CSU Stanislaus Deans Lists, Spring 2009

These are the California State University, Stanislaus spring semester 2009 Honors and Honorable Mention Deans Lists.  Communities are all listed alphabetically with their respective students.

Students on the Honors List are taking a full-time class schedule and earned a grade point average of 3.0 or higher. Students on the Honorable Mention List are those taking part-time class schedules who have earned a grade point average of 3.0 or  higher.


California State University, Stanislaus


Spring 2009 Dean’s List



Natalie Dowell                                                                 

Luangchee Xiong                                                                 



Dana Yoshimizu                                                                 


Elise Airola                                                                   



Caitlin Van Wormer                                                              

Angels Camp                                                                    

Andrew Heise                                                                   



Jeevanjit Singh                                                                



Russell Peck                                                                    


Apple Valley                                                                   

Robynne Withrow                                                                



Scott Kaiser                                                                   



Joy Alexander                                                                  

Owen Andrus                                                                     

Jarred Carter                                                                  

Chaunte Chastang                                                               

Vanessa Da Silveira                                                             

Patricia Esparza                                                               

Kristen Fortin                                                                 

Mary Friesen                                                                    

Ana Garibay                                                                    

Awndrea Harrison                                                               

Eunis Hernandez                                                                 

Yvonne Kasamani                                                                

Rebecca Koehn                                                                  

Rose Latham                                                                     

Joshua Lutz                                                                    

Becky Malloy                                                                   

Silvia Mendoza                                                                  

Rebecca Meyer                                                                  

Erin Mills                                                                     

Alondra Molina-Ruiz                                                            

Lana Moore                                                                      

John Pursley                                                                   

Maria Ramirez                                                                  

Cynthia Romero                                                                  

Dulce Ruiz                                                                     

Theodore Schrier                                                               

Marcus Shaw                                                                     

Marilee Shaw                                                                   

Nancy Sicairos                                                                 

Simonie Silva                                                                   

Heather Strong                                                                 

Christa Tacheira                                                               

Mai Thao                                                                        

Nou Thao                                                                       

Stephanie Wagner                                                               

Matthew Walker                                                                  

Andy Xiong                                                                     

Gee Yang                                                                       

Ser Yang                                                                       



Molly Sasek                                                                    



Garret-Mitchel Mendoza                                                         


Bell Garndes                                                                   

Rosenda Cabrera-Ortega                                                         


Brianna Edwards                                                                

Orkideh Moghaddam                                                              

Ashley Wallen                                                                   


Michael Wylie                                                                  


Camp Connell                                                                    

Christina Telezinski                                                           



Jennifer Aherne                                                                 

Ashley Amador                                                                  

Vanessa Castro                                                                 

Borey Chanchea                                                                  

Dawn Cooper                                                                    

Jaspreet Dhaliwal                                                              

Erika Garcia                                                                   

Shane Gibson                                                                   

Crystal Goblirsch                                                              

Carolina Gonzalez                                                              

Rebecca Hernandez                                                               

Beverly Hernandez-Vizcarra                                                     

Nichole Hurst                                                                  

Kayce Kamps                                                                     

Sachinthavy Keo                                                                

Meghan Lusk                                                                    

Veronica Macias                                                                 

Jennifer Mande                                                                 

Cassandra Massie                                                               

Shondell Mcneal                                                                 

Margaret Middleton                                                             

Shawna Morse                                                                   

Jeffrey Mulligan                                                                

Raquel Mustaca                                                                 

Tara O’Fearna                                                                  

Jeremiah Parrott                                                               

Nerissa Paulos                                                                 

Laura Perez                                                                    

Nathan Popp                                                                    

Alejandra Ramos                                                                 

Aida Ramos Guzman                                                              

Griselda Rivera                                                                

Freddy Rodriguez                                                                

Edgar Rosales                                                                  

Anna Samuel                                                                    

Jennifer Serratos                                                               

Daniel Smith                                                                   

Jeanette Trujillo                                                              

Stephanie Wagner                                                                

Nick Weder                                                                     



James Bonzo                                                                     

Matthew Parker                                                                 



Maribel Hernandez                                                              

Alfonso Hernandez Enriquez                                                     

Cesar Villanueva                                                               



Melissa Phillips                                                               



Grant Langlois                                                                 



Dustin Alkema                                                                  

Jamie Hardman                                                                  

Hillary Watts                                                                   


Jessica Coreas                                                                 

Keoka Cotton                                                                    


Bryan Kiss                                                                     



Kenneth Sipe                                                                   


Crows Landing                                                                  

Rachelle Blount                                                                 

Beronica Esquivez                                                              

Christina Goodeill                                                             

Daniela Romo                                                                   



Susana Arellano                                                                



Cristian Ascencio                                                              

Rosario De La Torre                                                            

John Fandl                                                                     

Rodolfo Garibay                                                                 

Gina Hernandez                                                                 

Kevin Isenhower                                                                

Amber Lantz                                                                     

Maysee Lee                                                                     

Susan Lee                                                                      

Michael Maden                                                                   

Karen Murata                                                                   

Gerardo Ramirez                                                                

Yolanda Reynoso Jimenez                                                         

Amy Rodrigues                                                                  

Elizabet Tafolla                                                               

Molly Thompson                                                                 

Jeannette Wallace                                                              

Amy Williams                                                                   

Daisy Zagazeta                                                                 

Anacani Zuno                                                                   


Brian Abraham                                                                  

Joella Brewer                                                                   

Valorie Brown                                                                  

Jamie Caulkins                                                                 

Tiffany Cisco                                                                   

Heather Cotter                                                                 

Nathan Dwight                                                                  

Matthew Ferreira                                                                

Pamela Fisher                                                                  

Balraj Grewal                                                                  

Mark Lazar                                                                      

Benjamin Lindskoog                                                             

Belle Martino                                                                  

Yesenia Ochoa                                                                   

Barbara Olave                                                                  

Brittany Prather                                                               

Azusena Rodriguez                                                              

Eddy Simonian                                                                  

Merri Strand                                                                   

Jessica Turpin                                                                 

Jeffrey Vigil                                                                   


Dos Palos                                                                      

Samantha Cardoza                                                               

Moralia Gutierrez                                                               

Cristina Velasco                                                               


El Dorado Hills                                                                

Howard Gregory                                                                  

Brittney Woods                                                                 


Elk Grove                                                                      

Elizabeth Holzman                                                               


Beatriz Cisneros                                                               

Joel Hansen                                                                     

Ivette Ramos                                                                   

Deidre Siegman                                                                 



Amanda Ainsworth                                                               

Jason Blodgett                                                                 

Lauren Bylsma                                                                  

Eddie De Freitas                                                               

Travis Hill                                                                    

Cheryl Hudson                                                                  

Michael Loogman                                                                 

Amanda Nunes                                                                   

Katherine O’Neill                                                              

Denae Pang                                                                      

Leia Perruquet                                                                 

Matthew Robinson                                                               

Anderson Schmidt                                                                

Christopher Smith                                                              

Christine Van Gorkum                                                           



Alisa Barlow                                                                   



Rosalia Comonfort                                                               



Yarely Contreras                                                               



Cristina Campos                                                                

Erica Clark                                                                    

Melisa Monteon                                                                 

Nathalie Perez                                                                  

Michael Vargas                                                                 


Fort Irwin                                                                     

Benjamin Thompson                                                               

Fountain Valley                                                                

Danielle Dabney                                                                


Peggy Tse                                                                      



Erica Sanchez                                                                   


Fanny Delgado                                                                  

Marissa Dunaway                                                                 



Fabiola Berber                                                                 

Lindsay Filippini                                                              

Mackenzie Ford                                                                 

Joel Gardner                                                                   

Elizabeth Lopez                                                                

Liliana Ponce                                                                  


Half Moon Bay                                                                  

Christopher Hepp                                                               



Brittany Graham                                                                



Liliana Acosta                                                                  

Sara Dutra                                                                     



Marisela Arroyo                                                                 

Shauna Barringer                                                               

Elizabeth Bettencourt Machado                                                  

Wesley Caetano                                                                  

Melissa Carmo                                                                  

Jose Cuevas                                                                    

Chris Culver                                                                    

Jason De Silva                                                                 

Patricia Holaday                                                               

Emily Lomas                                                                    

Joshua Madruga                                                                 

Andrew Marson                                                                  

Trevor Mccans                                                                  

Julie Oliveira                                                                  

Sara Raposo                                                                    

Lourdes Santos                                                                 

Joshua Seward                                                                   

Diana Snider                                                                   

Jocelyn Stockwell                                                              


Yecenia Alfaro                                                                 

Kristina Garcia                                                                

Jenica Szirmay                                                                  


Kristen Bayley                                                                 

Brittany Bellmer                                                                

Christa Brooks                                                                 

Nicole Brown                                                                   

Logan Coats                                                                    

James Comfort                                                                  

Martha Gonzalez                                                                

Randee Harcrow                                                                 

Diandra Hilton                                                                 

Jeromy Hook                                                                    

Michelle Johnson                                                               

Allison Kuehl                                                                   

Juliet Larbie                                                                  

Teneya Merriam                                                                 

Gabriela Pena                                                                   

Julia Perez                                                                    

Susane Reis                                                                    

April Sanchez                                                                   

Krishawn Stone                                                                 

Francisca Vasquez                                                              

Sandra Vasquez                                                                  

Kevin Williams                                                                 


Huntington Beach                                                               

Austin Davis                                                                    



Francesca De Luca                                                              

Brittany George                                                                



Mallory Carpenter                                                              



Cassandra Cancimilla                                                           

Alma Castillo                                                                  

Portia Erb                                                                     

James Parra                                                                     

Knights Ferry                                                                  

Amanda Wright                                                                  

La Grange                                                                       

Jennifer Favors                                                                

Amanda Winter                                                                  

Ladera Ranch                                                                    

Kevin Stephens                                                                 


Lake Elsinore                                                                  

Benjamin Heimann                                                                



Marissa Canosa                                                                 



Scott Johnson                                                                  



Katrina Chacon                                                                 

Glenn Clough                                                                   

David Farnsworth                                                               

Nicholas Hunter                                                                

Leslie Lemus                                                                    

Ana Pacheco                                                                    



Zachary Daniels                                                                 

Lemon Grove                                                                    

Jessica Baumann                                                                


Jessica Anderson                                                               

Kelly Bockmon                                                                  

Andrew Parks                                                                    

Heather Stewart                                                                



Charlene Emerson                                                                

Allison Hawkins                                                                

Sarah Lamee                                                                    

Joey Nunes                                                                     



Karina Alvarado                                                                

Martha Cedillos                                                                

Daisy Cruz                                                                      

Manpreet Dola                                                                  

Blane Franca                                                                   

Martha Fuentes                                                                  

Linda Galvan                                                                   

Breanne Jantz                                                                  

Maria Jeronimo                                                                  

Micky Jhawar                                                                   

Jaspreet Kaur                                                                  

Maninder Kaur                                                                   

Amardeep Kung                                                                  

Leah Machado                                                                   

Alyssa Martinez                                                                 

Maribel Mendoza                                                                

Cristina Ramirez                                                               

Cristina Razo Belmonte                                                          

Jessica Rodriguez                                                              

Herman Sahota                                                                  

Rebecca Samalino                                                               

Valter Santos                                                                  



Sherry Connell                                                                 

Heather Crume                                                                   

Carmen Flores                                                                  

Rebecca Lane                                                                   

Melissa Levy                                                                    

Steven Ramsower                                                                

Courtney Rodacker                                                              

Kenneth Sarisky                                                                 

Danielle Small                                                                 

Jaron Weston                                                                   

Demetrios Zarefakis                                                             

Long Beach                                                                     

Bryce Brown                                                                    


Los Banos                                                                       

Martin Azevedo                                                                 

James Baker Jr.                                                                

Ilana Benson                                                                   

Pedro Bueno                                                                    

Sarah Burr                                                                     

Michelle Ferreira                                                              

Mark Henley                                                                     

Shanna Iudice                                                                  

Octavio Jimenez                                                                

Sara Maldonado                                                                  

Fidel Mendoza                                                                  

Fidel Munoz                                                                    

Claudia Perez                                                                   

Daniel Ramirez                                                                 

Shante Ruiz                                                                    

Ellen Storlie                                                                   


Noah Palacios                                                                  



Janae Aldea                                                                    

Kevin Allred                                                                   

Jenelle Anselmo                                                                

Csaba Baba                                                                     

Loren Babiera                                                                  

Kristen Barker                                                                 

Kelsey Bennett                                                                 

Meghan Brenner                                                                 

Timothy Bywater                                                                

Amber Candido                                                                   

Deborah Cardoza                                                                

Shelby Christeson                                                              

Chelsea Deerinck                                                                

Janine Egan                                                                    

Nicole Elling                                                                  

Tyler Etter                                                                     

Janine Fassler                                                                 

Denae Fredriks                                                                 

Serena Gentry                                                                   

Gagandeep Ghuman                                                               

Christin Gowan                                                                 

Michelle Hamm                                                                   

Ashley Hammarstrom                                                             

Jessica Harris                                                                 

Mindy Hughett                                                                  

Katie Johnson                                                                  

Kristen Johnson                                                                

Andrea Kamper                                                                  

Autumn Kirby                                                                    

Victoria Kirby                                                                 

Anne Krueger                                                                   

Camille LaRocque                                                                

Jennifer Laughlin                                                              

Enrique Lopez                                                                  

Matthew Medina                                                                  

Angela Morrow                                                                  

Kathryn Murphy                                                                 

Mark Myers                                                                      

Nolan Ortiz                                                                    

Jennifer Pino                                                                  

Kalena Plath                                                                    

Devin Raymond                                                                  

Tomas Ribota                                                                   

Crystal Rivera                                                                 

Michelle Robinson                                                              

Perry Settlemoir                                                               

Tiler Templeton                                                                

Tyler Thiele                                                                    

Thomas Tico                                                                    

Alyssa Toone                                                                   

Courtney Toone                                                                  

Zachary Wiedemann                                                              

Patrick Windschitl                                                             

Heather Wulff                                                                   

Leslie Young                                                                   

Lindsey Young                                                                  



Nicholas Lapena                                                                



Jennifer Adamson                                                                

Michael Burr                                                                   

Kylie Chappell                                                                 

Jonathan Ebie                                                                  

Kasey Glenn                                                                    

Laura Glenn                                                                    

Robert Jaekle                                                                  

Wesley Riddle                                                                  


Perla Alamo                                                                    

Maira Araiza                                                                    

Luis Araujo                                                                    

Nicole Avila                                                                   

Veronica Avila                                                                  

April Banda                                                                    

Joseph Bauer                                                                   

Larra Brawley                                                                   

Alexia Brooks                                                                  

Phillip Byrne                                                                  

Rodrigo Calderon                                                                

Chong Chang                                                                    

Song Chang                                                                     

Tawni Crafts                                                                    

Scott Donaldson                                                                

Debbie Felker                                                                  

Brooke Fuller                                                                  

Jeffrey Fuller                                                                 

Justine Giacalone                                                              

Ashley Goss                                                                    

Robert Gray                                                                     

Monica Guzman                                                                  

Scott Hawkins                                                                  

Adriana Hernandez                                                               

Alejandro Hernandez                                                            

Juan Hernandez                                                                 

Gabriel Holtz                                                                   

Miki Ito                                                                       

Avilene Jimenez                                                                

Bhupinder Kaur                                                                  

Michelle Kittel                                                                

Sarah Lamas                                                                    

Stephanie Landavazo                                                             

Patrice Little                                                                 

Catherine Lund                                                                 

Juridia Maldonado                                                              

Erik Meidlinger                                                                

William Mitchell                                                               

Mai Moua                                                                       

Efrain Muro Arellano                                                            

Vanessa Noya                                                                   

Diana Nunez-Gomez                                                              

Karina Ortega                                                                   

Abby Peretz                                                                    

Seferina Perez                                                                 

Vivian Pittman                                                                  

Liliana Pulido                                                                 

Brenda Reyes                                                                   

John Saelee                                                                     

Allysha Sapien                                                                 

Michael Shields                                                                

Mike Soria                                                                      

Jennifer Swiger                                                                

Robyn Sysavath                                                                 

Makiko Terazaki                                                                

Dolores Torres Gomez                                                           

Zachary Urena                                                                  

Lisa Vang                                                                      

Pang Foua Vang                                                                  

Megan Whitley                                                                  

Elizabeth Whitmyre                                                             

Amy Xiong                                                                       

Sherry Xiong                                                                   

Tou Xiong                                                                      

Mai Yang                                                                        

Maibao Yang                                                                    

Katie Young                                                                    

Mi Wuk Village                                                                  

Rhonda Alexander                                                               

Johanan Kelleher Kelleher                                                      

Julia Stephens                                                                  


Mi-Wuk Village                                                                 

Dan DeMattei                                                                   

John Pradenas                                                                  



Rebekah Nelson                                                                 


Mission Viejo                                                                  

Joelle Fusaro                                                                  



Regina Aaron                                                                   

Brandy Abel                                                                     

Cheryl Albers                                                                  

Martha Alberto                                                                 

Jawsem Al-Hashash                                                               

Amel Alsufi                                                                    

Sonia Alvarado                                                                 

Janaea Ange                                                                     

Adlin Ansarikalbiri                                                            

Christina Arguelles                                                            

Kirk Arita                                                                      

Jennifer Arnold                                                                

Jessica Arredondo                                                              

Guadalupe Arzola                                                                

Jessica Avina                                                                  

Gurpreet Bains                                                                 

Stefanie Baker                                                                 

Lauren Balos                                                                   

Caitlin Barker                                                                 

Jenna Barrale                                                                  

Heidi Bauman                                                                    

Elda Bautista                                                                  

Jennica Baxter                                                                 

Devin Beggs                                                                     

Kristy Benjamin                                                                

Catherine Bennett                                                              

Michelle Bergquist                                                              

Erika Betschart                                                                

Heather Blount                                                                 

Judith Blount                                                                   

Dana Bondi                                                                     

Danielle Boudreaux                                                             

Ashley Boyer                                                                    

Matthew Bragg                                                                  

James Breeze                                                                   

Jeffrey Brown                                                                  

Andrew Bunch                                                                   

Ester Burciu                                                                   

Joni Busby                                                                     

Erik Calbreath                                                                  

Jorge Camarena                                                                 

Brian Carlson                                                                  

Shawn Carrera                                                                   

Susanne Casey                                                                  

Alejandra Castellanos                                                          

Erika Castillo                                                                  

Gabriela Castillo                                                              

Miguel Castillo                                                                

Rebecca Castle                                                                  

Brett Castro                                                                   

Erin Castro                                                                    

Scott Charlton                                                                  

Ashleigh Chavez                                                                

Elaine Chavez                                                                  

Samantha Christensen                                                           

Ashley Clement                                                                 

Chevonne Coronado                                                              

Debra Counts                                                                   

Darrell Creekmore                                                              

Taylor Crossfield                                                              

Chad Cummings                                                                  

Jennifer Cunningham                                                             

Gregory Davis                                                                  

Christina De Witte                                                             

Ronald Delaney                                                                  

Julia Diaz                                                                     

Vivian Diep                                                                    

Adam Dominguez                                                                  

Michael Donlon                                                                 

Rachel Doornenbal                                                              

Rachel Duenas                                                                   

Christopher Duff                                                               

Michael Dyson                                                                  

Kathryn Eng                                                                     

Jennifer Esau                                                                  

Jose Estrada                                                                   

Zoila Estrada                                                                  

Jamie Fannell                                                                  

Kristin Feliciano                                                              

Elisha Ferguson                                                                

Tiffany Fetter                                                                  

Nicole Firpo                                                                   

Jessica Fisher                                                                 

Danelle Ford                                                                    

Jessica Franco                                                                 

Meghan Franksen                                                                

Roberto Galvez                                                                  

Elizabeth Garcia                                                               

Laura Garcia                                                                   

Edgar Garibay                                                                   

Dawn Gibson                                                                    

Brynne Gilham                                                                  

Brian Golden                                                                    

Lisa Gomes                                                                     

Tiffany Green                                                                  

Rachel Grider                                                                  

Georgina Guerrero                                                              

Kristin Hainline                                                               

William Hall                                                                   

Dustin Harakh                                                                   

Michael Harkins                                                                

Shawn Harkins                                                                  

Cammie Harris                                                                   

Bradley Hart                                                                   

Julie Hawkins                                                                  

Natalie Heffner                                                                 

Kimberly Helm                                                                  

Manuel Hernandez-Melgoza                                                       

Allison Hibbard                                                                 

Amber Hill                                                                     

Heather Hill                                                                   

Ashley Hillas                                                                   

Alexander Holmes                                                               

Max Hosmer                                                                     

Ciara Howat                                                                    

Mayra Huerta                                                                   

Melissa Hughes                                                                 

Mary Ibrahim                                                                   

Stephanie Jacobs                                                               

Rebekah Jarrett                                                                

Rizwana Jehan                                                                  

Cecilia Jimenez                                                                 

Yesenia Jimenez                                                                

Christopher Johns                                                              

Ben Johnson                                                                     

Fallon Johnson                                                                 

James Johnson                                                                  

Shawna Johnson                                                                  

Sounita Johnson                                                                

Amanda Jolliff                                                                 

Shannon Jones                                                                   

Divesh Karamchandani                                                           

Nasher Kassim                                                                  

Christina Kelley                                                               

Joel Kennedy                                                                   

Bethany Kerr                                                                   

Sean Kilger                                                                    

Kaitlin Kisling                                                                

Michael Kramer                                                                 

Dale Krueger                                                                   

Jessica Kumar                                                                   

James La Herran                                                                

Sophie Laidler                                                                 

Jessica Lamantia                                                                

Kit Ying Lee                                                                   

Jackson Leverone                                                               

Devin Liotta                                                                    

Rachel Lipari                                                                  

Whitney Loche                                                                  

Josefina Lopez                                                                  

Emilia Louis                                                                   

Gabriele Lucas                                                                 

Cynthia Ludwig                                                                 

Elizabeth Macias-Romo                                                          

Diane Magana                                                                   

Grady Maguire                                                                  

Jaskarandeep Malhi                                                             

Christi Martin                                                                 

Kathryn Martin                                                                 

Jennifer Martinez                                                               

Daniela Martiniuc                                                              

Joseph Mashinchi                                                               

Michelle Mason                                                                  

Jessica Mataka                                                                 

Justine McCullough                                                             

David Mckay                                                                     

Kyle Mckim                                                                     

Yesenia Medina                                                                 

Cortney Megee                                                                   

Tamara Mena Perez                                                              

Cynthia Mendes                                                                 

Tatjana Mendoza                                                                 

Debra Miller                                                                   

Sarah Miller                                                                   

Danielle Minthorn                                                              

Elizabeth Moraca                                                               

William Morgan                                                                 

Alan Mota                                                                      

Agustin Mota Colina                                                             

Donna Moullette                                                                

Bwembya Mulenga                                                                

Janna Nelson                                                                    

Jessica Newsom                                                                 

Joanne Nishiguchi                                                              

Amanda Nordes                                                                   

Jorge Olide                                                                    

Moses Pacheco                                                                  

Matthew Peralta                                                                 

Norma Phatdouang                                                               

Gabriella Pimentel                                                             

Rebecca Plaud                                                                   

Megan Plaza                                                                    

John Powell                                                                    

Marissa Puthuff                                                                

Clara Quadra                                                                   

Timothy Quinn                                                                  

Larry Quintana                                                                 

Jose Ramirez                                                                    

Oscar Ramirez                                                                  

Eloisa Ramos                                                                   

Kelly Rash                                                                      

Jennifer Redding                                                               

Christopher Redner                                                             

Stephanie Reece                                                                 

Keli Reinhardt                                                                 

Emily Renteria                                                                 

Michelle Reynolds                                                               

Glen Rice                                                                      

Katherine Richards                                                             

Elizabeth Rivera                                                                

Christina Robles                                                               

Jenniffer Rocha                                                                

Sergio Rocha                                                                   

Brook Rodrigues                                                                

Reyes Rodriguez                                                                

Teresa Rogers                                                                  

Jennifer Root                                                                   

Mark Rosa                                                                      

Michael Rosenblum                                                              

Raquel Ruelas                                                                   

Jennifer Rugg                                                                  

Jennifer Ruperto                                                               

Devony Rush                                                                     

Michelle Rydman                                                                

Harry Joseph Salud                                                             

Brian San                                                                       

Anthony Sanchez                                                                

Liminsen Sandoval Delgadillo                                                   

Mark Scholl                                                                     

Samantha Shaw                                                                  

Johana Shea                                                                    

Julieta Shea                                                                   

Joseph Silmaro                                                                 

Kristina Silva                                                                 

Laura Silva                                                                    

Seth Simas                                                                      

Selena Sin                                                                     

Erin Sinclair                                                                  

Angelina Singh                                                                  

Gurkirat Singh                                                                 

Bonnie Smith                                                                   

Fred Smith                                                                      

Larry Smith                                                                    

Mathew Snyder                                                                  

Orr Solomon                                                                     

Laura Soriano                                                                  

Andrew Steelman                                                                

Matthew Stephens                                                                

Meaghan Stevenson                                                              

Melissa Stewart                                                                

Tyson Stokman                                                                   

Jeffrey Stone                                                                  

Paige Sullivan                                                                 

Allyssa Tidwell                                                                

Brittany Top                                                                   

Cambria Torres                                                                 

Juliana Tovar                                                                  

Lan Tran                                                                        

Daneal Valouch                                                                 

Heather Van Trease                                                             

Carmen Vecchio                                                                  

Ashley Ventura                                                                 

Gabriela Vera                                                                  

Lee Vu                                                                          

Karin Wagner                                                                   

Richettia Walker                                                               

Jennifer West                                                                   

Meloney West                                                                   

Jonathon Williams                                                              

Heidi Winger                                                                    

Breeann Wright                                                                 

Sarah Wyatt                                                                    

Khou Yang                                                                      

Lue Yang                                                                       

Yer Yang                                                                       

Lillian Ybarra                                                                 

Amanda Yedinak                                                                  

Lenord Younadam                                                                

Nikki Young                                                                    

Teresa Young                                                                    

Lyudmila Yudina                                                                

Lupita Zaragoza                                                                

Orlando Zaragoza                                                                

Jannie Zazueta Perez                                                           

Cesar Zepeda                                                                   



Lauren Barajas                                                                 


Morgan Hill                                                                    

Chase Perez                                                                     



Zachary Nichols                                                                


Nevada City                                                                    

Nick Gailbreath                                                                



Ian Brummel                                                                    

Emily Cimino                                                                   

Noelle Corgiat                                                                 

Ana De La Cruz                                                                 

Virginia Inthichack                                                             

Aide Juarez                                                                    

Karleen Kirby                                                                  

Christopher Mccoy                                                               

Kayla Mclaughlin                                                               

Angela Medeiros                                                                

Janet Rodriguez                                                                 

Alyssa Souza                                                                   



Jonathan Bakken                                                                 

Phillip Barnard                                                                

Seana Bennett                                                                  

Dawn Bongatti-Taylor                                                            

Brittany Boyatt                                                                

Alfred Brennan                                                                 

Marie Brichetto                                                                

Sierra Bryhni                                                                  

Jasmine Cuevas                                                                 

Kristi Davis                                                                   

Justiss Dotinga                                                                 

Marissa Dotinga                                                                

Christopher Engert                                                             

Rebecca Fisher                                                                  

Luis Flores                                                                    

Christine Gage                                                                 

Amanda Gaither                                                                  

Jessica Geiss                                                                  

Natasha Hanley                                                                 

Courtney Hannink                                                                

Whitney Hansen                                                                 

Brenna Jones                                                                   

Justine Keel                                                                    

Lauren Knell                                                                   

Stephanie La Roza                                                              

Maryann Macedo                                                                 

Dustin Morgan                                                                  

Laura Morgan                                                                   

Kimberly Morris                                                                

Julie Moules                                                                    

Hailey Noordewier                                                              

Joan Marie Pagaduan                                                            

Marjorie Pagaduan                                                               

Russell Pooler                                                                 

Donna Porter                                                                   

Alexis Pratt                                                                    

Kara Price                                                                     

David Pritchard                                                                

Alicia Reid                                                                     

Celeste Rodriguez                                                              

Bailey Savage                                                                  

Sarah Stowe                                                                     

Adam Trask                                                                     

Kimberly Turner                                                                

Erynn Wiggins                                                                  

Sydney Williams                                                                



Patricia Byers                                                                 


Nathan Lallas                                                                  



Ahmad Eltejaye                                                                  



Megan Kregger                                                                  


Brigitte Kelly                                                                 



Vanessa Mendoza                                                                 


Danilo Lekic                                                                   


Paso Robles                                                                     

Eufemia Nevarez                                                                



Brooke Altamirano                                                               

Ashley Amador                                                                  

Brandyn Antolak                                                                

Erica Ayala                                                                    

Teresa Azevedo                                                                 

Christina Boyle                                                                

Taylor Buhler- Scott                                                           

Patricia Calderon                                                              

Andrea Coble                                                                   

Colin Danks                                                                    

Loren Deadmond                                                                  

Zubair Desai                                                                   

Lauren Fennell                                                                 

Duvahn Ferreira                                                                 

Cecilia Flores                                                                 

Eric Gnesa                                                                     

Dallan Guzinski                                                                 

Jordyn Johnson                                                                 

Tarah Mccomak                                                                  

Ciera Munro                                                                     

Katy Penland                                                                   

Stephanie Sanchez                                                              

Vanessa Sanchez Lopez                                                          

Kelly Vink                                                                     

Matthew Vink                                                                   

Sarah Ziessler                                                                 


Daniel Neisess                                                                 



Amanda Moore                                                                    



Daisy Murillo                                                                  

Janet Murillo                                                                   

Bertha Sanchez                                                                 

Fatima Silva                                                                   

Elizabeth Zaragoza                                                              


Kate Maduell                                                                   

Maria Ordaz                                                                     


Porter Ranch                                                                   

Gina Lee                                                                       



Charles McMonagle                                                              


Rancho Cordova                                                                 

Brittany Cano                                                                  

Kristina Magness                                                               


Red Bluff                                                                      

Kelli Coffman                                                                  


Sharon Badin                                                                   


Rio Vista                                                                      

Kerri Khan                                                                      



Bobby Allsup                                                                   

Nicholas Ball                                                                   

Jenna Brown                                                                    

Jason Dole                                                                     

Nicole Duran                                                                    

Sophair Em                                                                     

Kristina Fisher                                                                

Nicole Fisher                                                                   

Rachel Frase                                                                   

Shelly Gates                                                                   

Sarah Hancock                                                                   

Michael Hudelson                                                               

Danielle Jespersen                                                             

Robin Lago                                                                     

Kassandra Lub                                                                  

Nikki Mcpherson                                                                

Sarah Moller                                                                   

Garrett Neeley                                                                  

Nicolle Newhard                                                                

Sanfrancisco Nguyen                                                            

Christine Rocheleau                                                             

Vanessa Rodriguez                                                              

Jocelyn Ruiz                                                                   

Joseph Segura                                                                   

Ashley Shields                                                                 

William Shiu                                                                   

Jacqueline Thatcher                                                             

Cameron Tyler                                                                  

Travis Tyler                                                                   

Cole Williams                                                                   

Heather Wood                                                                   



Monica Chhim                                                                   

Rebekah Ching                                                                  

Brian Collins                                                                  

Ana Garnica                                                                    

Danny Geren                                                                     

Bethany Gucene                                                                 

Jillian Hanks                                                                  

Amanda Heinrichs                                                                

Maribel Hernandez                                                              

Ariah Hume                                                                     

Jessica Jennings                                                                

Kyle Johnson                                                                   

Carolyn Le                                                                     

Crystal Leal-Ramirez                                                            

Jaime Lizarraga                                                                

Marlene Lizarraga                                                              

Areli Lopez                                                                     

Stephen Lozano                                                                 

Esther Luca                                                                    

Elise Martinez                                                                 

Nicole Mattern                                                                 

Raquel Medina                                                                  

Jennifer Nguyen                                                                

Christina Ortiz                                                                

Jessica Pedota                                                                 

Francisco Pineda                                                               

Aleah Rosario                                                                   

Suzi Samuel                                                                    

Robert Searway                                                                 

Lesya Susid                                                                     

Taras Susid                                                                    

Miguel Toledo                                                                  

Silvina Vigil-Calderon                                                          

Ricardo Villavicencio                                                          

Bryan Williams                                                                 



Richard Albert                                                                 

Kristel Anderson                                                               

Alejandra Morales                                                               



Andrew Kue                                                                     

Korin Vallejo                                                                  


Celene Alfaro                                                                  

Kristina Bethel                                                                

Kathy Borges                                                                    

Ashlee Brum                                                                    

Sandra Chavarria                                                               

Sarah Cole                                                                      

Lorena Duenas                                                                  

Karolyn Hamlin                                                                 

Whitney Kingsland                                                               

Chere Menard                                                                   

Sean Tomberlin                                                                 

Tami Trock                                                                      

Amanda Vega                                                                    

Dana Whetstone                                                                 



Nick Pieracci                                                                  


San Bernardino                                                                 

Danielle Fletcher                                                              


San Diego                                                                      

Jacqueline Garcia                                                              

Breean Johnson                                                                 

Vanesa Reibstein                                                               

Yesenia Robles                                                                 

Solar Siriphone                                                                

San Jose                                                                        

Janet Mendez                                                                   

Jessie Miles Poblacion                                                         

Harpreet Singh                                                                  

Jessica St.Jean                                                                


San Leandro                                                                    

Oscar Tovar                                                                     

San Miguel                                                                     

Carl Schulze                                                                   


Santa Barbara                                                                   

Marisela Evert-Burks                                                           


Santa Clara                                                                    

Andrew Grayson                                                                  


Santa Clarita                                                                  

Laura Wright                                                                   



Rebecca Dycaico                                                                


Scotts Valley                                                                  

Cleary Wunder                                                                  


Sherman Oaks                                                                    

Nicole Emens                                                                   


Simi Valley                                                                    

Kimberly Dinardo                                                                


Griselda Casillas                                                              


Brenda Dorsett                                                                 

Jana Evans                                                                     

Susannah Frantz                                                                 

Susanna Gray                                                                   

Kristine Haugh                                                                 

Shelami Kirk                                                                    

Breeann Kochel                                                                 

Andrea Laney                                                                   

Tranette Lyons                                                                  

Krysta Sergent                                                                 

Melissa Urquhart                                                               

Janelle Wynn                                                                   


Adriana Ambriz                                                                 

Steven Artle                                                                   

Cecily Ballungay                                                                

Samantha Bennett                                                               

Shane Brookshire                                                               

Valerie Bryant                                                                  

Meghan Bullington                                                              

Amy Butterfield                                                                

Luis Caloca                                                                     

Shannon Campbell                                                               

Brenda Carrillo                                                                

Rafael Carrillo                                                                 

Crystal Cervantes                                                              

Vanessa Cervantes                                                              

Rachel Chamousis                                                                

Jonathan Craig                                                                 

Jose Cruz                                                                      

Laurence Cutlip II                                                             

Jose Delgado                                                                   

Annelyse Delucchi                                                              

Crystal Egoroff                                                                

Rodney Elliott                                                                  

Daisy Fernandez                                                                

Christina Flores                                                               

Jaclyn Galvez                                                                   

Jose Garcia                                                                    

Christie Giannecchini                                                          

Manminder Grewal                                                                

Kelly Guest                                                                    

Alisia Harrell                                                                 

Fong Heu                                                                        

Efrain Hinojosa                                                                

Torrie Hughes                                                                  

Deborah Ingram                                                                  

Carmen Jones                                                                   

Eddie Jones                                                                    

Zeeshan Ladak                                                                  

Davina Lara                                                                    

Cher Lee                                                                       

Diana Leos                                                                     

Jenniffer Leyva                                                                

Claudia Llamas-Caballero                                                       

Xuily Lo                                                                       

Heather Mandujan                                                                

Jenny Moore                                                                    

Sergio Munguia                                                                 

Sarah Munoz                                                                     

Mylien Nguyen                                                                  

Vu Nguyen                                                                      

Yasmin Nihad                                                                    

Stephanie Ochoa                                                                

Chante Orlando                                                                 

Michael Padgett                                                                 

Jessica Padilla                                                                

Michelle Queirolo                                                              

Saul Ramirez                                                                   

Famh Seng Saephanh                                                             

Toui Saly                                                                      

Karina Sanchez                                                                 

Jesslynn Saxton                                                                

Aubrey Sharp                                                                   

Jonathan Singer                                                                

Sylvia Soliven                                                                  

Krystle Sonico                                                                 

Louis Stearns                                                                  

Marissa Surritt                                                                 

Gerimar John Tabbay                                                            

Mong Hoai Huong Tran                                                           

Cher Vang                                                                       

Donna Vinson                                                                   

Dan Wan                                                                        

Michelle Warthan                                                                

Leighann Wells                                                                 

Leroi Williams                                                                 

Stewart Willis                                                                  

Toni Willis-Mack                                                               

Cheril Wireback                                                                

Joseph Wong                                                                    

Cindy Xiong                                                                    

Johnny Xiong                                                                   

Mai Yang                                                                       

Yeng Yang                                                                       

Sharon Young                                                                   



Evony Avelar                                                                    

Elizabeth Bloch                                                                

Sarah Bravo                                                                    

Matthew Collins                                                                 

Kevin Cook                                                                     

Brytni Corso                                                                   

Shannon Corso                                                                   

Melissa Fagundes                                                               

Jennifer Grover                                                                

Rachel Harmon                                                                   

Brandyn Harvey                                                                 

Trevor Jackson                                                                 

Sean Kerr                                                                      

Jason Khan                                                                     

Mazakara Khan                                                                  

Molly Koehn                                                                    

Jesus Lopez                                                                     

Javier Moreno                                                                  

Allison Nixon                                                                  

Christine Ortega                                                                

Jose Parocua                                                                   

Danette Poole                                                                  

Quratulain Qazi                                                                 

Tia Shelley                                                                    

Thea Teeter                                                                    

Alana Turner                                                                    

Jacques Varney                                                                 

Nicole Verduzco                                                                

Sarah Wingo                                                                     

Jennifer Zona                                                                  



Alicia Loya                                                                    



Raymond Abbasi                                                                 

Jacob Addington                                                                

Ashley Adi                                                                      

Annemarie Aguirre                                                              

Randy Akin                                                                     

Erik Alair                                                                      

Brandee Alfaro                                                                 

Natascia Al-Kass                                                               

Justin Alldredge                                                                

Michael Allen                                                                  

Heather Allison                                                                

Yesenia Alvarado                                                                

Dominick Amador                                                                

Katie Amador                                                                   

Fatima Ambrocio                                                                 

Ashley Amerino                                                                 

Ashley Amirfar                                                                 

Jessica Anderson                                                               

Meredith Andre                                                                 

Lydia Arakelian                                                                

Yessica Arenas                                                                 

Hannah Arp                                                                     

Joanne Marie Atmosfera                                                         

Iqbal Atwal                                                                    

Richard Avanes                                                                  

Trenton Avilla                                                                 

Amanda Bailey                                                                  

Danielle Bailey                                                                 

Peter Balisha                                                                  

Madeline Bantly                                                                

Tiffany Barrett                                                                 

Amita Bassi                                                                    

James Bayan                                                                    

Shiloh Beardsley                                                                

Michelle Belloli                                                               

Nicole Bernaciak                                                               

Jessica Bettencourt                                                             

Brandi Blackman                                                                

Devin Blocher                                                                  

Frank Borba                                                                    

Bethany Boren                                                                  

Allison Borges                                                                 

Valetta Boudreau                                                               

Amanda Boyer                                                                    

Bianca Bravo                                                                   

Jessica Bravo                                                                  

Michael Bredenberg                                                              

Ashley Britt                                                                   

Andrew Brown                                                                   

Chlo? Brown                                                                     

Joe Brown                                                                      

Jonathan Brown                                                                 

Sean Brown                                                                      

Ashley Bullard                                                                 

Jenai Burdick                                                                  

Tara Burlingame                                                                 

Jania Burnam                                                                  

Jordan Burnam                                                                   

Edgar Campbell                                                                 

Karlee Campbell                                                                

Hannah Carlson                                                                 

Matthew Cavanaugh                                                              

Rachel Cederwall                                                                

Logan Champion                                                                 

Madhukar Chandra                                                               

Kit Chang                                                                       

Chad Clark                                                                     

Ashley Class                                                                   

Shelby Cockrell                                                                 

Dinah Copple                                                                   

Nicole Cross                                                                   

Martin Crouse                                                                   

Erika Cunha                                                                    

Nicole Dabulewicz                                                              

Shawn Daniel                                                                    

Abreya Daniels                                                                 

Joshua Danner                                                                  

Jade Delacruz                                                                  

Nicole Deleon                                                                  

Luis Delgado                                                                   

Kristi Dubyak                                                                  

Shawna Dubyak                                                                   

Tiare Dwight                                                                   

Dave Joie Dy                                                                   

Chelsea Eads                                                                    

Rabeen Eddy                                                                    

Renee Eilerts                                                                  

Ramoeil Eilyazadeh-Moushabad                                                    

Jayson Elliott                                                                 

Josef Eshraghi                                                                 

Heather Eubanks                                                                 

Isaac Farhadian                                                                

Casey Filkins                                                                  

Emily Fletcher                                                                  

Michael Flores                                                                 

Manuel Freitas                                                                 

Kayla Frisch                                                                   

Adrina Gabriel                                                                 

Daisy Galvan                                                                   

Lindsay Garcia                                                                 

Chelsea Gibbs                                                                   

Ashlyn Gonzales                                                                

Stephanie Gonzalez                                                             

Hillaree Guay                                                                   

Crystal Gutierrez                                                              

Andrew Hall                                                                    

Lauren Hall                                                                     

Shannon Harper                                                                 

Justin Hartsfield                                                              

Amanda Haynam                                                                   

Cameron Hazer                                                                  

Nathan Hedlind                                                                 

Margarita Henriquez                                                             

Amber Hernandez                                                                

Jose Hernandez                                                                 

Ricardo Hernandez                                                               

Tania Hernandez                                                                

Erica Isenberg                                                                 

Sabrina Isley                                                                  

Richard Jarman                                                                 

Kaden Jenner                                                                   

Romina Jimenez                                                                 

Sirenia Jimenez                                                                 

Adriana Jimenez-Ramirez                                                        

Etta Johnson                                                                   

Jessica Johnson                                                                 

Adam Jorge                                                                     

Jonathan Kamp                                                                  

Christopher Kaster                                                              

Daswinder Kaur                                                                 

Kimberly Kelleher                                                              

Stephanie Kelleher                                                              

Adrielle Kent                                                                  

Bryan King                                                                     

Jaimie Kinimaka                                                                 

Jessica LaCoursiere                                                            

Monica Lara                                                                    

Alyssa Larsen                                                                  

Sandy Lavito                                                                   

Anabel Leal                                                                    

Jessica Lee                                                                    

Kristin Lee                                                                     

Benjamin Leonard                                                               

James Lesondak Jr                                                             

Kimberly Lesondak                                                               

Kari Leung                                                                     

Jonathan Li                                                                    

Tabitha Lilly                                                                   

Nakia Living                                                                   

Kelly Lizarraga                                                                

Kristen Lizarraga                                                               

Megan Loghry                                                                   

Marina Long                                                                    

Elizabeth Lopez                                                                 

Maira Leticia Lopez                                                            

James Luster                                                                   

Teresa Madruga                                                                 

Orkhan Mahammadi                                                               

Jessie Manning                                                                 

Christopher Marcallino                                                         

Griselda Marquez                                                               

Michael Martin                                                                 

Verenice Martinez                                                              

Matthew Mcginthy                                                                

Colleen Mckendrick                                                             

Ariana Mendes                                                                  

Krista Messer                                                                   

Shunya Michikawa                                                               

Amarseen Mikael                                                                

Gale Mink                                                                       

Sully Miranda                                                                  

Mario Montes                                                                   

Sarah Moore                                                                     

Romeo Mora                                                                     

Crystal Morales                                                                

Robert Morrissey                                                               

Michelle Morse                                                                 

Danielle Nascimento                                                            

Steven Navarrete                                                               

Justin Nevels                                                                  

Nancy Nissan                                                                   

Keely Noonan                                                                   

Youhanna Novinabaji                                                             

Eric Nystrom                                                                   

Grant Oden                                                                     

Chelsea Oliver                                                                  

Carlos Ontiveros-Garcia                                                        

Stephanie Oropesa                                                              

Ilouna Oushana                                                                  

Elicia Padlo                                                                   

Stefanie Palmquist                                                             

Evan Parker                                                                     

Sarah Parker                                                                   

Yohan Partan                                                                   

Rosaura Pena                                                                   

Adriana Perez                                                                  

Joseph Perry                                                                   

Arianna Pleitez                                                                

Anthony Polous                                                                 

Melanie Ponceano                                                               

Jesse Puett                                                                    

Elizabeth Quinley                                                               

Dalia Rasho                                                                    

Michelle Reagor                                                                

Lisa Rebsamen                                                                   

Kayla Reeder                                                                   

Jordan Reese                                                                   

Katie Renke                                                                     

Dustin Rocha                                                                   

Samantha Rosa                                                                  

Maria Ruelas                                                                    

Jordan Rushing                                                                 

Michael Salegui                                                                

Victoria Salisbury                                                              

Andrew Sanchez                                                                 

Christen Sanchez                                                               

Adabel Sarhad                                                                  

Mikayla Saxton                                                                 

Petra Schaaf                                                                   

Ayla Schlecht                                                                  

Jordan Schmeck                                                                  

Sarah Schraeder                                                                

Amanda Schweiner                                                               

Jeremy Sederquist                                                               

Erica Segovia                                                                  

Adam Serpa                                                                     

Ben Serpa                                                                       

Delolita Severan-Sally                                                         

Sonia Shakir                                                                   

Jacquelynn Shaw                                                                 

Ying Shi                                                                       

Kristin Showalter                                                              

Benjamin Siegel                                                                 

Jana Siemens                                                                   

Stephanie Sierra                                                               

Tawny Sigala                                                                   

James Sisco                                                                    

Allison Smith                                                                  

Derek Smith                                                                    

Hillary Smith                                                                   

Melissa Snow                                                                   

Lauren Snowden                                                                 

Lauren Soto-Figueroa                                                            

Eric Sousa                                                                     

Traci Sprague                                                                  

Shannon Springer                                                                

Teena Starchman                                                                

Christina Stephenson                                                           

Zach Stillman                                                                   

Kadie Sutherland                                                               

Alexa Tallman                                                                  

David Thompson                                                                  

Erik Todd                                                                      

Abel Trujillo                                                                  

Rose Tuttle                                                                    

Gabe Velez                                                                     

Heather Walker                                                                 

Tiffany Waterson                                                               

Louise Webb                                                                     

Andrew Willis                                                                  

Winona Wilson                                                                  

Richard Winkler                                                                 

Amber Wooten                                                                   

Lindy Wright                                                                   

Binnara Yoo                                                                     

Sintia Younan                                                                  


Twain Harte                                                                    

Stephanie Graham                                                                

Sloan Hanna                                                                    

Kristina Simmons                                                               

Stephanie Wurz                                                                  


Twentynine Palms                                                               

Anthony Smith                                                                  



Randy Winans                                                                   



Felipe Sahagun                                                                 


Valley Springs                                                                 

Brittany Bruegel                                                               

Amanda Crocker                                                                 

Jana Glines-Harvey                                                              

Wesley Rawlings-Cernera                                                        

Monica Saina                                                                   

Amanda Warden                                                                   


Melissa Morgan                                                                 


Desirae Gonzalez                                                               



Jason Barnett                                                                   

Amy Denton                                                                     

Alysia Harris                                                                  

Matthew Vander Schuur                                                           



Bonnie Hunter                                                                  



Krista Berryhill                                                               

Penny Brennan                                                                  

Camille Cole                                                                   

Richard Gilbert                                                                

Samantha Nall                                                                  

Daymon Peterson                                                                

Chandra Renfrow                                                                 

Marcella Santos                                                                

Jonathan Viss                                                                  


Yesenia Gonzalez                                                               



Amanda Adams                                                                    


Heather Zankich                                                                



Dolores Carrillo-Duarte                                                        

Maria Gallaga                                                                  

Alicia Mendoza                                                                  

Ruth Olguin                                                                    

Alfonso Rodriguez                                                              

Toua Vue                                                                       

Mary White                                                                     



Emiko Nakagawa                                                                 

Amanjit Samra                                                                   


Nicholas Froehlich                                                             

Yorba Linda                                                                     

Travis Newman                                                                  


Yuba City                                                                      

Angela Ohland                                                                   

AK-Cooper Landing                                                              

Brittany Scott                                                                 


Kevin Maloney                                                                  



Marissa Hager                                                                   



Jennesa Knight                                                                 



Dawson Vorderbruegge                                                           



Lucas Britton                                                                  



Brandon Savage                                                                 



Traci Beihlharz                                                                


Mackenzie Flandro                                                              


China – Chengdu Sichuan                                                           

Zheng Zhu                                                                      


Kenya – Kisii                                                                    

Stella Momanyi                                                                  

Thailand – Bangkok                                                                  

Jaripattra Samervongs                                                          


Yemen – Sanaa                                                                     

Sumaia Al-Kohlani

California State University, Stanislaus
Spring 2009 Honorable Mention Dean’s List

Angels Camp                                                                    

Emily Middleton                                                                

Teri Olivas                                                                    



Guadalupe Becerra                                                              

Christine Botwright                                                            

Regina Charron-Strauss                                                         

Antonio Garcia                                                                 

Jenna Henriques                                                                 

Harinder Kaur                                                                  

Laura Luczek                                                                   

Janine Martin                                                                   

Belen Medina                                                                   

Marcela Menecez                                                                

Renee Pena                                                                      

Phillip Rubalcava                                                              

Julie Strong                                                                   

Donald Woods                                                                    

Mailia Yang                                                                    

Claudia Zambrano-ponce                                                         



Imelda Gonzalez                                                                



Christine Stonecypher                                                          

Kimberly Stonecypher                                                           



Domarina Benyamin                                                              


Catheys Valley                                                                  

Georgina Lara                                                                  



Ana Cornejo                                                                     

Elena Gonzalez                                                                 

Brittany Howell                                                                

Vanessa Hunter                                                                  

Michael Keener                                                                 

Maria Luna Gomez                                                               

Rosalva Medina                                                                  

Cynthia Rodriguez                                                              

Julie Salonga                                                                  

Philip Strangio                                                                 



Bryan Bump                                                                     



Dulce Granados-Aquino                                                          


Crows Landing                                                                  

Juan Pasillas                                                                  

Daly City                                                                       

Melanie Tang                                                                   



Jessica Delgado                                                                 

Jessica Grimaldo                                                               

Amber Kunnen                                                                   

Denisse Monroy                                                                  

Eliana Naranjo                                                                 

Cynthia Nunez                                                                  

Harold Peeples                                                                  

Ramon Plascencia                                                               

Tamara Pulido                                                                  

Soledad Ramos                                                                   

Kou Thao                                                                       

Delilah Vasquez                                                                

Chevelle Viveiros                                                              



Alfonso Flores                                                                 

Laura Garcia                                                                   

Abram Perea                                                                     

Jennifer Pimlott                                                               

Shasta Steiner                                                                 


Dos Palos                                                                       

Sharon Leroux                                                                  

Cecilia Soto-Chairez                                                           


John Davis                                                                     

Rita Homen                                                                     

Jena Reid                                                                       

Marcie Ryan                                                                    



Bao Fang                                                                        



Nicole Stinson                                                                 

Tracy Stinson                                                                   

Malissa Stotts                                                                 



Ruth De Hoyos                                                                  



Zulema Guzman                                                                  



Jennifer Golding                                                                

Martin Ramos Jr                                                                



Stacy Cooley                                                                    

Roselynne Holley                                                               



David DeMateo                                                                   

Julio Ortiz                                                                    



Helen Arguelles Gudino                                                          

Parveen Dosanjh                                                                

Gena Douds                                                                     

Larry Hatfield                                                                  

Jessica Lopez                                                                  

Guillermo Madrigal                                                             

Patricia Moreno                                                                 

Cynthia Newsome                                                                

Xochitl Sosa Vazquez                                                           

Cori Stubbs                                                                    

Charmaine Tanis                                                                

Martha Velasco                                                                 


Joshua Tree                                                                    

Jennifer Steffler                                                               



Lourdes Mendoza                                                                


Channing Cornell                                                               



Andrei Calderin Espinosa                                                        

Mohammad Khan                                                                  

Starla Marquez                                                                 



Yanet Garcia                                                                   

Zachary Thompson                                                               



Sarah Skitch                                                                   



Fabian Aguilar                                                                 

Rocelia Arroyo                                                                 

Celina Belmonte                                                                

Adrian Benitez                                                                 

Karina Bugarin                                                                 

Ancelia Carlos                                                                 

Florencio Cervantes                                                            

Yesenia Galvan                                                                  

Hector Garcia                                                                  

Tiffany Ligons                                                                 

ReJon McGuire                                                                   

Simarjit Samra                                                                 

Raul Zamora                                                                    



Stacey Adolf                                                                   

Cheryl Calton                                                                  

Bradly Christy                                                                  

Joanne Delsolar                                                                

Mysa Ghareeb                                                                   

Melissa Heidebrecht                                                             

Stephanie Hughes                                                               

Reyna Leyva                                                                    

Arturo Leyva Zamora                                                            

Rebecca Lipelt                                                                 

Monica Luebberke                                                               

Julie Young                                                                    


Los Banos                                                                       

Alexander Aldana                                                               

Daniel Baca                                                                    

Noel Kemp                                                                       

Shannan Michel                                                                 

Irasema Pineda                                                                 


Amy Godinez                                                                    



Karina Bautista                                                                 

Tina Burch                                                                     

Darrell Canady                                                                 

Matthew Castleman                                                               

Elena Cebreros                                                                 

Rebecca Holden                                                                 

Ryan Johnson                                                                   

Megan Mar                                                                      

Rebecca Miller                                                                 

Rachel Morrisette                                                              

Oscar Paredes                                                                   

Michael Potter                                                                 

Jim Price                                                                      

Victoria Ramirez                                                                

Alvaro Ruiz Jr                                                                 

Alvena Safar                                                                   

Jolien Wychules                                                                 

Zona Zaragoza                                                                  



Ryan Ballinger                                                                  


Erika Andrade                                                                  

Laurie Baria                                                                    

Luis Barragan                                                                  

Kim Bianchi                                                                    

Jeffery Christensen                                                            

Joseph Donabed                                                                 

Sirena Fong                                                                    

Christin Gomes                                                                 

Jeanette Gonzalez                                                              

Adriana Govea-Torres                                                           

Martha Hernandez                                                               

Marcela Herrera                                                                 

Sandra Lopez                                                                   

Jesualda Matos                                                                 

Jessica McMillen                                                                

Acela Middleton                                                                

Eric Price                                                                     

Anthony Prieto                                                                  

Roxanne Renteria                                                               

S Rowan                                                                        

Kao Saetern                                                                     

Margaret Salas                                                                 

Tammy Sanderson                                                                

Mary Stillahn                                                                   

Julie Thao                                                                     

Michael Tillett                                                                

Jennifer Tripp                                                                 

Katherine Tripp                                                                

Elizabeth Van Meter                                                            

Danielle Windia                                                                



Chloe Rainwater                                                                



Lindsay Acevedo Alcarado                                                        

Jaime Aguilar                                                                  

Eileen Aleksani                                                                

Megan Alltus                                                                    

Bronica Badal                                                                  

Megan Barnett                                                                  

Meghan Barrett                                                                  

Steven Bettencourt                                                             

David Boone                                                                    

Elizabeth Briar                                                                 

John Britzke                                                                   

Erika Brown                                                                    

Megan Bryan                                                                    

John Burt                                                                      

Joshua Carlson                                                                 

LaNita Cerqueira                                                               

Franchesca Chavez                                                              

Hak Chhim                                                                      

Casey Coelho                                                                   

Clara Constable                                                                 

Sherrie Cork                                                                   

Laura Cuarenta                                                                 

David Cullum                                                                    

Tracy Danh                                                                     

Yvonne De La Cruz                                                              

Anthony Dominguez                                                               

Rusty Durbin                                                                   

Jennifer Dutcher                                                               

Tracie Eddings                                                                  

Tiffany Eshoo                                                                  

Vanessa Ferrel                                                                 

Amy Forbes                                                                     

Michael Foster                                                                 

Nicole Gecsek                                                                  

Melanee Green                                                                  

Kashmone Hamilton                                                              

Summer Hillas                                                                  

Peiman Hojjatijou                                                              

Linda Holmes                                                                    

Shonna Hoover                                                                  

Lana Isho                                                                      

Diana Jimenez                                                                   

Johnathan Johnson                                                              

Michael Johnson                                                                

Matt Jones                                                                      

Aaron Kinerson                                                                 

Christopher Knoll                                                              

James Kok                                                                       

Katie Konrath                                                                  

Marci Kraft                                                                    

Jodie LaDuca                                                                    

Anthony Laivo                                                                  

Karin Lancaster                                                                

Sholeen Lata                                                                   

Juan Leon                                                                      

Nicholas Leppla                                                                

Grant Lilleston                                                                

Sandra Lua                                                                      

Emily Mall                                                                     

Erika Martin                                                                   

Thomas Martinez              &#