                   
Huntington Beach                                                               
Austin Davis                                                                   
Megan Taylor                                                                   
Jaime Feldman                                                                  
Geena Fonbuena                                                                 
Brittany George                                                                 
Ashley Townsend                                                                
Mallory Carpenter                                                               
Ravsagar Atwal                                                                 
Portia Erb                                                                      
Norma Padilla                                                                  
James Parra                                                                    
Crystal Villanueva                                                             
Cody Penfold                                                                   
La Verne                                                                       
Haley Bermudez                                                                 
Calla Rasmussen                                                                
Ladera Ranch                                                                   
Kevin Stephens                                                                 
Lake Elsinore                                                                  
Benjamin Heimann                                                                
Jennifer Andre                                                                 
Marissa Canosa                                                                  
Julie Turney                                                                   
Scott Johnson                                                                   
Maria Vanessa Acoba                                                            
Glenn Clough                                                                    
David Farnsworth                                                               
Nicholas Hunter                                                                
Karina Martinez                                                                 
Patricia Scott                                                                 
Lemon Grove                                                                    
Jessica Baumann                                                                
Casey Cutts                                                                    
Jessica Anderson                                                               
Kelly Bockmon                                                                  
Kevin Dahlenburg                                                               
Heather Stewart                                                                 
Jennifer Allen                                                                 
Charlene Emerson                                                                
Allison Hawkins                                                                
Sarah Lamee                                                                    
Vanessa Aguilar                                                                
Lisa Celaya                                                                    
Leydy Cervantes                                                                 
Lorena Cobarrubias                                                             
Anita Dhanota                                                                  
Blane Franca                                                                    
Alicia Fuentes                                                                 
Martha Fuentes                                                                 
Linda Galvan                                                                   
Yesenia Galvan                                                                 
Breanne Jantz                                                                  
Maria Jeronimo                                                                 
Micky Jhawar                                                                   
Gurvinder Johal                                                                
Jaspreet Kaur                                                                  
Maninder Kaur                                                                  
Amardeep Kung                                                                  
Alyssa Martinez                                                                
Eli Maxwell                                                                     
ReJon McGuire                                                                  
Jose Mendoza                                                                   
Jessica Rodriguez                                                               
Gurjit Sahota                                                                  
Herman Sahota                                                                  
Rebecca Samalino                                                                
Sikander Sandhu                                                                
Stacey Adolf                                                                    
Sherry Connell                                                                 
Heather Crume                                                                  
Rebecca Garcia                                                                  
Elizabeth Gaydon                                                               
Mysa Ghareeb                                                                   
Melissa Heidebrecht                                                            
Melissa Levy                                                                   
Lindsey Roble                                                                  
Kenneth Sarisky                                                                
Christina Turturici                                                             
Jaron Weston                                                                   
Amanda Woods Hammond                                                           
Demetrios Zarefakis                                                            
Maria Zarefakis                                                                
Long Beach                                                                     
Bryce Brown                                                                     
Los Angeles                                                                    
Spencer Marshak                                                                
Los Banos                                                                       
Bodie Bloxham                                                                  
Diego Dardon                                                                   
Michelle Ferreira                                                               
Mark Henley                                                                    
Julie Heras                                                                    
Fidel Mendoza                                                                   
Brittany Michel                                                                
Fidel Munoz                                                                    
Crystal Parras                                                                  
Paulina Rodriguez                                                              
Charron Smith                                                                  
Ellen Storlie                                                                   
Joel Wilson                                                                    
Stephanie Sams                                                                 
Karie Aksland                                                                  
Janae Aldea                                                                    
Csaba Baba                                                                     
Kristen Barker                                                                 
Trystan Blair                                                                  
Meghan Brenner                                                                 
Timothy Bywater                                                                
Jessica Calvo                                                                  
Amber Candido                                                                   
Deborah Cardoza                                                                
Matthew Castleman                                                              
Lacey Chamberlain                                                               
Bryan Davis                                                                    
Maria Del Toro                                                                 
Janine Egan                                                                     
Nicole Elling                                                                  
Tyler Etter                                                                    
Cynthia Fitzgerald-Musich                                                       
Kellie Garcia                                                                  
Gagandeep Ghuman                                                               
Christin Gowan                                                                  
Michelle Hamm                                                                  
Ashley Hammarstrom                                                             
Molly Harmon                                                                   
Jeremi Hastie                                                                  
Mindy Hughett                                                                  
Kristen Johnson                                                                
Autumn Kirby                                                                    
Victoria Kirby                                                                 
Camille LaRocque                                                               
Jennifer Laughlin                                                              
Reyna Lopez                                                                    
Megan Mar                                                                      
Dante Monty                                                                    
Kathryn Murphy                                                                 
Mark Myers                                                                     
Jennifer Pino                                                                   
Tomas Ribota                                                                   
Michelle Robinson                                                              
Rochele Alicia Roura                                                            
Alvaro Ruiz Jr                                                                 
Suad Sharmouj                                                                  
Palmer Thiele                                                                   
Thomas Tico                                                                    
Alyssa Toone                                                                   
Courtney Toone                                                                  
Mae Twigg                                                                      
Zachary Wiedemann                                                              
Patrick Windschitl                                                              
Heather Wulff                                                                  
Leslie Young                                                                   
Lindsey Young                                                                  
Zona Zaragoza                                                                  
Jennifer Adamson                                                               
Ryan Ballinger                                                                  
Michael Burr                                                                   
Kasey Glenn                                                                    
Robert Jaekle                                                                  
Wesley Riddle                                                                  
Lauren Sylvia                                                                  
Jose Vicente                                                                   
Jannette Aguilar                                                               
Maira Araiza                                                                   
Luis Araujo                                                                     
Nicole Avila                                                                   
Laurie Baria                                                                   
Patricia Birmingham                                                             
Larra Brawley                                                                  
Rodrigo Calderon                                                               
Natalie Centeno                                                                 
Tiffany Chaddock                                                               
Breanne Christie                                                               
Scott Donaldson                                                                 
Sirena Fong                                                                    
Jeffrey Fuller                                                                 
Justine Giacalone                                                              
Christin Gomes                                                                 
Adriana Govea-Torres                                                           
Monica Guzman                                                                  
Scott Hawkins                                                                  
Alejandro Hernandez                                                            
Miki Ito                                                                       
Avilene Jimenez                                                                
Bhupinder Kaur                                                                 
Michelle Kittel                                                                
Sarah Lamas                                                                     
Stephanie Landavazo                                                            
Cheng Lee                                                                      
Robert Lewis                                                                    
Carlos Lopez                                                                   
Julia Loucks                                                                   
Catherine Lund                                                                  
Erik Meidlinger                                                                
Darrah Mello                                                                   
Christy Mendoza                                                                 
Sophia Mendoza                                                                 
Geralyn Meneley                                                                
Mai Moua                                                                        
Efrain Muro Arellano                                                           
Vanessa Noya                                                                   
Abby Peretz                                                                    
Vivian Pittman                                                                 
Liliana Pulido                                                                 
Brenda Reyes                                                                   
Loretta Robles                                                                  
Fuey Saelee                                                                    
Kay Saetern                                                                    
Chai Saeteurn                                                                   
Juan Sandoval                                                                  
Michael Shields                                                                
Jennifer Swiger                                                                
Robyn Sysavath                                                                 
Makiko Terazaki                                                                
Katherine Tripp                                                                
Pang Foua Vang                                                                 
Danielle Windia                                                                
Amy Xiong                                                                       
Tou Xiong                                                                      
Maibao Yang                                                                    
Xia Yang                                                                        
Erika Zamora                                                                   

Mi Wuk Village                                                                 
Julia Stephens                                                                  
Rebekah Nelson                                                                 
Mission Viejo                                                                   
Joelle Fusaro                                                                  
Miwuk Village                                                                  
Kamillen Eads                                                                   
Regina Aaron                                                                   
Darren Adams                                                                   
Ian Aguilar                                                                    
Martha Alberto                                                                 
Jawsem Al-Hashash                                                              
Amel Alsufi                                                                    
Jessica Alvarado                                                               
Kristi Amaral                                                                  
Erica Anthony                                                                   
Jessica Arredondo                                                              
Bronica Badal                                                                  
Gurpreet Bains                                                                  
Lauren Balos                                                                   
Caitlin Barker                                                                 
Jenna Barrale                                                                   
Heidi Bauman                                                                   
Elda Bautista                                                                  
Lindsay Bava                                                                    
Jennica Baxter                                                                 
Devin Beggs                                                                    
Catherine Bennett                                                               
Kayla Benson                                                                   
Erika Betschart                                                                
Heather Blount                                                                 
Anthony Boffa                                                                  
Dana Bondi                                                                     
David Boone                                                                    
Amanda Boyer                                                                    
Elizabeth Briar                                                                
Jeffrey Brown                                                                  
Megan Bryan                                                                     
Rizwana Buksh                                                                  
John Burt                                                                      
Erik Calbreath                                                                 
Brent Calvert                                                                  
Jorge Camarena                                                                 
Brian Carlson                                                                  
Lolanda Carson                                                                 
Melissa Cary                                                                   
Rebecca Castle                                                                  
LaNita Cerqueira                                                               
Rachel Chamousis                                                               
Eldwin Chappell                                                                 
Scott Charlton                                                                 
Elaine Chavez                                                                  
Amber Choate                                                                    
Jenna Clark                                                                    
Leah Codoni                                                                    
Jill Corwin                                                                     
Debra Counts                                                                   
Amanda Cronkhite                                                               
Laura Cuarenta                                                                  
Gregory Davis                                                                  
Megan Davis                                                                    
Yvonne De La Cruz                                                              
Andrew Dean                                                                    
Lisa Detherage                                                                 
Kelly Dick                                                                     
Vivian Diep                                                                     
Meghan Dinubilo                                                                
Rachel Doornenbal                                                              
Sarah Doornenbal                                                               
Susan Dorville                                                                 
Ashley Dubbs                                                                   
Christopher Duff                                                               
Cole Dutter                                                                    
Amanda Entriken                                                                
Alyssa Escobedo                                                                 
Jose Estrada                                                                   
Jamie Fannell                                                                  
Elisha Ferguson                                                                 
Esther Ferris                                                                  
Jessica Fisher                                                                 
Danelle Ford                                                                    
Jessica Franco                                                                 
Richard Frederiksen                                                            
Vanessa Galvan                                                                  
Roberto Galvez                                                                 
Elizabeth Garcia                                                               
Laura Garcia                                                                    
Edgar Garibay                                                                  
Nicole Gecsek                                                                  
Dawn Gibson                                                                    
Katherine Giron                                                                
Hannah Gomes                                                                   
Lisa Gomes                                                                     
Vintrica Grant                                                                  
Trevor Grimbleby                                                               
Emma Grover                                                                    
Yannick Gueye                                                                  
Kristin Hainline                                                               
William Hall                                                                   
Kashmone Hamilton                                                              
Jamie Hanchett                                                                 
Michael Harkins                                                                
Bradley Hart                                                                    
Esther Hauser                                                                  
Julie Hawkins                                                                  
Tyler Heilman                                                                   
James Hensley                                                                  
Esmeralda Hernandez                                                            
Sabrina High                                                                    
Sonia Hildebrandt                                                              
Heather Hill                                                                   
Ashley Hillas                                                                   
Peiman Hojjatijou                                                              
Alexander Holmes                                                               
Max Hosmer                                                                      
Randy Hou                                                                      
Molly Hoyt                                                                     
Mary Ibrahim                                                                   
Lindsey Iden                                                                   
Stephanie Jacobs                                                               
Christopher Johns                                                              
Ben Johnson                                                                     
Fallon Johnson                                                                 
Jerome Johnson                                                                 
Lindsey Johnson                                                                 
Shawna Johnson                                                                 
Sounita Johnson                                                                
Kathryn Johnston                                                               
Amanda Jolliff                                                                 
Shannon Jones                                                                  
Shawndeep Kahlon                                                               
Rajdeep Kaur                                                                   
Marissa Kekke                                                                  
Cynthia Kelch                                                                   
Vilay Keokanock                                                                
Jason Kight                                                                    
Sean Kilger                                                                     
Aaron Kinerson                                                                 
Meaghan Kingsley-Teem                                                          
Eric Kinsley                                                                    
Kaitlin Kisling                                                                
Christine Kneller                                                              
Dale Krueger                                                                    
Emily Kuehn                                                                    
Jessica Kumar                                                                  
Karin Lancaster                                                                 
Devon Lapenias                                                                 
Elizabeth Lee                                                                  
Kit Ying Lee                                                                   
Joseph Lembo                                                                   
Laura Leon Camacho                                                             
Jackson Leverone                                                               
Tarina Lewis                                                                    
Devin Liotta                                                                   
Whitney Loche                                                                  
Nicole Lopez                                                                   
Wendy Lopez                                                                    
Emilia Louis                                                                   
Sandra Lua                                                                      
Cynthia Ludwig                                                                 
Lindsey Lundquist                                                              
Lucero Lupercio                                                                 
Maryann Macedo                                                                 
Grady Maguire                                                                  
Shannyn Marlen                                                                  
Kathryn Martin                                                                 
Jennifer Martinez                                                              
Angelyne Martiniuc                                                              
Daniela Martiniuc                                                              
Derek Mazza                                                                    
Justine McCullough                                                              
David Mckay                                                                    
Kyle Mckim                                                                     
Cortney Megee                                                                   
Cynthia Mendes                                                                 
Armando Mendoza                                                                
Jesus Mendoza                                                                  
Tatjana Mendoza                                                                
Jesus Menera                                                                   
Levi Merrell                                                                   
Karen Mesa                                                                      
Kenneth Meyer                                                                  
Nicholas Milinazzo                                                             
Debra Miller                                                                   
Sarah Miller                                                                   
Danielle Minthorn                                                              
Cynthia Molina-Ramos                                                           
Katherine Molthen                                                              
Angie Mondragon                                                                
Tesia Morris                                                                    
Roger Moua                                                                     
Donna Moullette                                                                
James Mower                                                                     
Bwembya Mulenga                                                                
Janna Nelson                                                                   
Nena Nesan                                                                      
Joanne Nishiguchi                                                              
Amanda Nordes                                                                  
Erin O’Rourke                                                                   
Maysa Odeh                                                                     
Gurneet Pabla                                                                  
Ashley Painter                                                                  
Daniela Perez                                                                  
Norma Phatdouang                                                               
John Powell                                                                    
Ashley Prigge                                                                  
Marissa Puthuff                                                                
Katrina-Geri Quadra                                                            
Timothy Quinn                                                                   
Larry Quintana                                                                 
Claudia Ramirez                                                                
Geraldine Ramirez                                                               
Oscar Ramirez                                                                  
Yesenia Ramos                                                                  
Cari RayBourn                                                                  
Jennifer Redding                                                               
Christopher Redner                                                             
Michelle Reynolds                                                              
Philip Rocca                                                                   
Sergio Rocha                                                                   
Brook Rodrigues                                                                 
Eric Rodriguez                                                                 
Teresa Rogers                                                                  
Veronica Rojas Soto                                                             
Jennifer Root                                                                  
Raquel Ruelas                                                                  
Jennifer Rugg                                                                   
Jennifer Ruperto                                                               
Devony Rush                                                                    
Melonie Saleh                                                                   
Anthony Sanchez                                                                
Liminsen Sandoval Delgadillo                                                   
Christie Schmidt                                                                
Mark Scholl                                                                    
Victor Serrano                                                                 
Maija Shadinger                                                                
Johana Shea                                                                    
Gurpreet Sihota                                                                
Laura Silva                                                                    
Aaron Simon-Welch                                                               
Aimee Sims                                                                     
Erin Sinclair                                                                  
Gurkirat Singh                                                                 
Fred Smith                                                                     
Megan Smith                                                                    
Jacqueline Spengler                                                            
Danielle Srouji                                                                
Meaghan Stevenson                                                              
Melissa Stewart                                                                 
Tyson Stokman                                                                  
Jeffrey Stone                                                                  
Paige Sullivan                                                                  
Brian Swain                                                                    
Stephenie Swickard                                                             
Crystal Tambagan                                                                
David Tanaka                                                                   
Gina Tate                                                                      
Vichara Thlang                                                                  
Jeffrey Thompson                                                               
Allyssa Tidwell                                                                
Brittany Top                                                                    
Juliana Tovar                                                                  
Lan Tran                                                                       
Carlos A Trejo Pena                                                            
Daneal Valouch                                                                 
Sarah Van Swoll                                                                
Heather Van Trease                                                             
Christine Velarde                                                               
Ashley Ventura                                                                 
Patricia Vieyra                                                                
Lee Vu                                                                         
Karin Wagner                                                                   
Sara Walton                                                                    
Jennifer West                                                                  
Meloney West                                                                   
Robert Wiegand                                                                 
Jonathon Williams                                                               
Heidi Winger                                                                   
Miranda Witt                                                                   
Stephen Wong                                                                    
Adriana Woodward                                                               
Lue Yang                                                                       
Yer Yang                                                                        
Lillian Ybarra                                                                 
Willie Yohanna                                                                 
Lenord Younadam                                                                 
Nikki Young                                                                    
Orlando Zaragoza                                                               
Morgan Hill                                                                     
Alejandra Cervantes                                                            
Yajayra Almanza                                                                
Nicholas Basim                                                                 
Ian Brummel                                                                    
Noelle Corgiat                                                                 
Jessica Guzman                                                                  
Myka Joyce                                                                     
Aide Juarez                                                                    
Kady Kirby                                                                     
Karleen Kirby                                                                  
Kayla Mclaughlin                                                               
Ana Mercado                                                                    
Valarie Miguel                                                                 
Janet Rodriguez                                                                
Alyssa Souza                                                                    
Melissa Bettencourt                                                            
Brittany Boyatt                                                                
Marie Brichetto                                                                
Kindra Brockman                                                                 
Sierra Bryhni                                                                  
Cara Butler                                                                    
Jasmine Cuevas                                                                  
Kristi Davis                                                                   
Bailey Dibeck                                                                  
Maggie Dibeck                                                                   
Justiss Dotinga                                                                
Marissa Dotinga                                                                
Christopher Engert                                                             
Rebecca Fisher                                                                 
Luis Flores                                                                    
Christine Gage                                                                 
Rose Gebhart                                                                    
Courtney Hannink                                                               
Ashley Hendrix                                                                 
Thomas Higgins                                                                 
Allison Hill                                                                   
Justine Keel                                                                   
Katie Knell                                                                    
Stephanie La Roza                                                              
Jennifer Mack                                                                  
Holly Martin                                                                    
Margaret Masztal                                                               
Laura Morgan                                                                   
Kimberly Morris                                                                 
Julie Moules                                                                   
Hailey Noordewier                                                              
Joan Marie Pagaduan                                                             
Marjorie Pagaduan                                                              
Russell Pooler                                                                 
Donna Porter                                                                    
David Pritchard                                                                
Celeste Rodriguez                                                              
Travis Sanborn                                                                  
Bailey Savage                                                                  
Elizabeth Slatton                                                              
Scott Taylor                                                                   
Kimberly Turner                                                                
James Vermeulen                                                                
Erynn Wiggins                                                                  
Sydney Williams                                                                 
Breanne Zellmer                                                                
Patricia Byers                                                                 
Jamee Harris                                                                   
Nathan Lallas                                                                  
Megan Kregger                                                                   
Brigitte Kelly                                                                 
Paso Robles                                                                     
Eufemia Nevarez                                                                
Brooke Altamirano                                                               
Ashley Amador                                                                  
Brandyn Antolak                                                                
David Arendsee                                                                  
Teresa Azevedo                                                                 
Antonio Baeza                                                                  
Andrea Breedveld                                                                
Andrea Coble                                                                   
Loren Deadmond                                                                 
Lauren Fennell                                                                 
Duvahn Ferreira                                                                
Cecilia Flores                                                                 
Susannah Garner                                                                
Eric Gnesa                                                                      
Dallan Guzinski                                                                
Jordyn Johnson                                                                 
Lauren Linton                                                                   
Vanessa Mata                                                                   
Tarah Mccomak                                                                  
Ciera Munro                                                                     
Katlin Peixotto                                                                
Katy Penland                                                                   
Jeremy Ray                                                                      
Kelly Vink                                                                     
Sarah Ziessler                                                                 
Daniel Neisess                                                                 
Amanda Moore                                                                    
Janet Murillo                                                                  
Fatima Silva                                                                   
Wendy Biaggi                                                                   
Anthony Campolo                                                                
Alexandra Ordaz                                                                
Porter Ranch                                                                   
Gina Lee                                                                       
Robert Campos                                                                  
Rancho Cordova                                                                 
Brittany Cano                                                                   
Bobby Allsup                                                                   
Nicholas Ball                                                                   
Yulianna Barbosa                                                               
Jenna Brown                                                                    
Stacy Den Dulk                                                                  
Jason Dole                                                                     
Sophair Em                                                                     
Elisabeth Eskes                                                                 
Charles Fikejs                                                                 
Kristina Fisher                                                                
Nicole Fisher                                                                   
Tara Garrison                                                                  
Shelly Gates                                                                   
Michael Hudelson                                                               
Danielle Jespersen                                                             
Jessica Kelley                                                                 
Tanya Machado                                                                  
Mark Maliepaard                                                                
Nikki Mcpherson                                                                
Jonathon Merchant                                                              
Leigh Parker                                                                    
Jessica Rangel                                                                 
Jocelyn Ruiz                                                                   
Joseph Segura                                                                   
Jami Shanahan                                                                  
William Shiu                                                                   
Stephanie Sikma                                                                 
Daniel Stanion                                                                 
Jacqueline Thatcher                                                            
Adam Turk                                                                       
Cole Williams                                                                  
Adaria Wilson                                                                  
Heather Wood                                                                    
Kacie Alpers                                                                   
Brittany Bjelde                                                                 
Rebekah Ching                                                                  
Brian Collins                                                                  
Ana Garnica                                                                    
Danny Geren                                                                    
Jillian Hanks                                                                  
Amanda Heinrichs                                                               
Jeffrey Jennings                                                                
Jessica Jennings                                                               
Kyle Johnson                                                                   
Branden Kollmar                                                                
Carolyn Le                                                                     
Carmen Lopez-Baez                                                              
Stephen Lozano                                                                 
Nicole Mattern                                                                 
Raquel Medina                                                                  
Juan Medina-Rivas                                                               
Jennifer Nguyen                                                                
Christina Ortiz                                                                
Cynthia Pantoja                                                                 
Jessica Pedota                                                                 
Guillermo Pineda                                                               
Yuriy Smolinskiy                                                                
Lesya Susid                                                                    
Taras Susid                                                                    
Pimchana Thomas                                                                 
Miguel Toledo                                                                  
Ashleigh Webb                                                                  
Bryan Williams                                                                  
Kimberly Wirtz                                                                 
Margarita Zamora                                                               
Kristel Anderson                                                               
Brieanne Markstrom                                                             
Freddie Howard                                                                  
Korin Vallejo                                                                  
Kimiko Wright                                                                  
Celene Alfaro                                                                  
Kristina Bethel                                                                
Kathy Borges                                                                    
Daniel Brovont                                                                 
Ashlee Brum                                                                    
Amelia Carranza-Guillen                                                         
Lorena Duenas                                                                  
Jennifer Garcia                                                                
Anne Hamilton                                                                   
Karolyn Hamlin                                                                 
Monica Jimenez                                                                 
Whitney Kingsland                                                               
Chere Menard                                                                   
Sean Tomberlin                                                                 
Tami Trock                                                                      
Amanda Vega                                                                    
Sarah Villar                                                                   
Lucila Yepez                                                                    
Nick Pieracci                                                                  
San Bernardino                                                                 
Danielle Fletcher                                                              
San Bruno                                                                      
Kyle McGuigan                                                                  
San Diego                                                                      
Solar Siriphone                                                                
San Jose                                                                       
Sara Hinkle                                                                     
Jessie Miles Poblacion                                                         
Jena Swan                                                                      
San Leandro                                                                     
Oscar Tovar                                                                    
San Mateo                                                                      
Vanessa Cirelli                                                                 
San Miguel                                                                     
Carl Schulze                                                                   
San Pablo                                                                       
Oscar Villanueva                                                               
Santa Clarita                                                                  
Laura Wright                                                                    
Santa Rosa                                                                     
Kirsten Bartlett                                                               
Kristen Smith                                                                  
Scotts Valley                                                                  
Cleary Wunder                                                                  
Stacey Hains                                                                   
Sherman Oaks                                                                    
Nicole Emens                                                                   
Griselda Casillas                                                               
Jennifer Price                                                                 
Jacquelynne Carlson                                                             
Jana Evans                                                                     
Susannah Frantz                                                                
Kristine Haugh                                                                  
Shelami Kirk                                                                   
Andrea Laney                                                                   
Raul Murillo                                                                    
Keely Noonan                                                                   
Corey Peters                                                                   
Tawny Porter                                                                   
Jessica Reese                                                                  
Tanya Stokman                                                                  
Kyle Casey                                                                     
Ashley Shine                                                                   
Sandra Zermeno                                                                 
Deanne Abernathy                                                               
Luis Barrera                                                                   
Samantha Bennett                                                                
Alisha Bills                                                                   
Valerie Bryant                                                                 
Dee Buckner                                                                     
Meghan Bullington                                                              
Allyson Calvird                                                                
Shannon Campbell                                                                
Terry Cantu                                                                    
Irene Carapia                                                                  
Rafael Carrillo                                                                 
Crystal Cervantes                                                              
Vanessa Cervantes                                                              
Jose Cruz                                                                       
Jennifer Custard                                                               
Jose Delgado                                                                   
Annelyse Delucchi                                                              
Richard Eales                                                                  
Ryan Eichhorn                                                                  
Ronie Esquivel                                                                 
Ashley Fenton                                                                   
Daisy Fernandez                                                                
Suzanne Fforde                                                                 
Joseph Flores                                                                  
Joshua Frederickson                                                            
Manminder Grewal                                                               
Sarah Gruzas                                                                    
Natasha Guerrero                                                               
Kelly Guest                                                                    
Jenny Hamby                                                                     
Natalie Hammond                                                                
Nkaukia Her                                                                    
Song Her                                                                        
Gabriel Heres                                                                  
Pa Heu                                                                         
Kimleng In                                                                      
Camille Jones                                                                  
Susan Lao                                                                      
Emily Lechich                                                                   
Mai Lee                                                                        
Diana Leos                                                                     
Claudia Llamas-Caballero                                                        
Panhia Lo                                                                      
Jenny Moore                                                                    
Sarah Munoz                                                                    
Vu Nguyen                                                                       
Stephanie Ochoa                                                                
Chante Orlando                                                                 
Michael Padgett                                                                 
Andrew Parker                                                                  
Nancy Ponce                                                                    
Heather Power                                                                  
Patrick Richards                                                               
Jared Rine                                                                     
Carissa Rios                                                                    
Teresa Rodriguez                                                               
Michella Rossi                                                                 
Toui Saly                                                                       
Brandonn Sheldon                                                               
Jonathan Singer                                                                
Jessica Tacdol                                                                  
Mong Hoai Huong Tran                                                           
Cher Vang                                                                      
Jer Vang                                                                        
Lao Vang                                                                       
Phuong Vo                                                                      
Dan Wan                                                                         
Leighann Wells                                                                 
Melissa Winkler                                                                
Cheril Wireback                                                                 
Johnny Xiong                                                                   
Yeng Yang                                                                      
Rachel Peckham                                                                 
Evony Avelar                                                                   
Laura Ballard                                                                   
Sarah Berrien                                                                  
Elizabeth Bloch                                                                
Matthew Collins                                                                
Brytni Corso                                                                   
Shannon Corso                                                                  
Michael De Ga                                                                  
William Duncan                                                                 
Maria Espinoza                                                                 
Jason Freeman                                                                   
Ricardo Garcia                                                                 
Jennifer Grover                                                                
Rachel Harmon                                                                   
Brandyn Harvey                                                                 
Trevor Jackson                                                                 
Jessica Johnson-Tryon                                                           
Meredith Judd                                                                  
Sean Kerr                                                                      
Javier Moreno                                                                   
Rosemarie Nicolaysen                                                           
Danette Poole                                                                  
Quratulain Qazi                                                                 
Kathleen Quigg                                                                 
Alexis Rich                                                                    
Roberto Rosas                                                                  
Tina Saechao                                                                   
Thea Teeter                                                                    
Kevin Testo                                                                    
Jacques Varney                                                                  
Traci Whittemore                                                               
Sarah Wingo                                                                    
Bethany Wyant                                                                  
Jennifer Zona                                                                  
Jessica Costa                                                                  
Alicia Loya                                                                    
Michael Acasio                                                                  
Hillary Adams                                                                  
Jacob Addington                                                                
Gabrielle Aguilar                                                               
Annemarie Aguirre                                                              
Erik Alair                                                                     
Dominique Alcala                                                                
Tony Alexi                                                                     
Maritza Alfaro                                                                 
Heather Allison                                                                 
Fatima Ambrocio                                                                
Ashley Amerino                                                                 
Lea Anderson                                                                    
Michelle Archambault                                                           
Andrew Arellano                                                                
Hannah Arp                                                                     
Artemio Arteaga                                                                
Chelsea Atherton                                                               
Joanne Marie Atmosfera                                                         
Iqbal Atwal                                                                     
Amanda Bailey                                                                  
Danielle Bailey                                                                
Peter Balisha                                                                  
Sarah Barco                                                                    
Elizabeth Bartenhagen                                                          
Kai Battenberg                                                                 
Shiloh Beardsley                                                               
Michelle Belloli                                                               
Charles Benafield                                                               
Brook Benson                                                                   
Nicole Bernaciak                                                               
Jessica Bettencourt                                                             
Jaydeep Bhatia                                                                 
Brooke Bissett                                                                 
Brandi Blackman                                                                 
Alejandro Bocanegra                                                            
Lindsay Bolner                                                                 
Bethany Boren                                                                   
Valetta Boudreau                                                               
Bianca Bravo                                                                   
Ashley Britt                                                                    
Chlo? Brown                                                                    
Jonathan Brown                                                                 
Ashley Bullard                                                                 
Kyle Bundy                                                                     
Jenai Burdick                                                                  
Tara Burlingame                                                                
Jordan Burnam                                                                   
Owen Cameron                                                                   
Edgar Campbell                                                                 
Karlee Campbell                                                                
Hannah Carlson                                                                 
Spencer Carmona                                                                
Yuliana Castillo                                                               
Jennifer Cavanaugh                                                             
Logan Champion                                                                 
Kit Chang                                                                       
Ashley Class                                                                   
Dinah Copple                                                                   
Melanie Cron                                                                    
Nicole Cross                                                                   
Martin Crouse                                                                  
Ashley Cyriac                                                                   
Danielle Dabney                                                                
Jill David                                                                     
Desiree Davidson                                                                
Brianna Decoteau                                                               
Nicole Deleon                                                                  
Jaskaran Dhesi                                                                  
Carleen Drumonde                                                               
Shawna Dubyak                                                                  
Jennifer Duong                                                                 
Leia Durrant                                                                   
Debbie Dutra                                                                   
Tiare Dwight                                                                   
Renee Eilerts                                                                   
Amber Elstad                                                                   
Ahmad Eltejaye                                                                 
Josef Eshraghi                                                                 
Heather Eubanks                                                                
Stephen Fanelli                                                                
Isaac Farhadian                                                                
Vesna Faulder                                                                  
Emily Fletcher                                                                 
Michael Flores                                                                  
Cody Fontes                                                                    
Brittany Freeman                                                               
Manuel Freitas                                                                  
Kayla Frisch                                                                   
Michelle Funk                                                                  
Jason Galyen                                                                    
Juan Garcia – Gonzalez                                                         
Lindsay Garcia                                                                 
Hannah Gareis                                                                   
Justine Gathright                                                              
Greta Gonzalez                                                                 
Stephanie Gonzalez                                                              
Amanda Goulart                                                                 
Crystal Gutierrez                                                              
Anya Gyeryen                                                                   
Marissa Hager                                                                  
Autumn Haines                                                                  
Andrew Hall                                                                    
Lauren Hall                                                                     
Amanda Haynam                                                                  
Melissa Her                                                                    
Amber Hernandez                                                                 
Tania Hernandez                                                                
Maggie Hinkle                                                                  
Malu Huerta                                                                    
Matthew Jantz                                                                  
Richard Jarman                                                                 
Catherine Jaureguy                                                             
Sirenia Jimenez                                                                
Adam Jorge                                                                     
Melanie Kaldani                                                                 
Kimberly Kelleher                                                              
Stephanie Kelleher                                                             
Adrielle Kent                                                                   
Tatiana Khoubiar                                                               
Bryan King                                                                     
Laura Kinkade                                                                   
Adam Kolenak                                                                   
Azusa Kuroda                                                                   
Monica Lara                                                                     
Alyssa Larsen                                                                  
Hannah Larson                                                                  
Sandy Lavito                                                                    
Lucas Laws                                                                     
Mark Lazari                                                                    
Lenit Lazarowechadeh                                                           
Anabel Leal                                                                    
Kristin Lee                                                                    
Jamie Lellhame                                                                 
Benjamin Leonard                                                                
Jonathan Li                                                                    
Jorge Licea                                                                    
Janice Littlepage                                                              
Nakia Living                                                                   
Kelly Lizarraga                                                                
Kristen Lizarraga                                                              
Lorena Lizarraga-Corona                                                        
Alissa Ludolph                                                                 
James Luster                                                                    
Teresa Madruga                                                                 
Jessie Manning                                                                 
Michael Martin                                                                  
Jennifer Martins                                                               
Danelle Mascroft                                                               
Briana Mcclain                                                                  
Matthew Mcginthy                                                               
Colleen Mckendrick                                                             
Ariana Mendes                                                                   
Laura Merafuentes                                                              
Quannah Meraz                                                                  
Teneya Merriam                                                                  
Kayla Messer                                                                   
Krista Messer                                                                  
Shunya Michikawa                                                               
Amarseen Mikael                                                                
Jean’Ann Miller                                                                
Cristal Miranda                                                                
Graciela Montero                                                                
Sarah Moore                                                                    
Lisa Morales                                                                   
Andy Morgan                                                                    
Robert Morrissey                                                               
Laralyn Murphy                                                                 
Loree Newland                                                                  
Catrina Nicolaysen                                                             
Vicky Nolasco                                                                  
Angela Olive                                                                    
Chelsea Oliver                                                                 
Jeni Oliver                                                                    
Annette Olson                                                                   
Brittany Orhategaray                                                           
Stephanie Oropesa                                                              
Eilroma Ovrahim                                                                 
Elicia Padlo                                                                   
Ivan Palomino                                                                  
Evan Parker                                                                     
Adriana Perez                                                                  
Sonia Perez                                                                    
Joseph Perry                                                                    
Natalia Petel                                                                  
Christopher Peterson                                                           
Tyler Pinkney                                                                  
Rebecca Piper                                                                  
Arianna Pleitez                                                                
Jenna Plett                                                                    
Anthony Polous                                                                  
Jesse Puett                                                                    
Dana Quinley                                                                   
Ramanjot Randhawa                                                               
Dilmonda Rasho                                                                 
Myra Ratzesberger                                                              
Michelle Reagor                                                                
Kayla Reeder                                                                   
Katie Renke                                                                    
Robert Reyna                                                                    
Meaghan Riley                                                                  
Chandra Robson                                                                 
Dolores Rodriguez                                                               
Whitney Romano                                                                 
Timothy Romine                                                                 
Samantha Rosa                                                                   
Sara Ross                                                                      
Maria Ruelas                                                                   
Jorge Ruiz                                                                      
Michael Salegui                                                                
Victoria Salisbury                                                             
Christen Sanchez                                                                
Sundeep Sanghera                                                               
Petra Schaaf                                                                   
Ayla Schlecht                                                                   
Jordan Schmeck                                                                 
Jessica Schraeder                                                              
Amanda Schweiner                                                               
Jeremy Sederquist                                                              
Adam Serpa                                                                     
Ben Serpa                                                                      
Susan Shabazian                                                                 
Jacquelynn Shaw                                                                
Ying Shi                                                                       
Kristin Showalter                                                              
Benjamin Siegel                                                                
Stephanie Sierra                                                               
Whitney Silva                                                                  
Ashveen Singh                                                                  
Manjinder Singh                                                                
Alena Smajlagic                                                                 
Carol Smeltzer                                                                 
Allison Smith                                                                  
Lauren Soto-Figueroa                                                            
Eric Sousa                                                                     
Shannon Springer                                                               
Teena Starchman                                                                 
Christina Stephenson                                                           
Tracy Stewart                                                                  
Zach Stillman                                                                   
Jennifer Sturtevant                                                            
Sarah Tait                                                                     
Alexa Tallman                                                                   
Romsina Tamraz                                                                 
David Thompson                                                                 
Mark Tillotson                                                                 
Abel Trujillo                                                                  
David Trujillo                                                                 
Ashley Tucker                                                                  
Mandeep Uppal                                                                   
Bryan Van Vliet                                                                
Caitlin Van Wormer                                                             
Gabe Velez                                                                     
Maci Villegas                                                                  
Lindsey Viltrakis                                                              
Joel Virgen
Heather Walker                                                                    
Jadon Williamson                                                               
Winona Wilson                                                                  
Justin Woodbridge                                                               
Lindy Wright                                                                   
Roubina Yadegarian                                                             
Arturo Yanez III                                                                
Elias Youhanna                                                                 
Eddie Youkhana                                                                 
Eilbra Younan                                                                   
Sintia Younan                                                                  
Megan Yowell                                                                   
Maranita Zare                                                                   
Twain Harte                                                                    
Stephanie Graham                                                               
Stephanie Wurz                                                                  
Valley Springs                                                                 
Brittany Bruegel                                                               
Amanda Crocker                                                                 
Jaclyn McInturf                                                                
Amanda Warden                                                                  
Kara Pimentel-Dumlao                                                           
Jason Barnett                                                                  
Amy Denton                                                                     
Claudia Gonzalez                                                               
Scott McGlasson                                                                
Jescenia Palma Tapia                                                           
Amy Yingst                                                                     
Kathleen Smith                                                                  
Noemi Benitez                                                                  
Penny Brennan                                                                   
Camille Cole                                                                   
Richard Gilbert                                                                
Agustin Gonzalez                                                                
Scott Jaffray                                                                  
Faviola Mendoza                                                                
Brenda Munoz                                                                    
Chandra Renfrow                                                                
Trevor Souza                                                                   
Jonathan Viss                                                                   
David Wingo                                                                    
Steven Grewal                                                                  
Amanda Adams                                                                   
Ramona Armenta                                                                 
Dolores Carrillo-Duarte                                                        
Rocio Garcia                                                                   
Efrain Hurtado                                                                  
Lana Moore                                                                     
Raul Murguia                                                                   
Kathryn Myers                                                                   
Ruth Olguin                                                                    
Toua Vue                                                                       
Mary White                                                                      
Anna Yang                                                                      
Emiko Nakagawa                                                                  
Nicholas Froehlich                                                             
Monica Hull                                                                     
Adam Fonville                                                                  
Yuba City                                                                      
Angela Ohland                                                                  
AK-Cooper Landing                                                              
Brittany Scott                                                                 
AZ-Queen Creek                                                                 
Kaitlyn Gengler                                                                
Dawson Vorderbruegge                                                           
Bryan Suenaga                                                                  
Lucas Britton                                                                  
Brandon Savage                                                                  
Traci Beihlharz                                                                
Mackenzie Flandro                                                              
Deborah Rackham                                                                 
Democratic/Fed. Rep Germany – Arnsberg                                                                 
Verena Preikschas                                                              
Kuwait – Al-Salam                                                                 
Reem Alawadhi                                                                  
Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh                                                              
Huong Tran 

Honorable Mention List:

California State University, Stanislaus
Fall 2008 Honors Students
Angels Camp                                                                    
Andrew Heise                                                                   
Matthew Gatsos                                                                 
Steven Andrus                                                                   
Jorge Anguiano                                                                 
Reynalda Cervantes                                                             
Regina Charron-Strauss                                                          
Lyxchel Cummings                                                               
Maria Gasaway                                                                  
Mai Lee                                                                         
Mai Xue Lee                                                                    
Gretchen Murphy                                                                
Renee Pena                                                                      
Phillip Rubalcava                                                              
Dulce Ruiz                                                                     
Marcus Shaw                                                                     
Wendy Vinson                                                                   
Mailia Yang                                                                    
Edgar Santana                                                                  
Jesuina Belerique                                                              
Christopher Coelho                                                             
Debbie Cooke                                                                   
Amanda Deminsky                                                                
Weixin Deng                                                                    
Chanhtap Desakkhamphou                                                         
Yvette Easley                                                                  
Erika Garcia                                                                    
Michael Keener                                                                 
Blinda Margarite                                                               
Margaret Middleton                                                              
Tara O’Fearna                                                                  
Laura Perez                                                                    
Sarah Signer                                                                    
Teresa Tejeda                                                                  
Paul Younadim                                                                  
Lizet Hernandez                                                                
Jennifer Ward                                                                   
Susan Ocon                                                                     
Baljit Bhandal                                                                 
Jessica Delgado                                                                
Baljinder Dhesi                                                                 
Vanessa Garcia                                                                 
Veronica Garcia                                                                
Amber Lantz                                                                    
Carlos Mendoza                                                                 
Thelma Mercado                                                                 
Beatriz Ramos                                                                  
Diamond Springs                                                                
Hilary Johnston                                                                
Matthew Gomes                                                                   
Elk Grove                                                                      
Amelia Brown                                                                   
Rita Homen                                                                     
Stephanie Hudson                                                               
Marcie Ryan                                                                     
Maria Fraga                                                                    
Jonathan Bell                                                                  
French Camp                                                                    
Ratry Khoonsrivong                                                              
Bao Fang                                                                       
Kayln Pottorff                                                                  
Mario Campos                                                                   
Nicole Stinson                                                                  
Brian Ascencio                                                                 
Charlie Kothenbeutel                                                            
Sarah Mendonca                                                                 
Noel Silveira                                                                   
Amanda Garrison                                                                
Patricia Guerrero                                                              
Kathleen Hidalgo                                                               
Christopher Liu                                                                
Bryce Maness                                                                   
Corina Moore                                                                   
Patricia Moreno                                                                
Cynthia Newsome                                                                
Katy Theodozio                                                                  
Jillian Bartgis                                                                
Lacey Neufeld                                                                   
Eduardo Navarro                                                                
Sarah Youkhana                                                                  
Yvonne Cabero                                                                  
Leslie Lemus                                                                    
Starla Marquez                                                                 
Olga Montiel                                                                   
Zachary Daniels