Turlock/Pitman Graduation Ceremonies, Sober Grad Parties, and Police Checkpoints

Turock High School and Pitman High School’s Graduation Ceremonies will take place tonight. Turlock’s Commencement will begin at 5:30pm at Joe Debely Stadium. You MUST have a ticket (3-years old and older) to be admitted. Pitman’s Commencement will begin at 7:00pm.
Turlock High School states for safety reasons, none of the following will be allowed at graduation:
Opened water bottles
Ice chests
Large backpacks
Noisemakers of any kind
Baby strollers
Lawn chairs (stadium chairs okay)
Turlock High School’s Sober Grad Nite Party will be held from 9:30pm – 5:00am. Pitman High School’s Sober Grad Nite Party will be held from 11:00pm – 5:00am.
The Turlock Police Department will be conducting sobriety and driver’s license checkpoints on this graduation night here in Turlock.
People will be required to show their driver’s license and police will enforce seat belt laws as drivers pass through the checkpoints.

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