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Turlock City News

Recent Rains, Don Pedro Reservoir Level Means More Available Irrigation

At Tuesday’s April 20th Turlock Irrigation District (TID) Board Meeting, the Board of Directors unanimously approved the 2010 water allotment at 48 inches of water per acre with additional water available above the allotment with no cap.
Due to the unsettled weather patterns often experienced at the start and end of the irrigation season, the Board wanted to wait to set the allotment until the results of the March snow survey by the California Department of Water Resources was released.
Staff recommended the allotment based upon the current storage level of the Don Pedro Reservoir and the projected runoff determining that sufficient water supplies will be available for 2010.
TID’s April through July and Year to Date projections are both above 100 percent of an average water year.
The Don Pedro Reservoir is holding water at a level of 1.7 million acre-feet, about .3 million acre-feet more than last year.
The recent rains have also reduced growers’ need for irrigation released by TID since the March 18th opening of the irrigation season.
Growers may place water orders by calling the TID Call Center at (209) 883-8456.
The 2010 water allotment charge is $26.00 per acre. When available, water above the allotment will be provided at the cost of $15.00 for the first acre-foot (up to 12) and $20.00 per acre-foot for any water thereafter.

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