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City of Turlock Activity Update for the Week of July 11 – 17, 2009

This document is the City of Turlock Activity Update for the week of July 11 - 17, 2009. The activity update is meant to keep the Turlock City Council and all areas of the government organization on the same page. The community may also view the complete document here at TurlockCityNews.com as it was sent out by the City of Turlock.

TO:                  Mayor and Council
FROM:             Executive Team
DATE:              July 20, 2009
RE:                  ACTIVITY UPDATE – WEEK OF July 11-17, 2009

City Manager’s Office & Economic Development/Redevelopment:
·         Mayor Lazar, Councilmember Bublak, City Manager and a variety of City staff attended the Grand Opening of Robobank.
·         City Manager and Economic/Redevelopment Manager attended Ford Foundation community announcement of designation of Stanislaus County as a Next Generation Learning Community. This community is one of 14 nationwide that will benefit from the Ford Foundation’s commitment to create an environment to transform learning skills at a high school level to benefit the community by creating a better skilled workforce.
·         City Manager and Economic/Redevelopment Manager met with TUSD Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent to discuss the Joe Debely Field renovation project. The required process and potential steps were discussed. This item will likely be on the School Board agenda on August 18, 2009.
Housing Program Services:
·         Housing Program Manager met with several collaborators including CSU Stanislaus and Habitat for Humanity for the purpose of supporting a collaborative approach to the University’s application for a HSIAC Grant (Hispanic Serving Institutions Affecting Communities) The City will participate as a collaborator if the grant is awarded. 
·         Housing Program Manager and Finance Specialist attended a day long training/ briefing on the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing grant application at the Housing and Community Development offices in Sacramento.
·         Housing Program Manager and Economic Development Manager met with the Manager of the Small Business Center to discuss their participation in providing job training through the City’s Community Development Block Grant for Economic Development and Recovery.
Capital Improvement Projects
July 11-17, 2009
Projects in Construction
·         Fire Station No.1 Antenna: The radio antenna, mono pole has been erected and communication wiring being installed.
·         Columbia Park Renovation: The flooring has been installed at the Marty Yerby and PAL Buildings.
·         Turlock Reservoirs and Pump Stations: Road Closure on Third Street between C and D will extend to July 30, 2009 due to installation of curb, gutter, asphalt paving and demolition of the railroad track area.
·         Fransil and W. Main Intersection Improvements – This project was advertised in the newspaper on July 8, 2009 with a bid opening date of July 30, 2009. A Mandatory pre-bid meeting has been scheduled for July 23, 2009 at City Hall, Engineering Division. 
July 4-10m 2009
·         Commercial & Residential Water Meters: All water meters are installed for commercial and residential customers.  Final inspections are being made to ensure the meters are communicating with city equipment.
·         Fire Station No.1 Antenna: The radio antenna was delivered on Thursday, July 09, 2009. The foundation work has been completed and the antenna should stand next week.
·         Fransil and W. Main Intersection Improvements: This project was advertised in the newspaper on July 8, 2009 with a bid opening date of July 30, 2009.
Building & Safety
July 11-17, 2009
20 building permits applied for:
·         3200 Commerce- Tenant Improvement –Code analysis
·         Misc. Residential: 17
·         Misc. Commercial: 2
30 building permits issued:
·         1301 Fulkerth Rd- Concrete Recycle System
·         2321 W Main St Ste D- Tenant Improvement-Interior
·         2190 W Monte Vista Ave- Tenant Improvement-ATM, Night Drop & Break Room
·         Pools: 2
·         Re-Roofs: 8
·         HVAC: 3
·         Elec: 3
·         Misc. Residential: 5 (Patio Cover, Window Replacement, Photovoltaic, etc.)
·         Misc. Commercial: 6 (Signs, Fire Sprinklers, etc.)
Certificates of Occupancy issued for the following projects:
·         134 Regis St, Ste. B- Tenant Improvement “Turlock Pregnancy Center”
·         151 S. Walnut Rd.,- Tenant Improvement “Sensient Dehydrated Flavors”
July 4-10, 2009
38 building permits applied for:
·         255 W Main St – Tenant Improvement for Bakery Preparation Area
·         2280 Mission St – Demo of SFD
29 building permits issued this week:
·         880 E Tuolumne Rd – Tenant Improvement – Office & Intake Rooms
·         1400 Geer Rd – Soil Remediation Unit
·         599 Almond Ave- New Metal Building & Improvements for Bakery
Certificates of Occupancy issued for the following projects:
·         1102 Geer Rd – “Villa Napoli Restaurant”
·         2321 W Main St – “Turlock Poker Room”
·         1560 Fulkerth Rd – “Covenant Care At Home”
Parks, Recreation and Public Facilities Maintenance Division:
·         The City received reimbursement checks from the State for Proposition 40, 2002 Bond Act Per Capita, and RZH projects in the amount of $219,986.00. The reimbursement checks were for the Crane Park Restroom Renovation, $95,000.00, Crane Park Tennis Courts, $14,986.36, and Columbia Park Fence Project, $110,000.00. 
·         Youth Scholarship Fundraiser is July 23rd at Neto’s Catering. You can purchase a barbeque chicken dinner for $10.00 at the Muni Services counter at City Hall or at the Recreation counter. All proceeds go toward supporting the Youth Scholarship Fund for Recreation Programs. Please come out and support our programs. The dinner is great! 
·         Staff attended a CDBG Meeting on July 16th. Parks, Recreation, and Public Facilities were fortunate enough to receive two grant awards, Columbia Park Aquatic Playground, $200,000.00, and Recreation for All Scholarship Program, $9,000.00. This was an informational meeting for the entire grant funding recipients.      
·         Soderquist Park: The Little League has started the installation of the new lighting system at the ball field.  
·         BMX Bike Park: The City has received $2,750.00 this week in donations for the BMX Bike Park bringing the total donations to $7,700.00. The goal for the private donations is $10,000.00. Once we meet the donation goal, the City will schedule the work on the BMX Bike Park as directed by the City Council. The City Council approved $15,000.00 to be used for the development of the BMX Bike Park from General Park Improvement Funds once the $10,000.00 goal was met for a total of $25,000.00 to develop the BMX Bike Park. No General Funds will be used for this project.       
·         Columbia Park: Staff has been meeting with different vendors for design and quotes for the new Aquatic Playground at Columbia Park. Staff hopes to have the new water feature in place and ready to use by the spring of 2010.
·         Dale Pinkney Park: After Council’s approval of naming the northeast neighborhood park ‘Dale Pinkney Park’, staff has ordered a sign for the new park. Once the sign is delivered and installed staff will schedule a ceremony at the site inviting family, friends, and Council.
Regulatory Affairs Division
·         Water Meter Readings
Staff is sending out letters to water customers who appear to have significant water usage. The main purposes of this outreach program are to encourage water conservation and to provide advanced warning of the potential cost of their water use once metered water billing is implemented. 
This program allows us to catch someone stealing water. Staff was able to identify someone using more than 100,000 gallons of water per month at a location where the service was terminated some months ago. Once discovered, the service was disconnected and locked by City staff; it will remain locked until someone signs up for service.
·         Water Meter Project
Staff is nearing completion of the water meter installation project and the conversion of the City’ s utility billing system to New World software is progressing well. Staff had a meeting this week with all involved in the project – vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, contractors etc. – to wrap up some outstanding items to ensure a fully functional system is in place by the end of the year.
·         Water Use
Water use thru the end of June is 10% less than last year. This is the second year in a row that staff has seen water use decline. Public education campaigns over the past three years, as well as outreach projects related to the water meter installation project, is allowing customers to review their water use and implement conservation measures. An educational blitz is planned for the end of this year as the City goes live with metered billing.
·         Sewer System Management Plan (SSMP)
After almost two years’ worth of work, staff has completed the City’s first Sewer System Management Plan. The Plan is required as part of a State Water Resources Control Board mandate. The Plan requires wastewater agencies to properly maintain and operate their wastewater collection systems to prevent sewer system overflows that can pollute surface waters. The City Council will consider the document at the July 28, 2009 meeting.
·      Emergency Operations Manual
Staff has been working with the Safety Committee to develop a comprehensive emergency info/procedures manual for all matters related to workplace safety. The manuals will be available at all locations of service within the Municipal Services department. 
·         Safety Inspection Checklists
Safety Inspection checklists have been developed for each work location/building of Municipal Services. Each location’s checklist is site specific and covers detailed areas for hazard prevention and workplace safety.
·         Recycled Water
Due to increased interest, and as a strategy to conserve drinking water, the City is asking a consultant to prepare a scope of work to develop a pricing structure for recycled water. This would allow us to retail recycled water to customers for landscape watering and industrial processing, just as the City does with potable water. Staff would have to obtain approval from the Department of Public Health and the Regional Water Quality Control Board. Currently, the City is only permitted to supply recycled water to TID for cooling purposes at the Walnut Energy Center and to Pedretti Park for landscape watering.
Operations Division:
·         Fire personnel responded to a total of 109 emergency calls this past week.  Here is the break down on the types of calls.
ü   EMS  50
ü   MVA’S 8
ü   Public Assists 5
ü   Canceled  4
ü   Checkouts 3
ü   Fire Alarms 3
ü   No Patient Contact 3
ü   Dumpster Fires 2
ü   Natural Gas leaks 2
ü   False Alarms 2
ü   Illegal Burning 1
ü   Structure Fire 1*
ü   Outside Fire 1
*     The structure fire was in a single family dwelling at 1013 Parnell Street.  It was a small electrical fire in the attic that caused about $2200.00 dollars in damage to the structure and contents. The fire was ruled as accidental.
Training Division:
·         Captains and Engineers continued to train at the engine company level on the Department of Motor Vehicle fire apparatus pre-trip inspections and driving the fire engines on the DMV approved highway road course. 
·         Additionally, the crews conducted training on: fire simulations, pre-fire planning, ladder truck operations and ground based monitor operations.
·         Firefighters continue manipulative skills training in preparation for their upcoming 7 month test.
·         Probationary Firefighters, Engineers and Captains continue to work on “Task Book” and monthly homework assignments.
Service Demands:               
Calls for Service                     2007
Criminal Investigations             230
Arrests                                         92
Staffing Levels:
Sworn Personnel-                      86    
Deployed                                   82 (6 Officers: Field Training)
            Vacancies                       5
Non-Sworn Personnel                           46
Deployed                       44
Vacancies                        2
Field Operations Division:
Significant Events and Trends:
Traffic Safety Unit
·         A Traffic Officer assisted with a presentation at the Salvation Army for several children. They spoke about traffic safety and related it specifically to motorcycles. 
Street Crimes Team (CAGE)
·         A CAGE officer was flagged down for a bike theft that just occurred near Medeiros School. The juvenile suspect was located a few blocks away. The bicycle was returned to its owner and the juvenile suspect was cited into court and released to his mother.
Uniformed Patrol
·         Officers responded to a verified alarm at the school in the 1400 block of Georgetown. The responder located a broken window to classroom #27. Officers arrived and checked the area and spotted two juveniles (13 and 14 yrs) walking off campus on the Crowell side near Campbell. They were dressed in quintessential burglar’s outfits (knit caps included). With a little interrogation, they both admitted to the break in and added that they were responsible for graffiti as well. Several pieces of property and evidence were recovered. Both juveniles were cited for burglary and for having burglary tools and released to their respective parents. Special thanks to Cal State Officer Strode.
·         A Neighborhood Services employee went to a house in the 300 block of Florence to meet with the realtor to check for homeless persons inside. The employee came across 5 homeless people in and around the house. Officers arrived to assist. Two wanted parolees and a third suspect with a felony warrant were located inside the residence.
Crime Prevention
·         A Crime Prevention Officer conducted a Business Watch meeting at the Holiday Inn for business owners from the Crossings Business Park. A Patrol Officer provided a presentation on the HTO and Restorative Policing programs. Two Police Captains attended to answer questions and open communications.
Special Operations Division:
·         Investigators had been working a joint investigation with Turlock Fire Investigators which resulted in them being able to obtain arrest warrants for two subjects believed to be responsible for the fire that occurred at the Red Steer Restaurant. Both subjects were located, arrested, and booked into County Jail.

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