White and DeHart Winning Turlock Council Seats, State/County Results

As of 12:08am with 100 percent of Turlock’s 44 precincts counted, Forrest White and William “Bill” DeHart are each set to be elected to the Turlock City Council.

Voting result standings remained unchanged from the first 8:01pm report of vote by mail totals and ended with these vote totals and percentage of votes received: Forrest White (3,155/ 18.03%), Bill DeHart (3,145/ 17.97%), Timm LaVelle (2,975/ 17%), David Fransen (2,740/ 15.66%), Jeremy Rocha (2,332/ 13.32%), Shawn Barlow (1,658/ 9.47%), and Patrick Noda (1,399/ 7.99%).
At around 11pm on election night, Bill DeHart was leading Forrest White by 2 votes or .01 percent while Timm LaVelle was the closest runner up trailing by just 162 votes or 1 percent.
“It’s not over until it’s over,” said White. “It’s still too close to get overly excited about it. I’d rather be where I am than not.”
Forrest White spoke on the campaign season as he was just getting home from his election night party and said “One of the things I’m really happy with is that things didn’t get ugly.”
“The reality is, no matter who wins everyone out there gave it their best and tomorrow morning no matter what we’re going to wake up with two newly elected Council Members.”
“So far with two-thirds of the votes counted thus far, the outcome looks very promising,” said DeHart. “I just look forward if it holds the way it has progressed, I look forward to serving the people of Turlock.”
Just like White, DeHart was just getting in and while plugging in his cell phone talked briefly about his campaign experience.
“This has just been a wild race, a very short period of time with very rapid education,” said DeHart. “There were a lot of very fine ideas out there and I plan on exploring how we can capitalize on all those ideas because there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch.”
“We’ll continue to march! I thank the other guys. I think we started this off in the vein of keeping it on the up and up, civil, and I think we succeeded in doing that.”
At 12:08am, the Stanislaus County Clerk’s Office reported unofficial results showing that all precincts had been counted and that White and DeHart will replace the incumbents, who chose not to run for reelection, Ted Howze and Kurt Spycher.

Turlock Mayor John Lazar ran unopposed and received 8,652 votes or 94.6% with 494 write-in votes. Mayor Lazar will remain Turlock’s Mayor for another 4 year term.

As election result updates are released by State and County Clerks, we’ll update the results.

See how Stanislaus County voted compared with statewide voters.

Statewide results as of November 3, 2010 with 96.2% of precincts partially or fully reporting:
Superior Court Office 6 Judge
Stansislaus County
Shawn Bessey 37,466/ 54.68%
Nancy Williamsen 30,566/ 44.61%
Jerry Brown (Democrat) 3,923/ 53.8%
Meg Whitman (Republican) 2,999,130/ 41.2%
Stanislaus County
Meg Whitman (Rep) 40,937/ 50.04%
Jerry Brown (Dem) 35,562/ 43.47%
U.S. Senate
Barbara Boxer (Dem) 3,768,760/ 52.2%
Carly Fiorina (Rep) 3,061,887/ 42.4%
Stanislaus County
Carly Fiorina (Rep) 43,371/ 53.57%
Barbara Boxer (Dem) 31,897/ 39.40%
U.S. Congress District 18
Dennis Cardoza (Dem) 53,490/ 57.7%
Michael Berryhill (Rep) 39,370/ 42.3%
Stanislaus County
Dennis Cardoza (Dem) 17,824/ 56.59%
Michael Berryhill (Rep) 13,535/ 42.97%
U.S. Congress District 19
Jeff Denham (Rep) 90,194/ 64.7%
Loraine Goodwin (Dem) 49,308/ 35.3%
Stanislaus County
Jeff Denham (Rep) 30,434/ 64.55%
Loraine Goodwin (Dem) 16,527/ 35.05%
State Senator District 12
Anthony Cannella (Rep) 66,925/ 52.6%
Anna Caballero (Dem) 60,335/ 47.4%
Stanislaus County
Anthony Cannella (Rep) 25,184/ 53.55%
Anna Caballero (Dem) 21,653/ 46.04%
State Assembly District 17
Cathleen Galgiani (Dem) 40,392/ 57.7%
Jack Mobley (Rep) 29,637/ 42.3%
Stanislaus County
Cathleen Galgiani (Dem) 991/ 52.57%
Jack Mobley (Rep) 888/ 47.11%
State Assembly District 25
Kristen Olsen 80,965/ 100%
Stanislaus County
Kristen Olsen 36,581/ 93.89%
State Assembly 26
Bill Berryhill (Rep) 46,725/ 60.8%
Tim Weintz, Sr. (Dem) 30,178/ 39.2%
Stanislaus County
Bill Berryhill (Rep) 16,065/ 58.31%
Tim Weintz, Sr. (Dem) 11,381/ 41.31%
Prop 19 Legalize Marijuana in CA, Regulate and Tax
Yes 46.2%
No 53.8%
Stanislaus County
Yes 30,038/ 36.99%
No 51,162/ 63.01%
Prop 20 Redistricting of Congressional Districts
Yes 61.2%
No 38.8%
Stanislaus County
Yes 48,674/ 63.51%
No 27,962/ 36.49%
Prop 21 State Park Funding. Vehicle License Surcharge.
Yes 42%
No 58%
Stanislaus County
Yes 25,511/ 31.86%
No 54,562/ 68.14%
Prop 22 Prohibit State From Taking Some Local Funds
Yes 60.9%
No 39.1%
Stanislaus County
Yes 53,222/ 68.17%
No 24,854/ 31.83%
Prop 23 Suspend Air Pollution Control Law (AB 32)
Yes 38.7%
No 61.3%
Stanislaus County
Yes 39,255/ 49.85%
No 24,854/ 31.83%
Prop 24 Repeal Allowance of Lower Business Tax Liability
Yes 41.6%
No 58.4%
Stanislaus County
Yes 27,722/ 35.79%
No 49,730%
Prop 25 Simple Majority Vote to Pass Budget
Yes 54.9%
No 45.01%
Stanislaus County
Yes 40,156/ 51.04%
No 38,515/ 48.96%
Prop 26 Vote for Some State/Local Fees
Yes 52.7%
No 47.3%
Stanislaus County
Yes 46,806/ 60.41%
No 30,669/ 39.59%
Prop 27 Eliminate State Redistricting Commission
Yes 40.6%
No 59.4%
Stanislaus County
Yes 29,150/ 38.34%
No 46,886/ 61.66%

For complete results view the State and County websites.


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