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Burglary Takes Family’s Keepsakes of Son Battling Leukemia

Arnet and Leandra Givargiznia were victims of a home burglary last Friday.
Their son’s computer games, two televisions, jewelry, and a safe weighing over 100 pounds were taken in the break in.
What will be missed most are the mementos of their 10 year old son Dylan. Included in the safe were Dylan’s birth videos, a lock of hair, and other family keepsakes.
Dylan has been battling leukemia every since he was diagnosed with at 6 years old.
Dylan has been undergoing treatment at the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center. His chemotherapy sessions and experimental treatments have not been able to help him become eligible for a bone marrow transplant.
After returning home from San Francisco on Friday, Arnet Givargiznia found the items missing.
According to a neighbor, a white cargo van or pickup with a camper shell was seen in front of the home just before 4pm and could be the suspected vehicle used in the burglary.

The break-in occured through the back sliding glass door.

Turlock Police received the report of burglary from a family member at around 6pm on Friday.
The Givargiznia’s are looking to get the keepsakes of their son back with no questions asked. Arnet is asking whoever has the safe to contact him to make arrangements to return the items with no questions asked.

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