Turlock Birthdays – June 2010

May 2010

28  –  Destiny Alvarez (31), Garrett Hackney (19), Ian Norris, Jesse Marchant (20), Shawna Casey (35), Larry Carlson (61)

29  –  Cynthia Whitaker Betschart (37), Cameron Haggstrom, Jennifer Stasio, Jill Cullum Pacheco (34), Kevin Kajioka, Michelle Morris Rocha (30), Shelly Marie Kock (38), Monique Titus Schroer (38), Lynn Albro

30  –  Anayla Warren (19), Howard Hartvickson (65), Christine Humphrey (31), Jonathan Sanchez (23), Tami Bennett (49), Nicole Pimentel-Cooper (35), Steve Kullbom (27)

31  –  Patrick Mitchell (38), Josh Davis (33), Matthew Waggoner (28), Maria Thompson, Erin Perez, Gwen Cederlind Condit, Ray Abbasi (31), Sandee Reed Zapien, Patti Bristow-Atkinson (44), Rita Okaro (18), Pedro Nunes (25)


June 2010

01  –  Dan Soine, Glenn Hutsell, Greg Gandy (30), Madison Oliveira (18), Penny Bader Garcia (45), Kameron Olds, Daren Brommer Starr

02  –  Blake Nan (28), Christine Kawaguchi (30), Kathy Cunningham, Dawn Wells Wright, Stacy McGuire (29)

03  –  Eduarda Minjares, Joshua Goodwin (26), Sheila Lowe, Shaun Pinkerton (32)

04  –  Madison Medeiros

05  –  Julie Volk Shamgochian

06  –  Dominic Assali (19), Isabel Perez, Krissie Alyssa Juban (22), Michael White (19), Carlos Fransen (32), Shelbi Silva

07  –  Deidre Silva, Dallas Roach (29), Aiko Mestemacher (23), Donny Sanchez (33)

08  –  Gary Bedigan (26), Adrian Ruiz (20), Jacqueline Serna-Aling, John Harrison Huffman III (51), Shanda Perkins (51), Lisa Gardner, Tamra Holmes Spade (44), Maegan Burns (27)

09  –  Jill Michelle Olson (44), Kaylee Shipman, Cathy Walton Lau, Rainie Brazil, Tara Brennecke

10  –  Kellie Smith Culvahouse (40), Kathie Moon (40), Kristene Arean Lauck (18),

11  –  Aaron G. Smiley (29), Frankie Tovar (22), Melody Farrell, Stacy M Gullett, Shannon Baker Romero (40)

12  –  Grace Johnson (21), Angie Solis Palo (31), Monica Harris

13  –  Andrew Starkey (22), Amy Price (26), Annette Gologhlan-Hignell (30), Matthew Saatlou (28), Joanne Smid (44), Miral Gandhi (24)

14  –  Andrea Shields (29), Francisco Delgadillo (27)

15  –  Craig Rojas (22), Dolly Frye (47), Eddie Fuentes Jr. (33), Jodi McPherson Dutey (38), Lisa Womack-Chad, Patty Kapor (58), JoAnn Boles Ratto

16  –  David Bernaciak, Ben Culala (63), Shanelle Avalos

17  –  Jessica Garcia (33), Nancy Thomas Goodman, Shelly Bell

18  –  Brianne Henderson (27), Doug Chesney, Bobbie Singh-Allen (39), Amy Esakoff Thomas, Diane Flores (32), Ashley Gonzalez (25), Danica West Wilson, Ryan Shields (24), Joanne Schendel, Tammi Jensen (42), Eric De Oliveira (28), Theresa Tamayo (41), Robert Cabrera (30)

19  –  Rob Santos (45), Melissa Langley Williams, Maggie Azevedo-Barker (32), Belinda Gonzalez-Moon (42), Bianca Davoodian, Natalia Lima, Titus Briseno (19)

20  –  Evelyn Warda (31), Ana A. Arredondo (28), George Radanovich (55), Savreet Gill

21  –  Nick Carmona (23), Kelley Coelho-Solis (33), Mary Vercammen (33), Johanna Te Velde Fischer (42), Shanin Soomalan (26), Suzy Oaks, Raina Lynn (21), Stephanie Patterson (20)

22  –  Jeff Quigley (37), Adriana Talley, Donna Smith-Payne, Jeff Segars (45), Tessa Ribitsch, Steve Roberts, Ken Howenstine (27)

23  –  Brian D Beevers (37), Chris Ricci (38), Elvis Essavi, Melanie Lowe Brooks (58), Tammy G Hawkins (44), Suleyma Tzul (23), Mikayla Angle (21)

24  –  Bobbie Frazier (72), Brad Treadwell (39), Deborah Reubens (57), Debra Gandy (28), Nicole Jarvis (36), Jesse Salazar (27), Janine Arakelian

25  –  Anita Eliazadeh-Nissan, Ben Gorang (22), Charlene Silva (28), Cathie Tindell (25), Laurie Wellington (45)

26  –  Gini Weiss, Jana Nelson Purdy, Randy Anderson, Linda Parkins

27  –  Jennifer Vieira, Christopher Burns-Swanson (33), Julie Theall (43), Monica Gutierrez, Robert Turpin (37)

28  –  Lauren Young (18), Mike Earl (33)

29  –  David Lewis, Malik Williams (38), Logan Champion (26)

30  –  Angel Brown (40), Crystal Wright, Kim Oehlschlaeger Vieira, Robert Martin (38), Wendy Hines-Stroschein (47), Robyn Zuber Udavi (34)


July 2010

1  –  Colby Torres, Alexandria Cruz, Gary Low (28), Lance Von Stade (26)

2  –  Gary Thimsen, Gina Purtell Cundiff, LeAnn Stensether (39), Will Nisano,

3  –  Brandy Jones (33), Jamie Green Nascimento (31), Cesar Solis (20), Carl Storts (30), Paul Baber (51), Ramona Sharlou, Jessie Smith (50), Michael Foster (22)


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