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TID Pays Amtrak for Train Wreck

TID Board of Directors agreed in closed session to pay Amtrak $38,907.22 for an accident involving a TID truck driving in front of a train and getting struck.

On August 26, 2010, a TID digger truck was struck by an Amtrak Train near a private crossing a quarter mile south of East Avenue and Santa Fe.
The digger truck was following behind a bucket truck paralleling the tracks which stirred up quite a bit of dust and there is also a curve in the tracks so it was difficult to see the train approaching. The bucket truck crossed the tracks successfully, the digger truck spotted the train, and put the truck in reverse but the train clipped the front end of that truck before it could clear the tracks.
The train was traveling approximately 85 mph. There were no injuries reported. However, there was damage to both the train and the TID digger truck.

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