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CSU Stanislaus Refuses to Give MBA Diplomas Until Students Pay for University’s Mistake

California State University, Stanislaus sent 12 MBA financial aid students a $4,000 refund check.
CSU Stanislaus is now saying that those refund payments were sent out by accident. CSUS is demanding the money back or students’ diplomas or transcripts will not be released.
CSUS officials state that it is policy to withhold diplomas and transcripts until unpaid balances are paid by students.
The mistake came when a program used to keep track of student accounts was being changed. 12 students’ accounts showed a $4,000 credit and the refund checks were sent automatically.
The inaugural executive MBA program in Tracy, where many attend from around the region, was offered by CSU Stanislaus and ended in November. The refund checks were sent out to 12 students participating in the Tracy program in November also. The university discovered the error in January.
Student Steve Larson reported losing his teaching job at the University of Phoenix in Modesto because CSUS refused to release his official transcript.
Robyn Criswell-Bloom has stated that verification letters have been produced for proof of completion.
The term coercion has come up in regards to how CSUS is holding diplomas until repayment for their mistake.
Interest-free payment schedules that fit the students’ financial situation are reportedly being offered.

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