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Turlock Council Voting Tally Continues, DeHart & White Still Winning

Lee Lundrigan, Stanislaus County Clerk Recorder & Registrar of Voters, reported a Stanislaus County Elections Update as of Friday, November 5, 2010 at 5:13pm.

As of 12:08am on November 3, 2010, with 100 percent of Turlock’s 44 precincts counted, Forrest White and William “Bill” DeHart were each set to be elected to the Turlock City Council.
Voting result standings remained unchanged from the first 8:01pm, November 2nd, report of vote by mail totals and ended with these vote totals and percentage of votes received by November 3, 2010: Forrest White (3,155/ 18.03%), Bill DeHart (3,145/ 17.97%), Timm LaVelle (2,975/ 17%), David Fransen (2,740/ 15.66%), Jeremy Rocha (2,332/ 13.32%), Shawn Barlow (1,658/ 9.47%), and Patrick Noda (1,399/ 7.99%).
Lundrigan has reported that since the day after the election, the Stanislaus County Elections Office continued with the canvass process of the Gubernatorial General Election. The Elections Office has opened and flattened more than 33,000 vote by mail ballots and completed processing each of the ballots through the high speed ballot scanning equipment to tabulate them.
The unofficial tally results have been posted on www.stanvote.com including the updated tally for Turlock City Council as shown here:
Bill DeHart (4,409/ 18.07%), Forrest White (4,407/ 18.06%), Timm LaVelle (4,221/ 17.3%), David Fransen (3,890/ 15.94%), Jeremy Rocha (3,223/ 13.22%), Shawn Barlow (2,249/ 9.22%), and Patrick Noda (1,883/ 7.72%).
Bill DeHart and Forrest White continue to battle for first place as they have since the first reported update. Neither has had much more than a 10 vote lead over each other during all the election result updates.  
While DeHart and White continue to climb in their vote receiving percentage, so do candidates Timm LaVelle and David Fransen. Historically the initial voting result percentages hold true to the end, plus or minus a half of percentage, keeping the standings the same most of the time.
DeHart and White are both new to the election process and both have been surprised by all the updates and still pending results. Both are excited where they are at currently while they are both excited to hear the final results confirming their election victories. LaVelle has been waiting for the finalized voting results with hopes of a change in standings, taking him from the number three candidate to the number two candidate which would get elected. David Fransen has already called both DeHart and White congratulating them in their lead thus far and doesn’t anticipate any change in who will be elected.
Scanning of the names of Election Day voters located on the polling place rosters was completed on Friday, November 5, 2010. These signatures must be scanned and a review conducted to determine who has voted prior to the processing of the provisional ballots. Reconciliation of each of the 159 polling site rosters and materials will start next week and is expected to take several days. 
Approximately 5,630 provisional ballots and 1,800 military, damaged, 7-day absentee and reconciliation ballots remain to be reviewed and processed before they are ultimately counted toward the Stanislaus County official results.  The office was closed over the weekend but the canvass will re-commence on Monday. The remainder of the canvass will continue until complete.
California law requires certification of this election to be on or before Nov. 30, 2010, which is 28-days following Election Day.

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