Turlock City News

Turlock City News

Turlock City Council Candidate Willaim W. DeHart Jr

William W. DeHart Jr.
Age: 62
Occupation: Director of Marketing
Education and Qualifications:
Since moving to Turlock in 2002, I have grown to appreciate our City with its’ rich diversity and blending cultures. My family has been welcomed and is very much at home in our adoptive community.
My candidacy for the Turlock City Council is based on my desire to serve our community with seasoned, clear and rational thinking. As a former commissioned officer with the United States Marine Corps, I was trained to think in that way. I was trained to be decisive and resolute in my decision-making process.
The issues facing us include, but are not limited to:
•             Developing new sources of business/income for our expanding needs
•             Responsible oversight of limited finances
•             Continued strengthening and support of our emergency response services
•             Improvement of our infrastructure – roads and facilities
•             The inclusion of all residents in a process that hears them and responds to their needs
There are challenges before us which require that the newly elected City Council ask tough questions, deal with possibly tougher answers and implement strategies which may be uncomfortable to address those needs. I am prepared and willing to serve in this effort.

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