28th Annual Spring Juried Art Show Reception and Award Ceremony

The Turlock City Arts Commission is proud to announce the award winners of their 28th Annual Spring Juried Art Show and Sale. The exhibition is being presented at the City Gallery, located inside Turlock City Hall at 156 S. Broadway in Turlock. The show runs from March 6 – May 25, with a public reception and awards ceremony scheduled for Thursday, May 25, from 5-7 p.m. 
William Harris of Turlock will take the Best of Show award for his watercolor painting, “Man with Baby” the $350 award is generously sponsored by Teichert Construction. Artel Arts Center sponsors a special award which this year goes to Modesto artist Henrietta Sparkman.
The three juror panel selected 45 outstanding works from among the 105 entries received.  Each year the exhibition is open to artists who live in central California. This year the show includes the work of 76 artists from the communities of Turlock, Modesto, Patterson, Ceres, Merced, Atwater, Oakdale, Manteca, Riverbank, Salida, Stockton, and Waterford. A complete list of award winners and sponsors follows.
Admission to the exhibition is free; hours are 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Friday, and evenings during public meetings (2nd & 4th Tuesdays of each month during City Council meetings; 2nd Thursdays during Arts Commission meetings).
The mission of the Turlock City Arts Commission (TCAC) is to protect and enhance the cultural richness and diversity of the Turlock community by promoting the visual, performing, and literary arts in the city. 
Turlock City Arts Commission’s 28th Annual Spring Juried Art Show Award Winners
Best of Show :
William Harris
 “Man with Baby” – watercolor                  
3D –
1st /       Gordon Senior
                “Butterfly Journey”
2nd /     Joshua Dunner
3rd /      Jose Hernandez Jr.
                “Price of Liberty”
HM /      William Hamblin
                “Route 140”
Mixed Media –
1st /       Julie Hawk
                “How to Build a Body”
2nd /     Suzanne Stand
                “The Clown’s Mime”
3rd /      Clifford W. Bailey
                “X X”
HM /      Jennica Dinnell
Drawing & Graphics –
1st /       Chella
2nd /     Tinna Savini
3rd /      Jennifer Laughlin
                “Drops on Pink”
HM /      Larry DeTomasi
Watercolor –
1st /       Jane Mac Iver
                “Wayside Cottage”
2nd /     Kate Jackson
                “Keep Your Legs Together”
3rd /      Virgina White
                “The Tide is Out”
Acrylic & Oil –
1st /       Donna Wayman
                “In Time”            
2nd /     William Harris
3rd /      Donna Wayman
HM /      Gaye Wolf
                “City Streets”
Photography –
1st /       Shirley Stevens
                “Tail Light”
2nd /     Christopher Viney
                “Golden State”
3rd /      Jonathan Wold
                “The Big Apple”
HM /      Christopher Viney
                “Sliding Lines”
The Artel Award :
Henrietta Sparkman
 “Stained Face” – mixed media

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