New Turlock City Manager Officially Begins Working Today

Newly hired Turlock City Manager Roy Wasden has a contract with the City of Turlock to begin by July 1, 2009. Wasden believed he would be able to wrap things up as Modesto Chief of Police and begin sooner than July 1.

Roy Wasden has been seen at previous Council Meetings and “volunteering” around City Hall lately, but Wasden officially begins working as the Turlock City Manager today, June 19, 2009.

Most likely, all the controversy associated with the hiring process will begin to disappear from media articles (maybe not from comments or sensationalism) while discussions look to current decisions and future proposals.

Roy Wasden is the man that will be managing our great city’s organization for the next 5 years (God willing). This long-term contract gives the position of city manager the stability to run the organization as he sees fit, while working to accomplish the directions set forth by the Turlock City Council as it leads the community.

Some challenges Wasden will face have already been stated and include working with a divisive City Council, tough budget issues, economic development, and the General Plan Update that will map out Turlock’s future growth over the next 20 years.

Wasden is suggesting that he will be putting a lot of time into the job of Turlock City Manager while participating within the Turlock community.

This is the official beginning of a new era for Turlock’s government organization, and hopefully it will continue the success the organization has previously achieved.

Hopefully Turlock will wish Roy Wasden the best, respect the position of Turlock City Manager in which he holds, and work with him and other leaders to achieve our community’s goals. will have a report of Wasden’s experiences after serving his first week as Turlock City Manager.

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