Turlock City Council Meeting Agenda for 07-28-09, Live Webcam Broadcast

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Turlock City Council Agenda
July 28, 2009
7:00 p.m.
City of Turlock Yosemite Room
156 S. Broadway, Turlock, California

B. 1. SALUTE TO THE FLAG: Boy Scout Troop No. 451
2. INVOCATION: Pastor Chris Ritchie, Harvest Christian Center
A. Proclamation: “National Night Out 2009” August 2009 (Taryn Weatherford)
Information concerning the consent items listed hereinbelow has been forwarded to each Councilmember prior to this meeting for study. Unless the Mayor, a Councilmember or member of the audience has questions concerning the Consent Calendar, the items are approved at one time by the Council. The action taken by the Council in approving the consent items is set forth in the explanation of the individual items.
A. Resolution: Accepting Demands of 06/25/09 in the amount of $1,760,345.89
B. Motion: Accepting Minutes of Regular Meeting of July 14, 2009 and Special Meeting of
July 14, 2009
C. Motion: Declaring equipment surplus and obsolete to City needs and authorizing the
sales of same at public auction by Roger Ernst and Associates; and authorizing the sale
of Nextel cellular phones to Sprint on a buy-back program or donation to a non-profit
organization; and declaring certain miscellaneous equipment as scrap and not to be sold
at auction and declaring other miscellaneous scrap equipment to be sold to any
interested parties at fair market value
D. Motion: Approving the Service Agreement with Joe’s Landscaping and Concrete for
nuisance abatement services for Police Department Neighborhood Preservation Division
for an annual amount not to exceed $27,000 (General Fund 110/468-3-53 Nuisance
Abatement) and $54,000 for a period of twenty-four months
E. Resolution: Approving the appropriation of $1,800 to Account No. 146/481-3-21
“Education/Supplies” to be funded from Fund 146 “Bicycle Fund” reserve balance for the
purchase of bicycle license tags in accordance with California Vehicle Code Section
3900-39011 and Turlock Municipal Code 4-1-03 through 4-1-11
F. Motion: Accepting Amendment No. 2 to Contract No. 09-606 with Industrial Electric for
“Fire Station No. 4 Generator Project,” extending the project completion date to
September 30, 2009
G. Resolution: Authorizing the appropriation of $5,000 to 114/700-02-34 “Contract-
Chemical Restrooms” from Fund 114 “Capital Improvement” reserve balance for ADA
compliant restrooms at Pedretti Park
H. Resolution: Authorizing the amendment of the City’s Anti-Drug and Alcohol Misuse
Prevention Program Policy and Procedures
I. Motion: Authorizing staff to release the Preliminary Draft Housing Element for its
mandatory 60-day review by the State Housing and Community Development
Department, for CEQA review and public comment
J. Resolution: Making certain findings and determinations in compliance with Section
XIII.B of the California Constitution and Section 7910 of the California Government Code
and setting the Appropriation Limit for the City of Turlock for the 2009-10 fiscal year
K. Motion: Accepting a Lien Agreement for deferred payment of Capital Facility Fees
between the City of Turlock and Turlock Hospitality, LLC
A. Recommended Action:
Ordinance: Amending Turlock Municipal Code Titles 6 and 10 regarding the presence of
unaltered, vicious, and/or dangerous animals at Sunnyview Dog Park as introduced at
A. Request for approval establishing a lien for payment for the abatement of certain weeds,
obnoxious growth and other debris on property and abandoned vehicles that are a
nuisance to the public. (Boyd)
Recommended Action:
Resolution: Assessing properties for abatement costs and establishing a lien for
B. Request to amend Title 3, Chapter 6, of the Turlock Municipal Code regarding
Hotel/Motel Taxes to be consistent with current practices and to clarify the language.
Recommended Action:
Ordinance: Amending Title 3, Chapter 6, of the Turlock Municipal Code regarding
Hotel/Motel Taxes
This is the time set aside for members of the public to directly address the City Council on any item of interest to the
public, before or during the City Council’s consideration of the item, that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the
City Council. You will be allowed five (5) minutes for your comments. If you wish to speak regarding an item on the
agenda, you may be asked to defer your remarks until the Council addresses the matter.
No action or discussion may be undertaken on any item not appearing on the posted agenda, except that Council
may refer the matter to staff or request it be placed on a future agenda.
A. Request for approval of the appropriation of $78,349 to FY 08-09 Budget and amending
the FY 09-10 budget to reflect a $218,734 reduction to various funds for costs related to
the lay off of employees at June 30, 2009
Recommended Action:
Resolution: Authorizing the appropriation to FY 08-09 of $78,349 and amending th FY
09-10 budget with a reduction of $218,734 to various funds from their respective fund
balances for costs related to the layoff of employees at 6/30/09
B. Request to approve a service agreement with Howk Systems for pump repairs.
Recommended Action:
Motion: Approving the Service Agreement with Howk Systems for annual pumps repairs
for Municipal Services for an annual amount not to exceed $150,000 (Non-General Fund
141 – Water Enterprises) and $300,000 for a period of twenty-four months
C. Request to approve the final Sewer System Master Plan for the City of Turlock (Cooke)
Recommended Action:
Resolution: Certifying as complete and adopting the final Sewer System Master Plan
(SSMP) for the City of Turlock, pursuant to the requirements of the State Water
Resources Control Board
D. Request to approve the purchase of real property at 201 West Olive Avenue for the
development of the City of Turlock’s Public Safety Facility (Pitt)
Recommended Action:
Resolution: Approving the purchase of a parcel of real property located at 201 West
Olive Avenue, Turlock (APN #061-011-054) for the purpose of acquiring the fifth of the
seven parcels needed as part of the development of the City of Turlock’s Public Safety
Facility and authorizing the City Manager to execute the agreement and related
documents to finalize the real property transaction
E. Request for approval to purchase property located at 695 High Street, Turlock, for the
acquisition of additional park land for Columbia Park (Pitt)
Recommended Action:
1. Resolution; Approving the purchase of a 0.139 acre parcel of land located at 695
High Street, more particularly described as Stanislaus County Parcel No. 050-022-040,
for the acquisition of additional park land for the Columbia Park and authorizing funds for
the subsequent demolition of a single family residence
2. Resolution: Appropriating $73,000 to Fund 165/464-07-100 “CP 7 Columbia Park
Land” to be funded from Fund 165 “Columbia Park Land Acquisition” reserve balance in
the amount of $31,000, “Columbia Park Improvements” reserve balance in the amount of
$9,676 and Fund 165/464-07-37 “10-20 City Parks” in the amount of $32,324 for the
purchase of real property located at 695 High Street, more particularly described as
Stanislaus County Assessor’s Parcel, No. 050-022-040
Councilmembers may provide a brief report on notable topics of interest. The Brown Act does not allow discussion or
action by the legislative body.
Conference with Legal Counsel – Anticipated Litigation, Cal. Gov’t Code §54956.9(b)
Potential Cases: (1case)

Council Agenda Packet pdf

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