Turlock Birthdays – July 2010

June 2010


26    Gini Weiss, Jana Nelson Purdy, Randy Anderson, Linda Parkins

27    Jennifer Vieira, Christopher Burns-Swanson (33), Julie Theall (43), Monica Gutierrez, Robert Turpin (37)

28    Lauren Young (18), Mike Earl (33)

29    David Lewis, Malik Williams (38), Logan Champion (26)

30    Angel Brown (40), Crystal Wright, Kim Oehlschlaeger Vieira, Robert Martin (38), Wendy Hines-Stroschein (47), Robyn Zuber Udavi (34)


July 2010


02    Gina Purtell Cundiff, Kurt Spycher, Will Nisano, LeAnn Stensether, Gary Thimsen

03    Brandy Jones (33), Carl Storts (30), Cesar Solis (20), Jessie Smith (50), Paul Baber (51), Ramona Sharlou, Jamie Nascimento, Michael Foster (22)

04    Chad Johnson (37), Steve Mathews, Tommy Tickenoff (26),

05    Branden Marlo (26), Dustin Currin (27), Jessica Ford Valencia (30), Josh Weimer (23), Brianna Hood (28), Stephanie Branco Figueiredo (28), Tiffany Hood (28), Natalie Teixeira, Shannon Black (26)

06    Carmen Valdez, Jennifer Tavares (24)

07    Frank Flores (43), Nicole Colleen Ochoa (18), Dustin Parks (18), Sandra Dasilva, Tricia M Perry, Smita Singh (26)

08    Eddie Campbell (20), Laura Valdovinos (25), Cari Mae Seda, Rocky M Crowder (49), Roger Williams

09    Christine Marie Vidales (31), Cinnamon Presley (29), Devon Elias Martinez (21), Glenn Curtis (47), Cindy Allen (40), Gil Sosa (18), Margaret Elmore, Victoria Ortiz Noriega (24), Jack Claes (78), Todd Hanson (23), Karolin Shirin (31),

10    Chrissy Stiles (30), Angelina Lawrence, Linda Summerlot, Kristin Naranjo, Linda Summerlot

11    Michelle Bettencourt Smith, Tom Tanioka (64)

12    Dan Killough (57), Tina Rego Nunes (39)

13    Anibal Reis (27), Amanda Marie Plant (21), Erin Elser (33), Jesus Esparza (15), Kelly Villalobos (41)

14    Janal Roberson-Egli (54), Julianne George Van Leeuwen, Jason Castro (34), Megan Mallory Patterson (54), Shellye Fernandes Keener (39)

15    Jesse Castaneda (19), Florans Gevergizian, Lance Boullion, Martha A Miller

16    Jennifer Moitoso, Mark Cederlind (20), Shannelle Avalos, Venessa Baggett (36)

17    Chloe Stryker, Ally Mello, Elizabeth Silva (24), Dan Hedstrom, Glenda Warnock (44), Stacy Vasquez, Shelley Hatch-Maynard (40), Stephanie Scott Telles, Jordan Rushing, Lindsey Huff (23)

18    Andrew Davenport (24), Bethany Blondin, Croll Envieh Adam (26), Ravindar Kaur (22), Suzanne Sund Peters, Marissa Nicole Aguilar (20)

19    Ajay Samra (31), Emily Jorge, Rick Higgins, Tanner Edman, Sabin Woods (44)

20  – Leemarie Clegg Behlen, Alana Juanita Mayhew (27), Art Padilla (32), Greg Jacquay (37), Michelle Catania Machado, Nada Fer, Maggie Mejia (62),

21    Helena Borba (40), Danielle Alexander (29), Jon Michael Terry (62), Tami Sowder (39)

22    Ernie Diaz (29), Lance Campbell (42)

23    Bill Weber (53), Crystal Duke, Heather Briggs-Ramsey (27), Luis Barajas (18), Neal Cunningham (27)

24    BJ Nelson (30), Debbie Callahan, Jennifer Luna, Julie Chircop (24), Robin Valentine Jurevich (43), Lisa Jensen

25    Nikita Azevedo, Brittany Nelle, Jim Brown (62), Samantha Morre (21), Nick Bartholomew (26), Lauren Caldas (23), Lindsey Curry Footnotes

26    Carin Dickmeyer, Carin J Heidelbach, Lon L Baptista, Stachia Gomes-Sugiura (33), Michelle Pace (37)

27    Diana Loveless, Carrie Frazier (35), Adoril Nariman, Gary Villalobos (52), Nicole Smith, Roger Soderstrom (67), Lori Fulton Gray, Steve Holland, Narmela Sargis

28    Carleigh Arnold (42), Cecilia Ferreira Lopes, Joanna Ruezga (27), Belina Gelyana, Deisy Rodriguez (27), Paul Ridley Jr. (32), Shirley Spycher (43), Julie Brannberg (40), Michelle Franco (29)

29    Bryon Powell (39), Melissa Cota (25), Hector Garcia (27), Jeff Denham

30    Jennifer K Johnson (29), Pennie Rorex, Dayna Ward, Phaedra Rhodes, Vanessa Gutierrez, Pravi Chahal, Richard A Diaz (38),

31    Colin Holbrook (19), Jane Juban (24), Jen Kubala, Beckie Walsh Ish (41), Nick Chartrand (23), Pavenjit Dhillon (30)


August 2010

1    Adam Ashton, Erin Rice (35), Christie Scoggin Casey (36), Scott Marlow

2    Cheyenne King (20), Angela Cox-Morrison (32), Chris Irish (48), Christina Rosales-Kelley, Andrea Aziz (30), James Tucker (65), Michelle Tapley (30), Sandra Potter, James Tucker, Kelsey Adams

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