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Turlock Youth Soccer Association (TYSA) Embezzlement Arrest

The Turlock Police Department Investigations Unit has concluded an investigation into allegations of embezzlement within the TYSA organization.
Anita Ybarra, 42 of Keyes, was arrested on August 25, 2009 at approx 8:15am for violation of California Penal Code 508, a felony.
California Penal Code 508 reads:
Every clerk, agent, or servant of any person who fraudulently appropriates to his own use, or secretes with a fraudulent intent to appropriate to his own use, any property of another which has come into his control or care by virtue of his employment as such clerk, agent, or servant, is guilty of embezzlement.
This matter is now within the jurisdiction of the Stanislaus County District Attorney office. It is not known how the embezzlement occurred and how much Anita Ybarra is accused of taking.
The TYSA website has a message that says:
Dear TYSA family,
In late 2007 there was a concern brought to the TYSA Board, regarding possible fraud within the organization. These concerns were taken very seriously at that time by the prior board. After review, possible fraud was discovered and at that time TYSA turned over the information to the Turlock Police Department in March of 2008.
TYSA has been in existence for over 30 years and is run strictly by volunteers. The currently elected Board has made significant changes in our policies and by laws to prevent future opportunities for misuse. We have a zero tolerance for any person within our organization that does not have the integrity and values that we have established as part of our organization. TYSA is here to help foster the youth of our community and we take that privilege seriously.
We will continue to work with the police department to provide any information they need and for that reason we will not be discussing any specifics of the case. We hope to continue to have the support of our community and local businesses as we move forward.
Thank you to our parents, players, and community for your support,
Les Baptista- Commissioner
Aaron Donahue- Vice Commissioner
Turlock Youth Soccer Board of Directors
If anyone one has additional information regarding this case please contact Detective Steve Hammell at 668-5550 extension 6678
The Turlock Police Department is an active participant in the Crime Stoppers Program.  Callers can leave an anonymous tip by calling Crime Stoppers at (209) 521-4636 and may be eligible for a cash reward. 

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