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Turlock City News

Michael Jackson Dies; Turlockers Text, Email, and Rapidly Spread News Like Rest of the World

As dead as “radio” appears to be, the news of Michael Jackson’s death spread quickly around Turlock from radio reports.
Michael Jackson was taken from his Los Angeles home to the UCLA Medical Center at around 12:30pm. He was reported to not be breathing when the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived and never regained a pulse after. Michael Jackson was 50 years old.
Reports from all over the world support the fact that the “King of Pop” was just that.
Stories form all around the world report the same level of mass communication regarding Jackson’s death. People saw internet news, heard radio alerts, and saw the news on TV or digital billboards such as the ones in New York’s Time Square. After the initial reports, people immediately spread the news via tweeting, MySpace bulletins, Facebook updates, texting, emailing, and cell phone calling.
Turlock was no different than the rest of the world involving the death of this international pop legend. By 2:15pm, many people in Turlock heard the news that Michael Jackson had died.

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