Turlock Birthdays – January 2010

January 2010

01  -  Bryan Kyte (age 39), Connie Irish (age 45), Donny Yee (age 31), Gina Lima (age 28), Grant Oden (age 23),

02  -  Charlie McCone (age 20), Ellen Wallen (age 40)

03  -  Jason Morais (age 39), Kathy Francesco, Lynnae Pittel Badal, Rachel Smithcamp (age 22), Taylor Lima (age 19)

05  -  Mary Persons (age 21)

06  -  Heather Hernandez (age 25), Todd Davis (age 44)

07  -  Aman Samra, Sam Pilot (age 32),

08  -  Melissa Biondo, Natalie Abdypoor (age 19), Nikki Bartley (26)

09  -  Bobby Swedberg (age 26), Dennis Reeser, Kristin Showalter (age 23), Siera Garcia (age 20)

10  -  Julie Buchanan (age 39), Sarah Osburne (age 20)

11  -  Brenna Butler-Garcia (age 30), Matthew Staack (age 20), Tyler Flaherty (age 30), Victor Mitre (age 33)

12  -  Julie Dowd, Kathy Moules

13  -  Alan Seaton (age 53), Victoria Batesole (age 39)

14  -  Lydia Joy, Mj Forrette Martin (age 44)

15  -  Carlos Sandoval III (age 26), Dana Julien (age 36), Erik Arakelian (age 19), Kalli Eidson (age 16), Ron Barbour

16  -  Lucia Matzer (age 21)

17  -  Traci Sanders (age 40)

19  -  Angela Ronson, Kristin Olsen (age 36)

20  -  Alice Lawrence

21  -  Chelsea Santos (age 18), Dee Nelson, Sonam Narayan, Pierce Carkeet (6)

22  -  Chase Buchanan (age 19), Heidi Williams (age 19), Peter Palmquist (age 30)

23  -  Carlos Fuentes, Lori Crivelli, Travis Renshaw (age 27)

24  -  Jamie Smith (age 18), John Garamendi (age 65), Kimberly Duran

25  -  Audrey Mondragon (age 17), Judi Vercelli Hedstrom, Scott D Roberts (age 39)

26  -  Harry Boucher (age 40), Tommy McPhillips

28  -  Ana Miller (age 46), Ronald Youngdale (age 56)

29  -  Orlanda Reis (age 28), Tyler Matthies (age 21)

30  -  Paul Laranjo (age 49)

31  -  Courtney Schmidt (age 19), Erin Thompson, Troy Old (age 43)

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