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TID Withdrawls from the TANC Transmission Project

TURLOCK – On Tuesday, TID Board of Directors unanimously approved to withdraw from the TANC Transmission Project. TID was only involved in the project’s Alpha portion, a transmission line extending from Tracy to the east side of the valley, which would have improved transmission system reliability and efficiency for TID. The estimated cost of TID’s portion was $200 million.
After the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) withdrew from a larger portion of the project, TID staff evaluated the financial impact of SMUD’s decision as well as other alternatives for possible transmission. Based on that analysis staff concluded that continued participation in the project wasn’t in the best interest for TID and its customers and will bring alternative options back to the Board for approval.
TID is looking be involved in the Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative. TID is also still looking at generating hydroelectric power by way of a potential pump storage project above Don Pedro.
MID also withdrew from the project with a unanimous vote by the board and has reported the reason of significant anticipated litigation if MID were to move forward with the project.

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