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Turlock City News

Road Rage Leads to Roadway Beating, Man Dies

Michael Hoyt, 49 of Turlock, was arrested and facing charges of attempted murder for beating a man due to road rage, but now is facing murder charges after the victim died at the hospital on Tuesday.
Kenneth Winter, 67 of Turlock, was driving in the Paulson and Linwood area when an altercation broke out between Hoyt and Winter on Monday at around noon. Reportedly, a fight broke out between Hoyt and Winter after an intersection argument.
Michael Hoyt allegedly beat Kenneth Winter in the middle of the road after becoming upset with Winter’s driving.
Winter was taken to the hospital where he suffered from internal injuries. Initial reports say that Winter also suffered a cardiac arrest before he died early Tuesday morning.
Michael Hoyt was arrested and has been held at the Stanislaus County Jail without bail. Hoyt is scheduled for an arraignment hearing on Wednesday.
This is an ongoing investigation and Stanislaus County Sheriff’s officials are asking anyone with information regarding the altercation between Hoyt and Winter or witnessed the fight at the Paulson + Linwood Ave. area to please call Detective Darwin Hatfield at 209-525-7100 or Crime Stoppers at 209-521-4636.

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