Turlock Birthdays – May 2010

April 2010

29    Jilbert Yohann (39), Fernanda Cabral, Leisle J Paz Rojas (30), Lisa Crook Voorhies (44), Brittney Hendren (22)

30    Darla Fay Purdy, Jeff Palo (32), Anthony Martinez (21), Maria Azevedo (34), William Vickery (24)


May 2010

01    Maci Williams, Della Stagle Khinoo (56), Michele Tracy Raleigh (49), Mike Rebensdorf (30)

02    Bryce Duzan (22), Eddie Youkhana (29), Aimee Barnard (27), Hector Carrillo (45), Tawnya Gomes (25), Shawn Selvidge (44), Kristin Neal (28)

03    Amy Saunders, Kimberlee Bridge (32), Tiffany Ramirez (22), Sammy Branco (25)

04    Debi Shrum (56), Ashmir Singh, Ellen Stallings (75), Karmella Bebla, Norma Ortegon Ross

05    Alexis Nascimento, Irma Beltran, Sara Falke, Joshua Danner (27), Michelle Lorenzo Domeier (46)

06    Christine Perkins (54), Darlene Stamps (37), George Barroso (34), Kay Porter, Quannah Meraz, Jose Rivera (22), Philip Dodson (39)

07    Brenda Friel (46), Danna Bellamy (26), Janette Samuels Freitas (47), Kelly Weaver (28)

08    Clinton Shields (19), Erin Cockrell (25), Jamie Mitchell, Tucker Schwarberg (20), Kevin Wetzel (20), Leroy Robertson (28)

09    Crystal Nyquist (31), Kelly Cunningham Mendoza (47), Jennifer Convers Lee-Brinkman, Mary Agassi (30), Michelle Arakelian (24), Stu Rothrock,

10    Annie Sargis-Warda, Dawn Salisbury, Kenneth Dahlstrom (23), Ramsina Oushana (30), Stacy Martinez-Curtis (39), Wally Edeal, Renee Rivera (50)

11    Jasmin Ochoa, Judy Jones (50), Isaac Segovia (20), John Baker (36), Lauren Weisel, Robert Parker (23), Rudy Gutierrez (26), Melissa Serpa (43)

12    Amie Cherry, Mike Vanek (31), Kali Ann (22)

13    Ashley MdDonough (27), Diane Faria Diniz (34), Raymond Ledesma (76), Iria Teixeira Nunes (29), Janelle Diaz (32)

14    Glen Skooglund (59), Jerry Jessee (33), Mary Hutchinson

15    Pamela Sweeten, Benjamin Posluch (27), Aimee Peters-Hendrix (31), Brian Emery (42), Jessica Sloan (24), Vanessa Castro (21)

16    Elizabeth Gutierrez (27), Jennifer Jespersen (23), Jordan Antonio (21), Megan Elliott (23), Kerry Doyle (39), Susan Wong Siam

17    Amber Beck Szabo (28), George Gonzalez (33), Cathy Siler, Jan Gibbs (58), Native Pride (41)

18    April Mott (42), Carrie BeBruyn (56), Donna Pierce, Teo Chiesa (14), Jill Livingston Chiesa, Sarah Nunnold (23)

19    Jerry Powell (40), Heaven Lindsey-Burtch

20    Julie Criscella, Miriam Perez (21), Pamela Peterson, Suzi Smither (64)

21    Daniel Frisch (48), Don Hansen, Kayla Klavano (25), Christina Lore (33), Shannon Whelpley, Tracey Masingale Maurus (36), Morgan Shakeshaft (15), Rosemary Mussallam Batarseh

22    Dawn Leedom Shakeshaft (40), Carolyn Walker (35), Joan Ward Sewell Vasquez

23    Adam Larsen (20), Brittnell Anderson (41), Abby Falke (17), Dennis Buchanan (63), Joshua Bennett (29)

24    Cindy Gomez (47), Daisy Salas, Debbie Cripe (41), Becca de la Motte, Steven Parga (24), Rhonda Sharp, Judy George Bretschneider, Mike Hermosa (26)

25    AnnMarie Grimbleby Moe, Brooke Barker (29)

26    Debbie Amaral Azevedo, Greg Patton (44), Jeffrey Alan Hernandez

27    Bill Harris, Eloise Gonzalez (28), Ronald W. Hillberg (58), Kathy Moser (53), Trevor Purdy (18)

28    Destiny Alvarez (31), Garrett Hackney (19), Ian Norris, Jesse Marchant (20), Shawna Casey (35), Larry Carlson (61)

29    Cynthia Whitaker Betschart (37), Cameron Haggstrom, Jennifer Stasio, Jill Cullum Pacheco (34), Kevin Kajioka, Michelle Morris Rocha (30), Shelly Marie Kock (38), Monique Titus Schroer (38), Lynn Albro

30    Anayla Warren (19), Howard Hartvickson (65), Christine Humphrey (31), Jonathan Sanchez (23), Tami Bennett (49), Nicole Pimentel-Cooper (35), Steve Kullbom (27)

31    Patrick Mitchell (38), Josh Davis (33), Matthew Waggoner (28), Maria Thompson, Erin Perez, Gwen Cederlind Condit, Ray Abbasi (31), Sandee Reed Zapien, Patti Bristow-Atkinson (44), Rita Okaro (18), Pedro Nunes (25)


June 2010

1    Dan Soine, Glenn Hutsell, Greg Gandy (30), Madison Oliveira (18), Penny Bader Garcia (45), Kameron Olds, Daren Brommer Starr

2    Blake Nan (28), Christine Kawaguchi (30), Kathy Cunningham, Dawn Wells Wright, Stacy McGuire (29)

3    Eduarda Minjares, Joshua Goodwin (26), Sheila Lowe, Shaun Pinkerton (32)

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